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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

What's Happening NOW: In the Age of Covid We Speak to Beaufort County Health Director Jim Madson

Breaking Important Notice: Beaufort County Health Director Jim Madson, today, will record a second interview with "What's Happening NOW" host Stan Deatherage regarding Covid in Beaufort County and beyond. We will bring this show to you as soon as is possible.

Welcome to BCN's new series "What's Happening NOW", a collection of informational, and, hopefully, entertaining programs, where we substantively speak to interesting and important people.

Season One | Episode Seven

Beaufort County Health Director Jim Madson speaks to BCN'S "What's Happening NOW" about the Covid conundrum here in Beaufort County, and beyond; with host Stan Deatherage: Above.    Click image to expand

    BCN Publisher and "What's Happening NOW" Host Stan Deatherage speaks with Beaufort County Health Director, Jim Madson , regarding the continued outbreak of Covid in Beaufort County, North Carolina, and the region.

Beaufort County Health Director Jim Madson keeps the public informed on the Covid Pandemic: Below.

If you are interested in visiting the "What's Happening NOW" Season One post, revealing each episode, with a short description here in this Season One, please click here.


Latest Governing Beaufort County

The Beaufort County Soil and Water Conservation District's Board of Supervisors will meet on Monday, January 25, 2021 at 5:30 PM
The Beaufort County Health Department has released the following announcement regarding the the additional appointments that had been previously announced.
As Beaufort County's premier highest tech internet related company, SNI, creates the highest quality representation of the Beaufort County Commissioners' general meeting for January, 2021.
Beaufort County will be receiving an additional 175 doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine for the coming week.
Beaufort County Commissioners split 3 to 3 on a resolution setting county policy that no major borrowing would be done without a vote of the citizens in a bond referendum.
This resolution to request the NC General Assembly to begin the process of a NC Constitutional Referendum to develop the ability to recall themselves back into session by a simple majority vote seemed like a good idea at the time, but failed on a 3 to 3 split vote.


Please see pages 3 & 4 of today's update for an announcement of additional vaccine opportunities for next week (1/20 - 1/22) and information on how COVID vaccine supplies and allocations impact on Beaufort County.
The Beaufort County Board of Commissioners have been invited to take a tour of Pamlico Yachtworks, located at 230 Clarks Neck Road, Washington, NC on Wednesday, January 20, 2021 at 9:00 AM.


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