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Readout From the Reopening of the White House Rose Garden

Press Release:

    Today, First Lady Melania Trump, Honorary Chair of the Committee for the Preservation of the White House (CPWH), hosted the official reopening of the White House Rose Garden. Joining the First Lady were The President, Vice President, Second Lady, members of the CPWH, Administration officials and other key partners who contributed to the project.

    Following remarks by representatives of the landscape architecture firms, the First Lady began the evening by thanking those who made the renewal possible, acknowledging their hard work, dedication and generosity. She touched upon the history of the garden that Americans have come to treasure and how this renewal returned the garden to its original 1962 blueprint designed by Bunny Mellon during the Kennedy Administration.

    Mrs. Trump emphasized the role agricultural and horticultural experts have played in making sure the garden will thrive through improved infrastructure and utilities. She also highlighted how the restoration improved accessibility to the garden for those with disabilities.

    The First Lady closed the evening thanking those in attendance and stating that "Gardens are symbols of growth and hope."

    The Rose Garden restoration, designed by the landscape architecture firms, Perry Guillot, Inc and Oehme, van Sweden & Associates/OvS, was a joint effort to improve upon and enhance the iconic garden, located adjacent to the Oval Office. The plan was approved by the CPWH and the Committee for the Preservation of the White House Gardens (CPWHG). The CPWHG is newly formed under the leadership of First Lady Melania Trump. Oversight from both the CPWH and the CPWHG ensured that the Rose Garden renewal project was carefully conducted to the highest standards. The First Lady also consulted closely with, Tham Kannalikham, the interior designer she selected for the White House, who acted as an advisor to the team. Together with the Chief Usher, Ms. Kannalikham was able to ensure the First Lady's vision was perfectly executed.

    Good evening and welcome to the White House on this special occasion. I want to start by thanking the talented people who made the renewal of the White House Rose Garden possible. Many of you are with us tonight. The President and I are grateful for your time and effort - your hard work, dedication, and generosity are reflected in this beautiful garden.

    Teamwork among the landscape architects, contractors, consultants, Park Service, Secret Service and White House personnel was key to successfully accomplishing this work. I would also like to thank those whose generous contributions made this work possible. I deeply appreciate your support for America's garden, my family, and the White House.

    The Rose Garden layout we have all come to know and treasure was designed during the Kennedy Administration by Bunny Mellon. For 60 years, this space has served as the backdrop for many important events. The garden has also served as a peaceful outdoor escape for many administrations and their guests.

    The changes you see tonight are the result of a thoughtful and collaborative process carefully crafted with the help of scholars and experts in architecture, horticulture, design, and historic preservation.

    This renewal included improvements to the infrastructure and utilities, allowing this beautiful garden to more readily meet the needs of a busy White House. These improvements also make the garden fully accessible to all Americans, including those with disabilities.

    I am grateful for the commitment and strength of our team, allowing us to complete this project with such an ambitious schedule. This amazing achievement is a lasting legacy, not only for the People's House, but for all those involved in its successful realization.

    Gardens are symbols of growth and hope. We celebrate this garden in the hope that future generations will not only enjoy - but also draw inspiration and strength - from this space where so much of our history has been shared.

    Thank you all for your dedication and contributions to this incredible project.

    Please enjoy your time this evening alongside your friends and colleagues. Thank you, may God Bless you, and may God Bless the United States of America.

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