Trump’s ‘Shadow Presidency’ and the GOP’s Future | Beaufort County Now | James Antle of the Washington Examiner describes the current state of the Republican Party months into Democrat Joe Biden’s presidential administration.

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Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of the John Locke Foundation. The author of this post is Mitch Kokai.

    James Antle of the Washington Examiner describes the current state of the Republican Party months into Democrat Joe Biden's presidential administration.

  • More than 100 days into President Joe Biden's term, and former President Donald Trump is still everywhere.
  • From Tuesday evening through Wednesday, Trump issued nine statements through his political action committee, billed each time as the "45th president of the United States of America." He weighed in on the ratings for Morning Joe ("TANKED!") and defended his own website traffic from a Washington Post report that his engagement is down. "I have been doing very limited media so the American public could see just how big of a disaster the Biden Administration has been, and I was right," he said.
  • Trump has cheered on the election audits in Arizona and New Hampshire, which he says will vindicate his so-far unproven claims to have been cheated out of a second term due to rampant voter fraud. He has promoted poll numbers showing most Republican voters agree with him. Trump has also touted his role in accelerating COVID-19 vaccine development through Operation Warp Speed. "'One of the greatest miracles of the ages,' according to many," he said. "Thank you!"
  • The news isn't all good for Trump, however.
  • A Manhattan prosecutor convened a grand jury in the investigation of Trump's business. The Senate may be inching toward a bipartisan commission to investigate the events of Jan. 6, when Trump supporters attacked the Capitol to disrupt the certification of Biden's Electoral College victory.
  • But Trump is still very much in the headlines since departing the White House. Even Biden is talking about him in what the Atlantic teased as the Democrat's "first interview after his inauguration." Biden said he misjudged Trump, whose name appears in the profile nearly a dozen times, telling the magazine, "I underestimated his ability to take the big lie and turn it into something that was salable."

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