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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Is This Just Raw Propaganda? Does it Usher in The Great Reset?

Generally speaking, most people are divided on whether or not Trump will run for reelection or whether he should run for reelection. They claim that he is losing his base because he has the COVID-19 virus hanging around his neck.
To support this conclusion, many of the reporters in question point to his being booed at the rally in Alabama as evidence. He suggestions that the COVID vaccine was good for the country, did this did not sell well in Alabama, any more than it did in Ohio and Georgia and elsewhere.

Of course, Trump replied that it was okay that they booed him because that shows that they have the freedoms to do so. He stated that he had taken the vaccine and if it did not work, the people would be the first to know.

The reports that have been used to justify the original conclusion have warned that catastrophic consequences of launching a mass vaccination program in the heat of a viral pandemic would be detrimental. The CDC has admitted that these vaccines have failed to stop people from getting sick and that a booster shot will be needed in the coming months following the initial vaccination. For a large number of other people, the definition of the term fully vaccinated is about to change and a large number of Americans will be on the outside looking in. This statement is attributed to a corrupt bureaucracy that is in the pockets of Big Pharma.

The reports mentioned stated that Trump had the opportunity to tell the truth which was that Operation Warp Speed was a mistake because thousands of people are still getting sick and hospitalized as well as dying after having been fully vaccinated.

Instead, these reporters claimed that Trump had wasted his time spinning lies about the vaccine and retelling old stories from previous speeches about his fleeting accomplishments while in office. “Fleeting Accomplishments?”
It is patently clear that the reporting from now until election day in November 2023 will be an effort to downplay the Trump accomplishments while in office and to continue their attempts to hang the virus around his political neck. They certainly will be able to tout the accomplishments of the Biden administration, especially given the critical reporting that we have seen from the national media so far.

It needs to be pointed out, which I’m sure you will never see in the media reporting, any mention of the prospect of infiltrators attending the rally and that it was actually them that was booing, not the president’s supporters. 
If you check the other Western countries, you will find that in France, guards stand at the entrance of supermarkets to make sure that those that enter show proper proof of vaccination. In Australia 24,000 students under the age of 18 were vaccinated in an arena without the consent of their parents. Three of those children have already died. Further, Australian citizens are prohibited from traveling more than a mile from their homes under the threat of arrest. Local officials are responsible for the decisions that have led to these actions, under the direction of the World Health Organization in cooperation with the World Economic Form.

The World Economic Forum has pleased upon the opportunity of COVID-19 to change the economic, political and social structure of the free world. They along with the United Nations, the British royal family, the Vatican, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund did not hide their excitement about the “opportunity” that the global pandemic would lead to the beginning of the Great Reset. Political actors such as those just mentioned want to exploit the circumstances of the virus for political, economic and social objectives. They see this as a precursor for future talks about the Fourth Industrial Revolution, smart cities and other societal changes, all of which were included in the objectives of U.N. Agenda 21 which is now U.N. Agenda 2030.

The reporting tells us that Trump failed to say anything to gain confidence that he has a plan to stop this medical tyranny from steamrolling into full-fledged, widespread, cross-the-board tyranny and that this was the cause of that reaction. In addition, Congressman Mo Brooks was also booed in his warm-up speech. He said people should stop looking in the rearview mirror and look ahead to the future to which the crowd chanted “fix it now“. The fact that so many political leaders seem blind to the urgency of the situation and the lateness of the hour, and don’t see that we can’t wait until 2024 or even 2022, should also send a message to the country.

The entirety of this article centers around propaganda then becomes a key because it conditions people to accept these drastic changes without any scrutiny or public debate because people are thinking this is all about antivirus and because people are scared. However, this is a very, very dangerous situation because a terrified population has extracted a huge opportunity for people with agendas that they may not agree with who have the power to realize and fulfill those agendas.

The virus is now becoming the means to usher in and drive society to vaccine passports, a digital ID system and social-credit scoring system similar to what’s used in China to keep people toeing the government line. All of these seem to revolve around a major restructuring of society, major redistribution of wealth, more and more control, and much less democracy.

If we the people are to take control of the future of this country, we need to build networks of like-minded patriots who understand the what is at stake and are willing to band together while we still can.

I got a message from a good friend of mine named who suggested that we as a people need to get our spiritual life in order and ask God to forgive our sins and heal our land, because without Him, we have no hope of turning this country around.

The time may not be too far off when we have limited access to commercial supermarkets and jobs. We may be reduced to barter and growing/gathering much of our own food.

In our next article, we will explore the role of the Mask and what that means to the societal changes that are coming our way.

God bless us if we have to rely on politicians.

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