Want to Know the Origins of All Our Problems, The Answers May Be Here | Beaufort County Now | The Great Reset was voted on by the Central Banks in August 2019. Coincidentally the pandemic was rolled out following that vote. The destruction of small business was the goal behind this radically centralized system.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

When the coronavirus first came to public attention, we all felt that we were receiving correct information from our political leaders and our national health department. As time has progressed and information has come forward from further and more deep investigations, the veracity of the original information has now become less clear.

I have heard about a woman named Catherine Austin Fitts but had never checked out her website www.solari.com until today. When scanning over the homepage I noticed a picture of Ms. Fitts being interviewed by someone named Del Mathew Bigtree, whom I have never heard of. Out of curiosity I began to listen to the interview and discovered that Ms. Fitts seemed to be providing information that appeared to be authentic from my limited point of view. So, I listened to the interview and concluded that the answers that she was giving were worth submitting to all of you.

After the first preview, I wanted to check on interviewer, Mr. Bigtree since I had never heard of him before and I wanted to know something about him to include in this article as his background or bias could limit his credibility. His background is that he is a television and film producer as well as CEO of an Anti—VAX group known as Informed Consent Network. This group has expressed views that are unsubstantiated connecting the use of vaccines to autism. How he got into the online interview business is unknown but he asked Ms. Fitts intelligent questions and the subject of this interview had no relevance to his other activities.

I have to admit that I do not take shorthand and the information that I am going to provide below is but a portion of the overall interview, so I would suggest that you listen it in its entirety. After reading this article, use the information that you receive here to give you a sense of her answers.

The interview began by asking her what she means by central banks controlling the world. She answered that the central banking system is part of the Governance system which encompasses the banks, insurance and mortgage companies, among others. Interestingly she said that central banks print money and the military make sure that the people spend it. She explained that the central banks operated under what she called the warfare model. As you listen to the interview, she will detail how millions of dollars have been removed from the Central Banking System.

The end result of the manipulation of monetary and fiscal policy has led to the ultimate completion of a digital currency control system and operated by the central banks. The interview included a short video by a Bank of International Settlements representative who talks about using equivalents for cash. He says that the Central Bank will have absolute control and the means to enforce that control using technology. Central banks will issue their own crypto currencies. They will track your every transaction and know what you by when you buy it and how much of it you purchase. She calls this reengineering of the economy. In so doing this will destroy sovereign governments.

The Great Reset was voted on by the Central Banks in August 2019. Coincidentally the pandemic was rolled out following that vote. The destruction of small business was the goal behind this radically centralized system.

Ms. Fitts states very clearly that the Covid-19 was used to shut down and to drive small business out of business and make it impossible for them to reopen. Therefore the properties could be bought up for a fraction of their former value.

When asked about the rioting last summer, she pointed out that the cities in which the rioting took place, had a federal bank and opportunity zones. Most of us wondered why Mayors would want to defund the police with the burning and looting going on in their cities. Now we may know the answer to that question. The buildings can be torn down and used for low cost rental housing.

Another interesting question is about the job’s situation in this country. Most businesses and particularly restaurants talk about how understaffed they are. Most of us have been told that people are not working because they have a regular check from the government. What we now know is that the government was sending these checks out expressly for the purpose of keeping people away from working for a living in order to drive the small business industry out of business.

She was asked if the landgrab was over. Unfortunately, she stated that the landgrab has just begun. Her view about the surge in home sales is associated with the effort to drive up the prices of housing and lower the financial qualifications for purchasing a home. Then when the people that purchase these homes can’t keep them for financial reasons, then the houses will be sold at fire sale prices.

In a previous article, I wrote that Klaus Schwab, the Chairman of the World Economic Forum had been quoted as saying that with the Great Reset, you would own nothing and you would be happy.

I hope that the foregoing makes some sense to you and I encourage you to watch this 45-minute video because there’s a great deal more information in it than I have been able to put in this article. But I have to conclude with the obvious statement that what we are dealing with today with the refugees from the South and from Afghanistan plus the assault on the working men and women of this country under the guise of a pandemic, and so much more, that we must all conclude that our government has been working against us in order to further this steady march towards socialism and worse. We need to drive the socialists out of our schools and break open the federal education bureaucracy in favor of school choice and local and state control of our schools. We need to un-elect every single Democrat and all Rino Republicans in favor of constitutional elected officials. As Mark Levin has said, we the people need to fight like hell to save our country. I am ready, are you?

View Video: tube2.solari.com/videos/catherine-austin-fitts-the-highwire-with-del-bigtreejust-a-taste

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