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    Hood Richardson, a long time county commissioner and an even loner proponent of making his comments known on the front window of his commercial building on North Market Street in Washington, NC, is being called to task for placing on his "store" window a political advertisement for Mattie Lawson over Arthur Williams. At the heart of this matter is that the Beaufort County Republican Party is occupying space in Hood's front office, at 208 North Market Street, as their political headquarters, and the offended party, Candidate Arthur Williams, is running against Mattie Lawson in the Republican party's runoff election for their party's nomination to seek the NC House, District 6 seat.

   To explain this conflict a bit deeper: Hood has been a supporter of Mattie Lawson's from the onset, the Beaufort County Republican Party has long been graciously offered accommodations in Hood's commercial domain, which they did accept under the condition that Hood could keep a portion of his "Thomas Paine" storefront, and Hood just will not support a Democrat to seek the Republican nomination for a party that once represented a set of ideals that Hood has long subscribed to. That is pretty much it in a nutshell, and as someone, who probably knows Hood as well as anyone else drawing breath on this spinning blue jewel, he will be unrelenting on this issue of continuing to express himself where ever, and however he sees fit. I could be wrong on this issue, but you probably should not bet against me.

   Where there may be a workable solution could be with the Beaufort County Republican Party - they could always seek other accommodations; however, the county Republicans have shown a bit of backbone as of late, and new Party Chairman Charles Hickman has long had backbone, a head full of sense, and depth of character. I don't know if you should bet against them vacating the premises either.
The storefront in question: Above and below.     photos by Stan Deatherage

    Understandably, I do expect this situation to become very interesting, and while some may deem this a supremely complex issue, it actually isn't. The North Carolina GOP, and now the "Leadership" in the Republican controlled NC House and NC Senate, has long since lost any semblance of usefulness to the proven Conservative Republicans here in Beaufort County.

   Speaking for myself, I would love to have them on board to stomp through these lowlands, with high hopes, of making government really work for the productive and the patriotic individuals, who do most of the living and dying and paying the taxes in between. To achieve this camaraderie of common purpose, they will have to learn to play by our rules until they can learn the true measure of true Republican ideals, and then speaking again for myself, I would champion the NC GOP Party, and the "Leadership" in the General Assembly as equal partners. Who knows, once they prove they can be taught how a true republic functions, what their purpose is in smaller measure, they actually may become a serviceable partner to the cause of building a better North Carolina, and a better America. Presently, however, the NC GOP and the "Leadership" representing Raleigh to we easterners have some appreciable reclamation of purpose ahead of them.

    I hold out hope for these lost children dabbling in the political vision of our forefathers, but then again, I am the supreme optimist.

    My Thomas Paine friend, Hood Richardson, may feel similarly; however, I do not speak for him. But understand this, all of you in the political sphere, who shuck principled conduct to the expense of the special interest contributors, have some real world learn'n ahead of you. I would advise your quick study, or you can forget most of the real Republicans Downeast. What Hood truly believes, however, on this matter of attempting to terminate his political speech on his "Thomas Paine storefront," is espoused here below in his statement on the issue:

Statement by: Hood Richardson

    Responding to the williams campaign complaint to the ncgop about signs at 208 North Market Street, Washington, NC.

   The filing of the complaint with the state Republican party shows the desperation in the williams camp. The signage on my building is legitimate. It is there because, I, as owner of the building, along with many others do not believe Arthur Williams can change from a yellow dog Democrat into a Republican.

    Here below is the complaint delivered to the Washington Daily News, which has long been the ideal avenue of communication for elected Democrats. The Beaufort Observer and Beaufort County Now did not receive a copy of this complaint. BCN received our notice from our "Thomas Paine" friend, Hood Richardson.

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( June 26th, 2012 @ 11:38 am )
( June 25th, 2012 @ 9:20 pm )
I never thought of that in this light. I would rather try to silent an angry, rabid Pit bull than try to silent Hood Richardson, and 208 North Market Street really is his natural turf.

You got to respect a man's turf - especially if it is the "big dawg's" on the block.
( June 25th, 2012 @ 8:17 pm )
So it is ok to limit local party involvment in primary races but not Raleighs' involvement in local party primaries. Also Walter B. can endorse a local candidate but a local commissioner can't. Sounds like political doublespeak or sour apples or complete lack of logic to me. And what happened to the 1st Amendment again?

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