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14 REASONS Why I should be a Republican  

By: Bill Moore

With the loss of the election and the attempts to impeach President Trump many Republicans and some right leaning Independents question why they should remain a member or continue to support the Republican Party as an Independent. Others claim it is time for a new party; however, the facts do indicate otherwise.

  1. Let me first deal with starting a new party.

As a former leader of a Tea Party we realized that starting a new political party and making it viable on a national level would take up to 10 years.  So we decided that it was necessary to work to change an existing party- The Republican Party.  To start another party would allow the Leftist Democrats to control the Country and regain control of many states for about a decade.  I am afraid that there would be nothing left of our Nation as we know it.

  1. Some say the Party was not successful during 2020.

Let us look at the North Carolina Republican Party on the 2020 election.  The State and County Parties organized at the grass roots and successfully made millions of calls to turn out the vote. In addition they knocked on millions of doors delivering election material.  The results were not perfect but highly successful.  The State did go to President Trump.  In addition they elected Republicans to 6 of the 10 Counsel of State positions. It was something that had never been done before. They swept the State Judicial elections Winning 8, losing 0. They now have a majority of the Court of Appeals and went from one seat out of 7 on the State Supreme Court to 3 including the Chief Justice. Continued hard work in the next election will put them in the majority. Without our support both in volunteering and donations the Leftist Democrats would have retained control and continued to rule against laws passed by the Republican Majority in the General Assembly.

At the state level The Republican Party retained control of both Houses of the General Assembly and won the Lt Governor seat.  At the local level 61 of 100 counties are under Republican Control.  We lost the Governor’s seat but otherwise did very well.

  1. Some say the party is doing nothing to correct the losses in 2020 nationally.

The Party at the National level has decided that what North Carolina did is the way to go for 2022 and 2024. They have put our state chair in charge of a committee to recreate what NC did in other states. They are also committed to reaching out to keep Trump voters by proving they support his ideals/beliefs and want to use them as the basis of our platform in the future.

  1. Let me address the next obvious question. What did the party do to help Trump and what to do about those who did not support him?  First of all the Party is a big tent with room for all. Unlike the Democratic Party, that exists on a system that gathers people with single issues and they agree to support each other’s issues. They do not care about other issues as long as their issue is addressed. The Republican Party allows people who generally agree on common beliefs but can differ on a few issues to exist productively together. Paraphrasing President Reagan who stated if a person or a candidate supports 70% of your beliefs that is a person you can work with and support. In addition many of the states, including North Carolina, have censured their US Senators who voted to impeach President Trump. I am sure that they will face a tough primary from party members should they run for reelection.
  2. Look at the ever increasing price of gasoline and heating fuel due to the closing of the pipelines and rejoining the Paris Climate Accords. Good paying job losses in the tens of thousands. Do you really want to leave the Democrats in charge any longer then we have to?
  3. Look at the number of people that are being forced out of work by Democratic energy decisions.  Do you really want to leave the Democrats in charge any longer then we have to?
  4. Look at the proposed raises in taxes. Do you really want to leave the Democrats in charge?
  5. Democrats purging the Military of any leaders who are right leaning. In addition they are making the military a social experiment operation by allowing transgender to serve. Regardless of your stand once they serve the taxpayer will be paying for any operations required and the meds required to sustain the change for life. Do you really want to leave the Democrats in charge any longer then we have to?
  6. Democrats are forcing girls to accept males in both sports and in their bathrooms and locker rooms. Do you really want to leave the Democrats in charge any longer then we have to?
  7. Biden has reopened the Border to a flow of illegals. He has promised illegals COVID19 vaccinations, and is working on granting amnesty and citizenship. Do you really want to leave the Democrats in charge any longer then we have to?
  8. Democrats are providing vaccinations for COVID19 to the world before all our own people are treated. Do you really want to leave the Democrats in charge any longer then we have to?
  9. Democrats are trying to raise minimum wage to $15/ hour. The Congressional Budget Office estimates it will affect approximately 900,000 people and will lead to the loss of jobs for 1.4 million people.  Do you really want to leave the Democrats in charge any longer then we have to?
  10. Democrats are budgeting to have the taxpayers pay for the poor decisions in spending that the Blue state governors have made in causing their Budget deficits.  Do you really want to leave the Democrats in charge any longer then we have to?
  11. The Biden Administration has suspended Trump’s order to lower insulin prices for everyone. Now they are forced to pay significant higher prices for their insulin. Do you really want to leave the Democrats in charge any longer then we have to?
  12. The US is backing off its stand with Iran; China is again threatening us militarily and economically; Iran is making demands on us; Israel is concerned over relations with the US, and Russia is fast losing any respect for us. Do you really want to leave the Democrats in charge any longer then we have to?
  13. The Leftist/Democrats are making attempt after attempt to pass laws or executive orders that limit our Religious freedoms, our Freedom of Speech and to limit or eliminate our rights under the 2nd Do you really want to leave the Democrats in charge longer then we have to?

With all the Leftist/Democrats are doing to harm our Nation politically, socially and economically, we need to move forward in 2022 and win control of the House and the Senate on the national level. We need to take control of the NC Supreme Court and increase majorities in the General Assembly so we can override Governor Cooper’s vetoes on the state level. To do so we must remain Republicans or join the party. Together we can continue to improve the Party and take the necessary steps to return the Nation to the right path of freedoms and economic growth.





( February 20th, 2021 @ 8:58 pm )
It is clear that President Trump has signaled that he intends to work to right the ship of the GOP instead of going third party. Here in North Carolina, Lara Trump has indicated an interest in running for the GOP nomination for US Senate, and in fact has a wide lead in the polls for that nomination. Those who want to help President Trump save our country from the "woke" mob need to back his strategy of building a Republican Party that runs on conservative and nationalist principles.

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