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Trump Rides To the Rescue. Or, I Like To Dream.

    There is great sadness in our land today. Many believe the Biden Democrats have succeeded in stealing this election from Donald John Trump. This belief is based on factual evidence we know. States and cities elections systems ruled by solid Democrat majorities have historically committed fraud and got away with it to win elections. They delay election reporting to see how many votes they need to defeat their opponent. During that time they manufacture ballots.

    Trump correctly saw the corrupt Biden train coming at him when several Democrat controlled states started fiddling with election procedures. Who would not be suspicious when mass mailings of ballots are sent out and the date for ballot counting is extended up to two weeks after the date of the election. Trump started assembling his legal team many months ago.

    Even though things look bleak, today there is room for hope, Revolutionary hope. During past elections, there have been a few well-known election fraud centers. Chicago and Philadelphia are two but there are many others. Remember Al Franken in Minnesota. The Republican Party has not been willing to dirty their elite hands on election fraud. If not the Republican Party, then who will demand honest elections.

    It is well known that it is virtually impossible to authenticate a mailed in ballot. Only one or two places in the United States have the means and the trained staff to do this. Anyone is less likely to be charged with voter fraud in the United States than any other crime. I believe there is a lot of it and almost all of it is done by Democrats.

    The present situation has a lot of unique conditions that could lead to a surprising result. Trump is a fighter. Trump does not mind using lawyers to get justice. This scandal is well known nationally and clearly exists in at least seven states. Anyone can see and it will easily be proved that there are gross violations of the law and common decency in at least these seven states. That makes this a national issue and forces the Supreme Court to hear all of these cases. Of course these lawsuits will have to start in the lower courts and find their way to the Supreme Court. Because time is of the essence, the true winner must be decided before January 20, all cases will be expedited.

    The heart of the matter is Article IV of the United States Constitution. There we find the Guarantee Clause which states simply that Federal Government must guarantee each state a republican form of government. A republican form of government means that the people elect their officials who then do the people's business of government. What the Guarantee clause means is that it is the job of the Federal government to see that the people are able to elect their representatives. Other sections of the Constitution such as the Equal Protection Clause mean that the People are guaranteed that their vote will be counted in a free and fair election. In short, I believe the Supreme Court has a duty to insure free and fair elections and where they determine that did not happen they have a duty to overturn illegitimate elections.

    There is already substantial precedent that the U. S. Constitution requires one vote per person. And there is substantial precedent that the Court examine the systemic fairness of the electoral systems used by the states. If that system does not provide meaningful protection against fraudulent voting then it is systemically flawed and fails to meet the one person one vote standard.

    There is, of course, considerable precedent in re-districting cases to base a claim before the Federal Courts that it is the duty of those courts to review systemic voting procedures and overturn those that do not comply with the Equal Protection Clause, i.e. one person, one vote cases.

    There is plenty of evidence on Trump's side. Another good thing, there are five solid Supreme Court justices. I do not count the liberal Bushite Chief Justice John Roberts. He always leaves conservatives in a lurch. The four solid Supreme court justices have been beat around and brutalized by the Democrats. They have no love for the very people who are abusing all of us.

    Moreover, there are judicially accepted statistical procedures that can be applied to assessing whether late ballots compare statistically to those that came in on time. Common sense tells you that thousands of votes that voted for Biden but did not vote for other offices raise legitimacy issues. For example, if you have a batch of 100,000 ballots which had a normal distribution of votes between Biden and Trump and other offices on the ballot and you get 100,000 votes coming in late with only Biden votes then those votes should be investigated and the election officials compelled to show that they are legitimate.

    The mindset of the four justices is important. If they render the correct decision, they will invalidate all of the questionable ballots. Many of these ballots came in after the voting date. Virtually none of the mail in ballots have been or can be validated. Out they go and Trump stays in office. The harsh treatment of these justices during their confirmation hearing is important. While we all know it should not affect their judgment, it will reinforce their will in handing down a clean and correct decision.

    Having free and fair elections is essential to our system of government. And just as importantly is the public confidence in the integrity of the election system. Thus it is the duty of the Supreme Court to insure that We The People have confidence in our electoral system. How could they allow an election that has so many doubts about it?

    Without the abuse these people suffered, lesser justices may render a weak decision because they know the nation is at risk of suffering more violence and arson.

    However, when they render the correct decision in the right words we will have forever set the precedent that "cheating by mail" and "counting votes until the Democrat wins" will be over, A good decision will stop the receipt of ballots after election day and require the counting of all ballots mailed and absentee ballots before election day.

    Maybe I am dreaming but on this I am an optimist. This is another example of Trump having the opportunity to provide great service to our great country.


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