In a Broad and Deliberate Attempt to Support Law and Order, Much is Discovered, or ... | Beaufort County Now | This was the week of the Democratic (Socialist) National Convention, and I discovered a robust similarity between the Democratic Socialists who are deemed to be their stars, their leaders and the majority of the Beaufort County Commissioners: They do not fully endorse law and order.

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    January 12, 2022 - Publisher's note: Due to a publishing SNAFU, I have been remiss in my duties, here at BCN, regarding the proper categorization of county government publications; in particular, the Enhanced County Government Videos, begun August 1, 2019.

    Therefore, to thoroughly correct this miscue, I will make the proper categorical correction, and bring these archives forward beginning on January 12, 2022; mixing these historical patterns of fact in with the current news of our day. Some posts brought forward will not be video broadcasts, but most informative posts as to who and what you Beaufort County Commissioners are, and how they govern.

Are we rediscovering what we should already have full knowledge of? Could the power of the US Constitution be just too bothersome for the standard lackadaisical, and ever-present do-nothing Beaufort County politician?

    This was the week of the Democratic (Socialist) National Convention, and I discovered a robust similarity between the Democratic Socialists who are deemed to be their stars, their leaders; and the majority of the Beaufort County Commissioners: They do not fully endorse law and order in many of America's cities, nearly all of them controlled by Democratic Socialists. This coalition does not talk about the issue of lawlessness, and would never be fully resolved to stand against this anti-American behavior, as evidenced in the rejection of this resolution brought to the Beaufort County Commissioners for ratification on August 3rd, 2020.

    And, how did I arrive at this sad, but true analogy?

    In the greatest of truth, the Democratic Socialist party is not only condoning the rioting, looting, arson and murder by their core constituents in the streets of America's largest cities, they are wantonly sanctioning that lawlessness of destruction. With so many cities, governed by Democratic Socialists city councils, in an extreme state of disarray amid a crisis of complete lawlessness, never occurring at this level since the Civil War of 1861, one should be shocked and amazed that this was not an issue at the Democratic (Socialist) National Convention. Similarly, the Beaufort County Commissioners were given that same opportunity to address that societal disintegration by resolution, at their last general meeting August 3rd, 2020, to take a firm stand against lawlessness in the streets of America's once great cities; however, not unlike the Democratic Socialists controlling this societal aberration, the nominal Republicans on the Beaufort County commission voted No, thus saying Yes to sanctioned lawlessness.

    Considering this vote that night, Beaufort County commission's nominal Republicans are not that much different from their Democratic Socialists counterparts. Understandably, both interconnected groups are slavishly devoted to the status quo, regardless of the long-term outcome and unnecessary benefit to society, or their communities at large. Additionally, for these nominal Republicans and Democratic Socialists, their special interest reward is their elitist payment of acceptance; that resultant control of power to the absolute exclusion of our Founders' ideals, and to the detriment of the those they are sworn to represent, is their ultimate prize. Why else would they surrender all manner of basic, primary principles necessary to govern in our Constitutional Republic? I am serious here ... Why?

    As a Representative Republic, we do not govern by whichever malcontents - as Anarchists - have the loudest voice lent to their self-perceived victim-hood. Never giving in to that motley mob, our Constitutional Republic allows US: "peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances" - First Amendment of the United States Constitution. Accordingly, we are allowed to elect governing representatives to hear those "grievances" and act responsibility to represent their constituents.


    Regarding protesting, we American citizens have the right to peaceably protest, and that is all. We do not, however, have the right to the lawless destruction of property, or the taking of life for the sake of any cause - great or inane as it might be against our fellow American citizens. It is not a fine line between one or the other, it is either an expression of one's right for proper redress, or it is wanton lawlessness and should immediately be treated as such, and put down. If these pathetic "peaceful protesters" have never read to understand the US Constitution, maybe they have read the Ten Commandments, that is not evident by the actions of these lawless fools, which begs the question: What does this super majority of the Beaufort County Commissioners see that I do not.

    In this "World Turned Upside Down", and an American Society gripped by fear; here in the Age of Covid some even fear we may have slipped into Civil War, in these Democratic Socialist controlled cities, there has existed for months wanton lawlessness. These pathetic politicians in these affected communities have denied their lawful citizens their civil liberties to be free from fear of loss of property and their personal well being. Incredibly, these Democratic Socialist politicians now consider these Anarchist and Fascists as their more privileged constituents - this Anarchist mob of lawless hate. These street thugs "peacefully protesting" are proving each succeeding day that they have gained the upper hand over these Democratic Socialist fools, or ... could this be what these Democratic Socialists politicians desire - to create a maelstrom of discontent in Democratic Socialist governed cities ... then blame it all on Mr. Trump.

    Understanding this reality of perspective; how our devastated American cites under Democratic Socialist control are destroyed daily, I find it bizarre that Beaufort County's three nominal Republican commissioners stood squarely with the one present Democratic Socialist county commissioner, Ed Booth, in support of this status quo existing currently in New York, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, etc (pick almost any large Democratic Socialist city). Possibly, one should only examine how these nominal Republicans vote with their Democratic Socialist counterparts, beginning with the selection of the board chairman, extending throughout the year as they caucus to budget the public's treasure, to understand their solidarity ... especially in an election year.

    For decades, Beaufort County's commissioners have used a combined vote between Democrat commissioners and nominal Republican (some call them RINOs) commissioners to select a so-called Republican Commissioner chairman, and a Democratic Socialist vice-chairman, or the reverse when it suited them. When these so-called Republicans caucused with the Leftists, stiff deals were negotiated that lingered throughout the year costing the taxpayers millions of wasteful spending, and higher taxes.

    This is the price you have paid for their power hunger. I have known this clearly for some time, but sadly, I am painfully reminded of these unlikely political coalitions throughout the year, and how our citizens suffer accordingly in these desperate times as they struggle to make ends meet. And, until the public picks far more prudent, dare I say Conservative, county commissioners for me to work with, I am powerless to make the significant changes this county government is in dire need to embrace.


Below is the much aforementioned Resolution: Local Governments Should Rightly be Resolved to Neutralize the Cancel Culture to Preserve the Republic, which is properly deconstructed, by the representative ideals of those elected, to rightly show the political intonations of 4 county commissioners who are not solidly behind the preservation of this Constitutional Republic.

I remind the public that real Republican county commissioners Hood Richardson and Stan Deatherage voted for the resolution as presented below.

All comments as we deconstruct this resolution, at my weekend's convenience, will be in italics (without bold emphasis unless considered necessary).

Resolution: Local Governments Should Rightly be Resolved to Neutralize the Cancel Culture to Preserve the Republic

The way a resolution is constructed is to first strongly state the case with the "Whereas" portion, and then be "Resolved" to an ideal and solution to achieve that ideal at the resolution's conclusion, where the issue is summarily ratified.

    Whereas, Beaufort County citizens enjoy the benefit of protection from lawlessness as they are the represented component within our Constitutional Republic, where the civil liberties of American citizenship, purchased by the patriotism of those that have long protected our People, and guaranteed by our United States Constitution, is now coming into question as a sustainable element within many of our local governments, and,

This first "Whereas" is designed to immediately link Beaufort County and the intrinsic guarantees of its government's responsibility to its citizens contrasted against those governments that sanction that obvious neglect.

    Whereas, after more than 10 weeks of abject lawlessness, riotous mobs formed under the guise of peaceful protests, then acted in a felonious manner to deny the civil liberties of others, thus terrorizing those who live in these accosted neighborhood zones by destroying, burning and looting the property of others, while inflicting physical harm on the most defenseless of the local citizenry, and,

This second "Whereas" is constructed tell a quick truth in as fulsome of manner as is possible and to express that governmental neglect has occurred for far too long.

    Whereas, the cities and towns accosted by these lawless mobs are uniformly administered by Democratic Socialist politicians, who have predominately taken positions to celebrate the rioters' misapplied so-called "first amendment rights" to "peaceably assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances" - to effectively protest - while enforcing a diminished presence by law enforcement; putting the safety of tax paying citizens in great jeopardy, and,

This third "Whereas" is created to state the reality of what the First Amendment actually means, and how its continued misapplication by bad governments creates a toxic societal environment.

    Whereas, our Forefathers wrote and ratified our United States Constitution and its subsequent Bill of Rights to offer their future constituents - our ancestors, We the People, and our children - the privilege to fulsomely live our respective lives in relative peace, where the Rule of Law will allow for all Americans to discover and enjoy their God given freedoms, and,

This fourth "Whereas" continues to regard the Constitution and what its solid framework offers to guarantee our freedoms as Americans, which seems to be called into question of late by Democratic Socialist politicians in grave governing error. I have to wonder is this the beginning of when this Resolution began to offend the sensibilities of the three nominal Republicans on the county commission, because I have been made well aware that this strident pro-Constitution posture, represented within this resolution, did so offend their severely moderate ideals, which begs the question: Could the act of the "Nominals" voting for a pro-American, pro-patriot, pro-US Constitution resolution, such as this, damage their long standing political coalition with the 2 Democratic Socialist commissioners, which is re-engaged each year with their negotiations in the simple selection of the board's chairman and vice-chairman?

    Whereas, Beaufort County citizens realize that our God given liberties of all Americans, protected by our United States Constitution, are placed in serious jeopardy when the wide spread precedent of ignoring the Rule of Law, predominately not uniformly enforced in cities governed by Democratic Socialist majorities, is a detriment to those very liberties that preserve our Republic, and,

This fifth "Whereas" initiates the discussion of the haphazard oafishness within the governing style of the disinterested, by nature, Democratic Socialist politician, where ideals are often a very nebulous commodity. I may now have been found out to be banging a bit too close for the tenuous comfort of their aforementioned political coalition.

    Whereas, a clear perspective of the reality of the aforementioned abject lawlessness, and multiple other felonies will not be conveniently known to the public at large, should the propagandist nature of the Democratic Socialist controlled by Fake News continue their sacrilege of the public's "first amendment rights" not to "abridge the freedom of speech, or of the press", and,

This sixth "Whereas" refreshes the truth that the clear propagandists' collective maxim, those administering the Democratic Socialist Media, is to keep their public uninformed, while misinformed, to serve their anti-American and anti-patriot end. President Trump was correct when he called out these brazen propagandists to be the "enemy of the People."

    Whereas, the reality of these events swarming in these certain cities is being well recorded, where by that information, it transcends the propagandists attempting to subvert public opinion to favor lawlessness of the anarchy and fascism of Antifa, and, to a lesser extent, Black Lives Matter, to bolster what is now known as the Cancel Culture, who employs the semantics of propaganda to obfuscate the truth to effect an unreal reality; one akin to that of an "Orwellian Newspeak", whose ultimate plan is the erase and then rewrite the history of our Republic, and,

This seventh "Whereas" may be lost on anyone that has not read George Orwells "1984", so my apoplogies to all who have not; however, the message is clear: If you cannot see the truth, how could you know the truth? I am positive that the three nominal Republicans (Frankie Waters, Jerry Evans and John Rebholz) that serve on Beaufort County's board of county commissioners have not read the book, nor, by their actions or inaction, should one concur that they did understand it even if they did read it.

    Whereas, the children of the Cancel Culture are the "Useful Idiots" of the Anti-American Left and their Socialist agenda; regardless, even if our Education Industry has failed them, there is still no excuse for their sophistic, irreverent and dangerous behavior in respect to our Republic's survival, and,

This eighth "Whereas" is intended to strongly denote that our poorly educated young Americans, many graduates of someone's estimation of an esteemed institution are today's "Useful Idiots", and that is another massive problem within our Republic going forward - an education system from bottom to top gone terrible, and must be correctly.

    Whereas, by "Orwellian Newspeak" mentioned in "1984", George Orwell's prophetic masterpiece, proffers "Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.", which now, prophetically speaking, is the manifested goal of today's propagandists administering the Democratic Socialist controlled Fake News outlets, who believe they can control the message, and eventually the will of the people, therefore,

This ninth "Whereas" boldly acknowledges the incontrovertible reality of propagandist media for the Democratic Socialist cause, which is relentless in their efforts to control the thoughts of the weak of spirit, knowledge and ambition to sustain this Republic. For those of you who are ignorant of the past histories of world politics, this is how anarchists prevail; engendered by the purchased propagandists, people are kept stupid, pliable, the "useful idiots" who hate America just enough.
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( September 6th, 2020 @ 10:52 am )
If this is such a big issue ... "What was said" ... Why did it not come out during the Fake Impeachment ... the "Impeachment that would follow Trump forever", which was not even mentioned at the DNC freak show.

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