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Remarks by President Trump Before Marine One Departure - July 29, 2020

Press Release:

South Lawn  •  Washington D.C.  •  July 29  •  9:15 A.M. EDT

    THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. We have a lot of things going on. As you know, we're heading out to Texas right now.

    But Portland — I'll give you a little report on Portland: We have the courthouse very well secured. Our people have done a fantastic job. You hear all sorts of reports about us leaving. We're not leaving until they've secured their city. We told the governor, we told the mayor: "Secure your city." If they don't secure their city soon, we have no choice — we're going to have to go in and clean it out. We'll do it very easily. We're all prepared to do it.

    So, in Portland, they either clean out their city and do the job and get rid of the anarchists and agitators, which is what they are. They're not protesters; they're anarchists and agitators. We have many in jail. Many of them have been put in jail. It's going to be a long sentence. They either clean out their city and do it right, or we're going to have to do it for them.

    On CARES, I think — maybe, Steve, would you like to say something on that?

    SECRETARY MNUCHIN: Well, as of now, we're very far apart. And because of that, the President and we have discussed a short-term extension to UI and the evictions so that we have some period to negotiate before this runs out. And the President is very (inaudible).

    THE PRESIDENT: We want to work on the evictions so that people don't get evicted. We'll work on the payments for the people. And the rest of it, we're so far apart, we don't care. We really don't care. We want to take care of the people. The Democrats aren't taking care of the people. The payments aren't enough. The payments aren't enough. You understand that. They're not making the payments; they're not making them high enough. The Democrats are not taking care of the people. Nancy Pelosi takes care of herself, but she doesn't take care of anyone else.

    If you look at what's going on with Schumer: So when Schumer and Pelosi can get together and take care of the people, we'll do something. In the meantime, we ought to stop evictions because that expires very soon. So we want to stop the evictions.

    Q:  How do you rate Kamala Harris as a VP? There's a rumor it's going to be her.

    THE PRESIDENT: I think she'd be a fine choice, Kamala Harris. She'd be a fine choice.

    Q:  Sir, you said you want to pass a short-term bill? A short-term bill. Are you saying you want to pass a short-term bill?

    THE PRESIDENT: I don't hear a word you're saying.

    Q:  Mr. President, are you saying you want to pass a short-term bill?

    SECRETARY MNUCHIN: Well, we're looking at a deadline, obviously, of this Friday. The President is very focused on evictions and unemployment. And if we can't reach an agreement by then, the President wants to look at giving us more time to negotiate this.

    THE PRESIDENT: We're focused on those two things. We want to take care of them now. The rest, we can discuss later. They want big bailout money for Democrats that ran cities terribly. Their cities are going down the tubes. If you look at Portland, if you look at what's going in Seattle — Democrat-run cities, whether you like it or not, they're terribly run, and they're always over-taxed. So they've taxed them too much and they run them poorly. And we don't like that.

    And what the Democrats want are bailout funds, and what we want is we want to take care of people. And we should reward most of this country that's well run. You know, most of the country is very well run. You're watching a Portland and you're watching Seattle. You're watching New York, where they had a 400 percent increase in crime. Four hundred percent. My city that I love, that I left to do this job, and they had a 400 percent increase, and it's unacceptable.


    But most of the country is very well run, and Republican cities are very well run. And it's a shame to reward badly run, radical-left Democrats, with all of this money that they're looking for, for cities — to throw it away on cities that are poorly run.

    Q:  Are you confident that Russia did not place bounties on U.S. troops?

    THE PRESIDENT: I don't — I told you, I certainly read about it, and since then, I've talked about it. Colin Powell says it's not true. Colin Powell is not exactly somebody that I'm a big fan of. Colin Powell says it's not true. Other people say it's not true.

    If it were true, I'd be very angry about it. But if you look at Russia, Russia became Russia from the Soviet Union because of Afghanistan. They lost a fortune and a lot of people — a lot of people.

    So I don't know why they'd be doing it. But if you tell me they're doing it, I will certainly take that under consideration.

    Q:  How would you respond if Russia did turn out to have done that? How would you respond? Would you do sanctions?

    THE PRESIDENT: I would respond appropriately. Nobody has been tougher on Russia. Nobody has been tougher on China. Nobody has been tougher on Iran than me, and it's not even close. And everybody knows this. Nobody has been tougher on Russia, China, or anybody else than me, including our allies — NATO, who I got to pay $140 billion more money — $140 billion. You know what that is?

    Q:  A lot of money.

    THE PRESIDENT: And you know why? That's to hold Russia in check, all right? I did Russia no favor. Nobody has been tougher on Russia than I am.

    Q:  Mr. President, on NATO, you just gave the order to remove U.S. troops from Germany. How does that keep Russia in check?

    THE PRESIDENT: Well, Germany is delinquent. They haven't paid their fees. They haven't paid their NATO fees. And they're way off, and they've been off for years, and they have no intention of paying it. And the United States has been taken advantage of on trade and on military and on everything else for many years, and I'm here and I've been straightening it out.

    But Germany owes billions and billions of dollars to NATO. And why would we keep all of those troops there? And now Germany is saying it's bad for their economy. Well, it's good for our economy. Germany is delinquent. They're at 1 percent. They should be at 2 percent. And actually, everybody should be at 4 percent, not 2 percent, because 2 percent is too low. But they're at 1 percent, and they've take advantage of us for many years.

    And you think that's bad? They take worse advantage on trade. And I was all set to fix that, and then we got hit with the China plague. But we'll be fixing it.

    And a guy like Biden — this country wouldn't have a chance. With Biden, our country wouldn't have a chance.

    Go ahead.


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