Biden Addresses Survivors of Tulsa Massacre of 100 Years Ago | Beaufort County Now | Pres. Biden made a public announcement of his intention to speak to a group of Tulsa Oklahoma survivors of a massacre that took place 100 years ago as well as a group of residents and political activists in that area.

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John Woodard
    Pres. Biden made a public announcement of his intention to speak to a group of Tulsa Oklahoma survivors of a massacre that took place 100 years ago as well as a group of residents and political activists in that area. The initial billing as to the purpose of the speech, seemed like a good thing to do and to let the residents in that area know that they had not been forgotten by the federal government. Pres. Biden was not the first to visit the area and in fact Pres. George W. Bush spoke to the same group of people several years ago, with much the same intent. But when Pres. Biden spoke to this group of people, he had a far different agenda in mind.

    I was in my car while the speech was in progress and had my radio tuned to Fox News. I did not have the opportunity to listen to the entire speech, but what I heard was so confrontational that I began to realize that the real purpose of this speech was to further divide people along racial lines, consistent with other such efforts by the president and others in his cabinet.

    The history of the massacre in Tulsa Oklahoma in 1921 was that a white mob had attacked and firebombed the Greenwood District, killing 300 and destroying 35 blocks of residences and commercial buildings. I personally do not know the circumstances that caused that action to be taken, but in any case, I think every American would feel a heartfelt sorrow for anyone that was treated in this way by another American. However, Pres. Biden attempted to equate the Tulsa massacre with the events in Charlottesville Virginia in the early days of the Trump Administration. He stated that the persons that entered the Charlottesville demonstration, were neo-Nazis, White supremacists and the KKK.

    As I listened to these comments, I could hear the cheering and clapping of the crowd who seemed to take great pleasure and hearing a White Man, who was President of the United States, make disparaging remarks about these people and to tar them with the racist brush that he has been using so effectively. Clearly, this speech was intended to cause further division between the races in this country and to support the political narrative that all white people are the enemy of all black people.

    When I later returned home, I told my wife that I had just heard a portion of a speech that I thought was going to eventually provoke a race war in this country. This would not be the first time that I have thought that this was the outcome that we would face in due course, but this was the first time that I truly believed that this racial divide was going to be the pretext under which the destruction of our country was going to be fought.

    In the speech, Biden referred to the subject of Wealth Creation. He remarked about the discrepancies and differences which generally come from the value of homes and real estate as a means of Wealth Creation for Whites which is not shared equally by Blacks. He remarked that similar houses of similar condition in different parts of town can have differences in appraised value with house belonging to a Black homeowner being lower than the value of the same house owned by a White homeowner. He also claimed, with no proof to back up his statement, that Black homeowners have higher costs of Insurance premiums. Since Homeownership is the primary basis of Wealth Creation for average people, that by extension, Whites much better in creating Wealth than do Blacks.

    The President announced that he would commit $100 billion in infrastructure funds to rebuild neighborhoods in underserved communities. He promised to enhance the Fair Housing Act so that the Federal Government can more vigorously enforce housing law. He stated in clear and unmistakable terms that the Republican Party was using various methods to erode voting rights. Clearly, he was referring to efforts by Republican-controlled state legislatures to reduce the prospects of cheating in voting. Of course, that was not mentioned.

    If all of this is not enough, he compared the Tulsa massacre to the Jan 6 incident at the US Capital.

    Of the various statements that were made by the President in this speech, the most inflammatory was that White Supremacists were "the most lethal threat" that the country faces.

    There is no mistaking that the general thrust of the speech in Tulsa was to set the stage for a civil war that will tear down the fabric of this country. You may remember when the debates took place between Candidate Biden and Pres. Trump, Biden made an offhanded suggestion that the Republican Party might not exist when his first term ends in 2024. Most people probably thought that this was just hyperbolic rhetoric which could not be taken seriously. But when you look at all that is happened in the last few months and then factor in this speech, it is not far-fetched to take that remark seriously.

    So how will this become reality, you may ask? Consider this! The Democrats are spending money as if they intend to bankrupt the country. They are creating a fight between the races as a means of breaking down Law & Order as the foundation of our society. Make no mistake, as Biden and company give more and more freebies and encourage citizens to not work and to stay home and collect a check, can you imagine what a Republican President would face once he took office. Government largess, once paid is very hard if not impossible to reverse. Will such efforts resulted in a backlash of those people that have been receiving that largess and feed into the mentality that the Republicans are just bad people? I don't know the answer, but I know this, the Democrats are marching us steadily toward socialism and if we do not retake the House and Senate, with a vetoproof majority, the spending of the Democrats will bankrupt us before we can elect a Republican President.

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