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Now More Than Ever, Republicans in Congress Must Remember What Unites Us

Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of the The Daily Wire. The author of this post is Jim Banks.

    Now more than ever, Republicans in Congress need to remember what unites us.

    Big Tech is against us. Corporate America is against us. Hollywood is against us. Bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. are against us. The liberal media is against us. And very soon, the executive branch and both chambers of Congress will be against us.

    For the last four years, Donald Trump kept back the tide. But now, it's up to Congress. We must take up the President's mantle and champion the values of America's working families.

    I truly believe that the vast majority of Americans are conservative. Our values align with a wide and diverse population, and that's precisely what Democrats are worried about. They know they have to divide us into groups and distract us from the issues in order to win. We can't let that happen.

    That's why the Republican Study Committee is leading the way and working on a policy agenda that will remind us why we're here. It's relevant, it's timely, but it's shaped by time-tested principles.

    Democrats don't want to talk about the issues for two reasons. Number one, they can't agree among themselves. Number two, they're the party that's trying to transform America, a country which by and large doesn't want to be transformed.

    That's why the Republican Study Committee has specifically chosen eight issues as "lines in the sand." Lines which, when crossed by Democrats, will reveal just how out of touch they are from the American people.

    Those issues are:

    1) Protecting Democracy

    What they believe: Anyone at any time can choose to change election rules to benefit Democrats.

    What we believe: We should secure the gaps in our elections so that the American people have full faith in our democratic process.

    2) Ending Big Tech Censorship

    What they believe: Un-elected oligarchs in Silicon Valley should determine who gets a megaphone and who doesn't.

    What we believe: Americans, no matter their political affiliation, should be able to express themselves freely online.

    3) Countering the Chinese Communist Party

    What they believe: The Chinese Communist Party is a critical ally and trading partner to the United States.

    What we believe: The Chinese Communist Party and those who appease them represent the greatest threat to freedom worldwide.

    4) Securing our Border

    What they believe: America should have open borders.

    What we believe: A nation without borders isn't a nation at all.

    5) The Hyde Amendment

    What they believe: Taxpayers should have to fund abortions.

    What we believe: The government shouldn't force taxpayers and pro-life Americans to pay for abortions.

    6) Healthcare Freedom

    What they believe: The government should run our healthcare system and everyone should receive the exact same health care plan.

    What we believe: Every American deserves access to high-quality healthcare and to be in charge of their healthcare plans.

    7) America's Military Superiority

    What they believe: Defund the military to pay for special interest pet projects and pork-stuffed spending packages.

    What we believe: In an era of great-power competition, we need to maintain a strong military to achieve peace through strength.

    8) The National Debt

    What they believe: We should increase taxes on hardworking Americans to pay for socialist programs.

    What we believe: We should rein in spending to balance the budget so we can keep taxes low on job producers and American families.


    If Republicans can communicate these issues effectively, Democrats will be forced to respond. Once they're out of their comfort zone they will be exposed for who they really are: the radical Left.

    Congressman Jim Banks (R) represents Indiana's 3rd District. A veteran of the War in Afghanistan, Rep. Banks serves on the House Armed Services Committee, The House Committee On Education and Labor, and the House Veterans' Affairs Committee.

    The views expressed in this opinion piece are the author's own and do not necessarily represent those of The Daily Wire.

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( January 16th, 2021 @ 10:33 am )
For quite some time, the NC delegation has been most weak, especially the Senators.

Mark Meadows was the one true bright spot from the 11th District, sometimes Mark Walker, sometimes Dan Bishop. We need more smart, politically courageous and uncompromised representatives.

I wager that there will be primaries.
( January 16th, 2021 @ 9:21 am )
Stan: Yeah, a good example of what you are talking about is that Cawthorn kid from over in the NC 11th Congressional District. I'm thinking about calling him and declaring him as my de facto representative, even though I can't vote for him.

I'm kind of disappointed in some other Republicans in the North Carolina delegation with the recent events. Even though they didn't vote with the Liz Cheney contingent in the latest impeachment circus, some of their rhetoric was just as bad.

Ah, but the Democratic Socialist Party does have at least one young star. Ta da - AOC. But, to make up for the young part that dish did get an extra dollop of stupid.
( January 16th, 2021 @ 8:44 am )
I agree Charles to a point, but, I would also add, the GOP has the brightest, most patriotic politicians walking, talking and fighting for our liberties today.

Most of them are younger, which also is a good thing.

In the Democratic Socialist party, all of their politicians are either old, stupid or both ... every damn last one of them.

But that is my professional opinion.
( January 16th, 2021 @ 7:05 am )
I have some concerns about Republicans communicating these issues effectively when many Republican office holders don't actually believe in an America first policy when it comes right down to it. Too many politicians of all stripes represent the people and agendas that own them and not the people they supposedly represent.

Sadly, the GOP is just one more western institution that needs a thorough housecleaning in order to claim any credibility. If they don't embrace MAGA they are done. Recent actions don't make me optimistic.

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