Globalists Are at War With Your Children | Beaufort County Now | This may seem hyperbolic to some people, but there is plenty of evidence to confirm that the globalist agenda has prioritized children as its target to change public perception on a whole range of social and economic issues

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John Woodard
    This may seem hyperbolic to some people, but there is plenty of evidence to confirm that the globalist agenda has prioritized children as its target to change public perception on a whole range of social and economic issues that we are now seeing play out before our eyes. The left in the United States has already indoctrinated college and university students and now they are setting their sites on the youth of our country.

    It is the goal of the globalist left to create a future where mask wearing is a normal part of daily life, that children will be educated remotely by a computer and that experimental vaccines will be used to keep us all safe.

    This has been the agenda of the globalist left for years, beginning with UN Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 goals for sustainable development. You have probably heard the term sustainable development in the context of a variety of social and economic issues over the years without truly knowing what those words meant. Now however as the world has been forced to endure a global pandemic, the meaning of these goals is becoming more and more clear each day.

    The schemes of the globalist have been coming at us for decades and are just now bearing fruit. Among the highest goal of all is the movement to expand the practice of abortion. The abortion industry has plenty of money and the attempts to expand abortions in the United States have seen very little resistance in the courts. Here are some shocking numbers about the number of abortions in this country over the past 20+ years: from 1973 to 2018 there were 61.8 million abortions. In 2017 there were 862,320 in that year alone. That equates to 2362 abortions per day and 98 per hour with an abortion every 37 seconds. More than 30% of all abortions are performed on black babies even as the black population is only 15% of all American citizens.

    If children survive to age 18 without completely losing their ability to think for themselves, schools will usually tax dollars to promote critical race theory and indoctrinate these children to hate their country, hate their history, and if they are white, to hate themselves.

    For decades, universities have been preaching and promoting abortion in order to formulate smaller families. Certain elements of our economy are having considerable trouble hiring for available jobs, yet the federal government pays people to stay home and not go to work. Corporations are fueling the immigration problems at our southern border in order to fill the demographic gaps in the labor market at a lower cost than with American labor. Thousands of unaccompanied minors are being brought a across the border to fill the gaps with cheap labor.

    In the United Nations Agenda 2030, goal number 3.8 requires affordable life-saving vaccines for all. That sounds pretty familiar doesn't it. The Biden administration is following the globalist agenda promoted by the World Economic Forum, the Vatican and the United Nations. There are more than just these few but the organization that is doing the most to promote the socialist agenda is the World Economic Forum which is headed by Klaus Schwab (no relation to Charles Schwab). We will be publishing an article on the subject very soon that will connect some dots. In the meantime, please be aware that the movement to give children the Covid-19 vaccine is less about science and more about control.

    The CDC is a corrupt criminal enterprise which has been completely overtaken by Marxists and globalists. They recently released guidelines for children's summer camps and said that children should wear masks at all times even outdoors, among other anti-science proclamations.

    So why is our medical profession so emphatic that children be vaccinated? Could it be that sterilization is the answer? Or is it simply to get the younger generation to accept annual injections when they seek employment, travel and other activities.

    Parents have been very vocal about the curriculum being taught to their children in public schools where they are taught that white privilege is racist. This has led to well-publicized pushback from parents against the education system. In North Carolina, an organization known as Education First Alliance is leading the charge against Critical Race Theory and its various elements including the teaching of the 1619 project which has been subjected to considerable negative publicity.

    The Biden administration is pushing for all Americans regardless of age to receive the Covid-19 vaccination. It is clear that this vaccine is part of the attempt to create a one world government dominated by world elitists and that the vaccine itself is a means toward total control of the US population. They need to take control over the portion of our total population that lives in rural areas because these people are independent by nature and are not willing to accept control by government. There are efforts underway to remove rural people from the land that they own and steal their wealth along with their independence. There are a number of wealthy types such as Bill Gates and George Soros as well as the Chinese who are buying up America's rural farmland. They think that Covid 19 is the ticket for them to achieve their aims.

    And who is the puppetmaster in the United States who is pushing the agenda that we have just eliminated? The answer is Dr. Anthony Fauci. Some people have compared Dr. Fauci to the German physician Dr. Joseph Mengele, who experimented with children.

    With all of the perils that our children face, it is incumbent upon all of us to fight for the survivability of the one thing that is the most precious to all of us, our children. The forces of evil are working overtime to fundamentally change the United States of America and push us into Socialism or Communism or both. If we are to overcome the challenges that we face, we will only be able to do it with a conservative government. We have identified the problem and we have identified the persons that are foisting this problem on our people and our children. Now it is time for us to rise up and fight back.

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