No Right to Exist: Episode 4 - When Our Representatives are Wholly Unworthy | Eastern North Carolina Now | The leader of the wolfpack, of any herd, of any pride, and of any tribe is always an amalgamation of qualities that sets that animal or human above its peers, and, on rare occasion, the leader is not only the top teacher of how to better survive, but how to protect one another in desperate times.

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And yet, we always get the government we deserve.

    The leader of the wolfpack, of any herd, of any pride, and of any tribe is always an amalgamation of qualities that sets that animal or human above its peers, and, on rare occasion, the leader is not only the top teacher of how to better survive, but how to protect one another in desperate times. The leader is not only the top teacher of how to better survive, but how to protect one another in battle, as in life, there many battles. Only in this Representative Republic, is it possible to elect leaders who possess none of these traits that aid in our sustainability as a People bound together by a concept, by a document, and still survive, but at what cost?

    There is always a cost in that possible poor representation by our elected representatives, and often that cost is borne by future generations because in this World when the United States of America is teetering as the most powerful force on this planet, we are imbued by a rare privilege, where we currently do not pay for our political sins on an immediate basis; but rest very well assured, that payment will one day be due, and with great interest.

    This Republic of these states united has been born and buoyed by great wisdom and terrible sacrifice, the likes of which many living American citizens no nothing of, and moreover, have never experienced. Wallowing in some phantom pool of Victimhood as an "Oppressed" fool does not count as any measure worthy of discussion, irrespective of what is taught as indoctrinative reality by Leftists controlling the corrupt Corporate Media of Propagandists, or their collusive partner - the Democratic Socialist Party. What is real is that the wisdom and the blood sacrifice of our Founders, and the latter day fathers of our once good and bold greatness is but a distant memory in OUR collective consciousness, and that is an ill recipe for any fine table of promise to be set for future generations.

    When the greatest of calamities to be discussed by the propagandistic fools within the Democratic Socialist Media, and its associative party of non patriots is the Fake "Insurrection of January 6th", a calamitous event born from the foul marriage of mountainous lies built upon far too many corrupt deeds, for far too long, there is a cancer afoot, and the only way that the poor patient - our Representative Republic - will survive is for that disease to be cut out, and forever banished by a better people, a more righteous people, a far smarter people.

    That time is now! Ultimately, there are far too many evil entities taking up far too much spurious space upon our national stage of ideals, and it is most right, and far better truth that those terrible entities now have No Right to Exist.

    Publisher's note: The entirety of this series, "No Right to Exist", can be found here.

Should the precepts and political ideals of the "Green New Deal," and the 2 year Democratic Socialist politicization of Covid Response continue to take precedent over cogent economic foundational norms?
  Yes, we must save the planet, and we must take whatever measures necessary to control the populations of the World to do so.
  No, the People should continue to have the freedom to make the correct decisions, as afforded to US by God, guaranteed by the Constitution, and beyond all manner of Authoritarian control.
  I have no idea ... I don't read much of what is real.
342 total vote(s)     What's your Opinion?

After one full year of the Biden /Harris Administration: Does Joe Biden have the intellectual capacity, and, or the energy to lead the United States of America through the mess that he predominately created ... in just one year?
424 total vote(s)     What's your Opinion?

Do you consider Election Integrity an issue of some real importance, or just another conspiracy theory interfering with Democratic Socialist political hegemony?
  No, complete access to everyone voting, even in a willy nilly manner, is more important than getting it right by limiting access to those that would commit Voter Fraud.
  Yes, the most inalienable right of real citizens of this Democratic Republic is the Right to Vote, and that right shall remain sacrosanct for perpetuity.
  Again, I don't vote and I don't care.
336 total vote(s)     What's your Opinion?

Should Beaufort County's commissioners be resolved to ask the federal government to defend our Southern Border by ending the Biden /Harris Open Border policy in regards to that one border that is intentionally made wide OPEN?
  Yes, Illegal Migrants are a huge expense to local governments.
  No, the cost of Undocumented Immigrants is insignificant in our providing a pathway for Dramatic Demographic Upheaval..
  I do not care about important issues since I only consider my own pleasures.
529 total vote(s)     What's your Opinion?

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