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Beaufort County Needs a Conservative County Commission

    The 2020 election will, in many ways determine the future of America, North Carolina and Beaufort County for many years to come. That is simply because of the choices we have. On one hand we have the opportunity to reset our government to the traditional values upon which our nation was founded or see our government become more and more tyrannical. And this is true at all levels.

    President Trump is fighting the Deep State. In North Carolina we have a Governor who has killed hundreds of thousands of jobs with draconian regulations for political purposes, and at the county level the choice will be secret government by elites who think they know what is best for the rest of us compared to a return to less government and lower taxes. Forget "Democrat" or "Republican" because those labels tell you nothing about how you can expect your representatives will govern once elected. If you want good government, you must vote for it. If you want more of the same, then you will vote for the swamp creatures who will cut deals in backrooms. Or as has been the case, many will not vote and just take what they get because they don't think it matters who they vote for.

    Almost all of us know what the national political scene will be like when either Donald J. Trump or Joseph Biden is elected President of the United states. We know this because of the intensity of the presidential campaign.

    In North Carolina we know one choice will open our schools and put people back to work. The other will give us more government control of our lives and continue killing our economy.

    Closer to home, unless you sit on the Beaufort County Board of Commissioners, it is more difficult to read the political tea leaves. There is little political news in the Washington Daily News. We do not have a local TV or radio station any more. Most of what actually goes on is behind the scenes and few know what is being done.

    The kind of county government, the amount of taxes you pay, whether you will be forced to spend 25 million dollars for a new and un-needed jail will depend on who is elected commissioner.

    We have four commission seats up for election. One will surely be determined by voters who vote for a Democrat. The other three seats will likely be filled by "Republicans." But that label does not tell you which Republican will govern by Republican principles or which will in essence govern as Democrats.

    Hood Richardson is likely to be one of the three Republicans and you can count on him governing as a conservative. If Tandy Dunn is elected you can count on him voting like Hood and Stan Deatherage-as a conservative. The fourth seat is where the question falls.

    If John Rebholz is elected you can expect him to join the Democrats and Frankie Waters to give the Democrats control of the board. How do we know that? By what those four have done since Rebholz on the board. He and Waters have voted with the Democrats more than with the conservatives.

    You wll no doubt see them build a new jail, increase funding for law enforcement, schools and EMS services and of course see taxes and garbage fees go up. It is impossible to do the things Rebholz and his liberal buddies want done without spending more money. That means tax and fee increases.

    If Rebholz is elected, we see the same kind of back room shenanigans we have had for the past six years. That is, Rebholz will lock arms with Frankie Waters who will bring along the two Democrats. That makes the four votes needed to put Frankie Waters back in the saddle as Board Chairman. Remember Frankie Waters, he is the commissioner who led the charge to tear down the Belhaven hospital. Frankie and Rebholz will seal the deal by voting for Jerry Langley to be Vice Chairman. This is exactly how it has worked for the past six years The names may have changed but the deal-making will continue and the Democrats will call the shots in the back room. The liberal County Commission gave away our health care system after allowing it to be mismanaged beyond repair, wasted millions on bogus economic development real estate speculation and more millions on single bid contracts and while most county businesses were tightening their belts, the county's payroll has skyrocketed.

    You can be very confident about this outcome if Rebholz is elected. Why else would Fake Frankie Waters be aggressively campaigning for Rebholz? And Rebholz has already shown his disloyalty to the Republican majority by voting for Democrat Jerry Langley to be Vice Chairman within his first two month in office.

    Frankie Waters, John Rebholz, Jerry Langley and Ed Booth are the Commissioners who will support a new jail, and an increase in our solid waste fees to fund garbage pick-up for Cypress Landing. This will be done by force, without allowing taxpayers a choice on whether they want the added service or not. That means shutting down the trash roll offs across the County and doubling the fees you now pay for trash removal. Those fees will go from $165.00 to $330.00 per year whether you want it or not. Take a look at Rebholz's website. Everything he is for costs more money than we are now spending.

    On the other hand, by not electing John Rebholz you will gets a conservative Board of Commissioners who will make jail operations efficient and modernize the present trash roll offs at a cost of considerably less than $330.00 per household and leave it to each homeowner to decide whether they want curbside trash pickup, and save dozens of private jobs. There are other efficiencies to be had in EMS services and other places in county government. The worst that would happen by not electing Rebholz would be that taxes stay the same. On the other hand we could easily see a reduction in Beaufort County property taxes and fees by electing a conservative majority on the Commission.

    Republican Rebholz voted for a Democrat over a Republican, gun free zones, and refused to vote to strengthen the Bill of Rights. Rebholz refused to vote to open businesses and schools. This vote alone has done serious damage to our children, employers and employees.

    So how do you know Rebholz is a liberal? Because he votes with the liberals on the board.

    If you want taxes to increase follow Fake Frankie Waters and vote for John Rebholz. If you want a change with lower taxes and County Government spending, vote for Tandy Dunn, Randy Walker or Hood Richardson.

    With the "Limited Voting' system we have in Beaufort County you get only one vote for these four seats. You can effectively have more than one vote if you get other conservatives who would otherwise not vote to "pair' their vote with yours, with each voting for a conservative. The ideal would be for each conservative voter to get two family members, friends etc. to vote who would otherwise not vote and the three vote for Richardson, Dunn and Walker. That would give us a conservative majority on the commission for the first time in twenty years. It is time to give conservatives a chance to show what can be done to bring conservative governance to Beaufort County.


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