Joe Biden Delivers his first Press Conference in 89 Days | Beaufort County Now | Today, June 30, 2020, the Democratic Socialist's presumptive nominee gave his first news conference in 89 days, and the propagandists from the Fake News outlets did not disappoint their Democratic Socialist handlers. | Democratic Socialist, Fake News, Democratic Socialist media, propagandists, Joe Biden, Ly'n' Joe Biden

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Joe Biden Delivers his first Press Conference in 89 Days

"Do You Believe in Magic" ... You won't find any here.

Today, June 30, 2020, the Democratic Socialist's presumptive nominee gave his first news conference in 89 days, and the propagandists from the Fake News outlets did not disappoint their Democratic Socialist handlers.

    I analyzed this in real time, and, in all incredulity, was never astonished by the sophistry of these non-journalist actors ... although, I should have been. It is truly sad that I have become this cynical, but, obviously, it is merited.

    Before the beginning of the well announced, and well-in-advance of the tiny news conference held in a high school gym in Wilmington, Delaware, I pondered: 1) Will he answer questions? 2) Will the propagandists, managing the Fake News, ask any real questions of the Democratic Socialist's presumptive nominee?

    The answers to my self-queries are as follows:

    1) After his long rambling denunciation of the President's handling of the Covid pandemic, and a new Fake News issue - Russian bounties on American soldiers in Afghanistan - where Joe Biden accused the President of "Dereliction of Duty", he did answer a list of prepared questions; 2) The propagandists, managed by their Fake News overlords, were each called upon in a prepared, prearranged order, with Candidate Biden not even trying to hide the prearrangement of the questioners in this truly weird "news" conference.

    Furthermore, with there being no Democratic Socialist media follow-up questions, and with nearly every question offered by these predominately friendly media lackeys, who prefaced each question as a juxtaposed contrast between Biden and President Trump; one could easily surmise, considering the continual cozy relationship between the Democratic Socialist candidate and the Democratic Socialist media, these questions were either: 1) prepared by the Biden Campaign then given to the propagandists acting as so-called journalists, or; 2) prepared by the Fake News outlets in advance, then submitted to the Biden campaign for approval, then became part of the prepared script to this Biden re-introduction of his presidential campaign.

    If I am wrong; over-reacting to a news conference controlled by propagandists; then I am at least far closer to a finer truth, which places my innate integrity far ahead of the propagandists and their fake "truths" within their obvious collusion between the Biden campaign, and the propagandists' construct within this "fake" news conference ... just part of their world of lies and lost integrity... if these Democratic Socialist media fools ever had any.

Here we have most of the question and answer part of the press conference, where the so-called journalist pretenders pay such reverent homage to the challenged leader: Below.

    By recounting the generalities of this surreal news conference; this aberration of collecting pertinent information from the Democratic Socialists' presumptive nominee, I shall offer this synopsis below.

    The first and second questions from these fawning fools, and then every successive question as if it was flood of stupidity reduced to words, were softball questions about Trump, and how Candidate Biden - the former U.S. Senator from a 3 county state - could conveniently contrast himself with the Republican president. Not one question was asked about: 1) Hunter Biden's government multi-million dollar rake-offs from Ukraine and the Chinese Communist Party, or that pesky senate investigation soon to begin; 2) No questions about Biden's soft positions on China, even in the light of their production of this Coronavirus pandemic; 3) No questions about his position on the Anarchy in the streets of Democratic Socialists controlled cities and states; 4) No questions about Joe Biden's early positions on his initial Covid positions of 'hands off China'; 5) No questions about his part (new disclosures) in the Obama spying scandal of Mike Flynn and Carter Page, just to name a few on the wrong side of Obama's Socialist America.

    Conspicuously, the leading news agency in America was never called to offer a question until, at the end of the conference, as an afterthought, and as Joe Biden was leaving the podium. Obviously, FOX News would never pre-submit a question, would never not ask followup questions; however, Joe Biden mistakenly went off script, and allowed FOX News's Doug McKelway to ask three questions. Even though forgotten Doug was little more that a FOX News under-thought, he was still the first real journalist called on this day, definitely not on the prepared list of questioners, and then asked the better questions of the day.

Regardless of ones presupposed hatred of FOX News, anyone one, with a full working brain, would have to admit that FOX News's Doug McKelway was the only journalist in the room this day: Segmented here below.

    Consequently, as the real journalist in that small room, Doug McKelway politely asked three real questions, unlike every other propagandist actor in that Wilmington high school gym. Accordingly, Fox News's Doug McKelway did not preface any question by first mentioning the actual President, he just asked:

       1) 'What was you position on the tearing down of monuments?'

       2) 'Will you be present at the 3 debates?'

       3) 'Have your cognitive abilities been checked?'

    None of the other actor /journalists asked any questions near as important as Doug's three queries here above. I won't repeat the answers because there is no telling what amounts to the truth within Ly'n' Joe Biden. I reckon we should gird our collective loins for 4 more months of this nonsense of the Fake News, Joe Biden, and their Democratic Socialist coupling. The real thing here is that the doddering Biden gave three answers that he will have to live with going forward.

Are the Propagandist who control the large number of Fake News outlets a hindrance to our Republic having a citizenry smart enough to vote?
  No, I am a Democratic Socialist, and our media, even when they knowingly lie, will always destroy those we oppose.
  Yes, a knowledgeable public is essential in continuing our Democratic Republic.
  Where is Jon Stewart?
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( July 2nd, 2020 @ 6:40 pm )
Biden is a Socialist with Dementia, as evidence by the press conference where he had trouble even reading the answers to the questions that were prearranged and ordered.

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