Great American Patriot Rush Limbaugh is Dead - February 17, 2021 | Beaufort County Now | One of my living heroes, Rush Limbaugh, is now dead of Lung Cancer at 70 years of age.

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Great American Patriot Rush Limbaugh is Dead - February 17, 2021

Rush Limbaugh, "with talent on loan from God", has gone on to meet his Maker.

    One of my living heroes, Rush Limbaugh, is now dead of Lung Cancer at 70 years of age.

    Even though Rush broadcasted from South Florida, his latter day home /workplace - his "Southern Command", he hailed from Cape Girardeau, Missouri, the near the center of America, and it was this center of OUR America approach to his philosophy of life, his understanding of real people - that blend of where Southerner morphs into the Midwesterner. That is who he was, and that is who he spoke for, and guess what: The wisest people in America loved him, his overwhelming talent of pure wisdom.

    A college dropout after a brief blush with higher education, Rush Limbaugh was one of the smartest and wisest people in whatever room he entered, and Rush walked into some pretty big rooms; rooms full of past presidents, scientists, philosophers, dignitaries of every stripe, geniuses of every knowledge; Rush was their equal, and those that were truly smart and wise knew it.

    Fellow Talk Radio luminary, and all-round-brilliant-guy Mark Levin, tearfully, eulogized Rush Limbaugh as 'one of the most, if not the most brilliant, patriotic people, and above all generous men I have ever known'.

    Even Rush himself, from the near beginning of his long illustious career in broadcast journalism, would state unequivocally at the beginning of many of his programs, "This is Rush Limbaugh, with talent on loan from God." How true, how very true.

    Furhtermore, how appropriate today that President Trump called into FOX News shortly after the press release of the ultimate demise of this Talk Radio super talent to express his condolences, his sadness. From the more than 100 years of "The Wireless"'s historical existence, there was no greater talent, and how apropriate for this great President to sing the praises of this wise, and often hilarious mega talent that became the President's close friend at a time when Mr. Trump needed such a skilled advoicate for real truth, which was in short supply in the spreading dank Swamp of D.C.

President Donald Trump, acknowledging the impact of one of his newest and best friends - Rush Limbaugh - awards the Consevative icon the highest award for a United States citizen - the Presidential Medal of Freedom - at the 2020 State of the Union Address: Above.

    Rush Limbaugh, as the venerable genius of all essential honesty and politicians that exhibit such, has always been an outstanding judge of political horseflesh coupled with his foresight to know those government leaders who have that rare ability to truly make the defining difference. Rush recognized that evolving talent in the 2015 political neophyte - Donald J. Trump. As was Rush's political pattern during the primary, he never picked a favorite Republican, although it was apparent that he had his favorites. One of those favorites early in the 2015 Primary season was a totally inexperienced Donald Trump, and for whatever reason, he saw something special in Mr. Trump.

    Understanding that all politics /governing are local, Rush professed to know "grass roots" politics as well as most, and in my opinion he knew grass roots politics better than anyone; Rush understood that grass roots politics, at its core, was the championing of ideas that were bigger than the individual, or a class of individuals, by espousing the perfect truth that correct set of ideas, and durable ideals that lifted us all - the entirity of our Republic - and that is what may be meant by the perfect phrase "perfect union".

    Ask yourself this: Was Donald Trump's candidacy shaped by Rush Limbaugh, and once elected, did Rush's guidance and friendship help President Trump navigate some truly tumultuous waters? Granted that Donald J. Trump was an enigma of performance, but to what extent did this Radio Journalist extroidinare fortify the truth that sustained Mr. Trump in a Sea of Liars swimming in their purposeful propagandist lies, and for the entirety of the President's fourth years of service to the beat America's People?

    Think about it ... and then say goodbye to this good man, and this great American patriot.

James Golden, aka Mr. (Bo) Snerdley, as longtime producer of the "Rush Limbaugh Show" offers a glimpse into what is real about Rush: Below.

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( February 18th, 2021 @ 12:20 pm )
Great comment B.T.

And I agree, if Trump could have been more like Rush, he would still be in office.

Actually, if Rush decided to run for president long before he got so sick, he would have been unbeatable.
( February 18th, 2021 @ 11:35 am )
If you were born with or developed a deep sense of humor over the years, it is possible that you may have found laughter in Rush Limbaugh’s over the top presentation. It is a thin line indeed when a comedian can convey a point and yet still make it funny. George Carlin was one of the best to do that, yet he too became a bit too enamored with his own opinion that he lost a bit of his humor.

Rush was not a comedian, but a committed conservative who under stood that sometimes the medicine goes down with a spoon full of sugar. If you agreed with Rush it was hilarious to see his hyperbole infuriate the liberals. If you disagreed with Rush and had actually developed a deep sense of humor over the years (see above) you could see he was tweaking the very thing that he often said. Liberals don’t have a sense of humor.

I was not an avid follower of Rush on the radio, but I did occasionally listen during some long windshield times on the road. I always had the feeling that his face had a constant wink flashing on and off with every over the top comment.

I am not one to say someone is looking down or looking up after they pass. That is between them and the Lord. However, if in fact Rush is looking, he may be having a chuckle watching the Liberals try to marginalize him or even go to the point of proving that they don’t have a sense of humor by making inappropriate comments about his death.

Had President Trump had 1/10 the talent of Rush, he may be having a second term. And therein lies the beauty of Rush’s unique talent. Drunk Zealots of all stripes should remember that there is a ditch on both sides of the road but the fun is weaving around while still sober and enjoying the ride. Rush apparently did that.

I am sure many would be shocked to find that Bo was so big.
( February 17th, 2021 @ 11:03 pm )
A note to all my Rush friends that recognized the hilarity of Mr. Limbaugh: Please contribute any file that expresses any of the spots where Rush did a spot utilizing the "Gorbasm" motif. I will publish it immediately.

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