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NY GOP Rep. Zeldin Challenges Cuomo

Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of the LifeZette. The author of this post is David Kamioner.

    On Thursday Rep. Lee Zeldin, Republican of New York, announced his run for governor of New York. New Yorkers, as a state, are leftist political conformists. Remember, this is the state that elected carpetbagger Hillary to office. True, not all of the state is leftist. But those areas that are outvoted by the others statewide. So to waste a guy like Lee Zeldin on a statewide race is dumb. And Cuomo may not be the Democrat nominee anyway, as Democrats are already lining up to take him out.

    What to do with an asset like Zeldin? Fight like hell for a presidential win in 2024, then if successful put him in the Cabinet thus leapfrogging New York. Better that than the film cliché, sending a kid like that up in a crate like this.

    Team Trump is enthusiastic about the project. As for that factor? Trump and his minions are showing the same acumen here they did during the Georgia runoffs, namely none.

    FNC: "Trump allies are quietly rallying their support behind Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin, encouraging him to mount a GOP gubernatorial bid against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo in 2022, Fox News has learned. Sources familiar told Fox News that Zeldin, R-N.Y., met with former President Trump at Mar-a-Lago last month. While Zeldin has not made a final decision about whether or not to get into the race, and while Trump has not made an endorsement, sources close to the former president said that Zeldin would be 'a very strong candidate to help Republicans in 2022'...Zeldin — a four-term congressman who represents the eastern half of New York's Long Island, an attorney and an officer in the U.S. Army Reserve — was first elected to the Suffolk County congressional district in 2014. He was a staunch ally and defender of Trump during his four years in the White House."

    "I can think of no other candidate who doesn't have the last name of Trump that MAGA-supporters are more excited about potentially running for governor in 2022 than Lee Zeldin," Trump adviser Jason Miller told press.

    "Zeldin believes in the rule of law, restoring New York's economy, and he'll fight the one party corruption in Albany that is causing so many New Yorkers to flee the state." Zeldin could "run up numbers from his base in Long Island...Being one of the two Jewish Republicans in Congress, Lee has a great crossover appeal in New York City," Miller added. Wow. Miller's understanding of the NYC Jewish vote is not spectacular.

    Another senior source said "there are a lot of different people potentially looking to run," but said that Trump pals are "pushing Zeldin," saying "he would have a true shot at winning as a Republican. "He is on the right side of getting our businesses open, our schools open, and cleaning up the mess caused by Andrew Cuomo." Those are issues. New Yorkers don't vote on issues. If so, a person like Zeldin would already be governor. They vote to conform to left wing political tropes.

    "I know there is a great interest within the party," NY Conservative Party Chairman Jerry Kassar told media. "They like his background, love his record in Congress, and they are enthusiastic for him to make a final decision and go forward." Kassar says Zeldin is "asking the right questions in terms of how to put a race together, and how he would go about structuring a campaign...We've been putting thoughts in his mind about what needs to be done. Everything, so far, has been very positive." No doubt. Everything looks rosy in the planning stage. But the first casualty of any battle? The plan.


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