Resolution Redux (December 6, 2021): In Defense of Defending our Sovereign Southern Border | Eastern North Carolina Now | The Beaufort County Commissioners will get another bite at the patriotic apple, a fruit they far too often hold in great disdain, to pass this necessary resolution.

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    On December 6, 2021, the Beaufort County Commissioners will get another bite at the patriotic apple, a fruit they far too often hold in great disdain, to pass this necessary resolution to Defend OUR Sovereign Southern Border.

  • The commissioners did get that bite at the "patriotic apple" once again - December 6, 2021 - and failed miserably, where this time they actually defended their position not to act on this timely resolution defending an issue that is arguably the most important, long term, to effect our Republic in this century. Just wait until it may be too late to correct this incredibly impossible and terrible future history of this Constitutional Republic.
  • The post below is a from an earlier post, with the words added (from the December 6th meeting), in italics /emboldened spoken by the presenting commissioner - Stan Deatherage. Soon, a segmented representation of this issue will be shown on BCN allowing, with the accompanying post, full transparency on this issue to the public at large, who actually care to be informed.

    The original resolution was provided for passage to the Beaufort County Commissioners on November 1, 2021, which failed to pass by a 3 to 3 vote, with nominal Republican John Rebholz voting with the two Democratic Socialist commissioners. Nominal Republican Franky Waters did not attend that general meeting of the Beaufort County Commissioners.

    An issue not mentioned in the resolution, but not superfluous to this discussion as to the proof of the ascribed motive of the Democratic Socialists' non patriotic plan to enact "Dramatic Demographic Upheaval" in this Representative Republic, where we democratically elect our representatives that govern us. That issue was made paramount when the Democratic Socialist majority in the US House of Representatives attempted to unconstitutionally grant full amnesty to nearly 10 million Illegals by passing their Marxist multi trillion dollar spending package, by a simple majority vote in the "Reconciliation" process ... until, the non partisan House Parliamentarian put a stop to this fully non patriotic behavior because it simply did not comport with the Parliamentary Rules of the People's House. Obviously, dishonest, non patriot people must be well watched.


    While I have long known these salient truths about Democratic Socialists, due my vast political /governing experience, I am nonetheless always incensed by their non patriot endeavors, made intolerably worse when Nominal Republicans wax bipartisan to reach across the isle to show their non patriot core. This intolerable behavior occurs far too often by the politically coddled nominal Republicans, acting as interlopers here in Beaufort County, and far too often governing as bipartisan fools.

In Defense of Defending our Sovereign Southern Border

    Whereas, it is the sworn duty of the Executive Branch to defend our sovereign Southern Border, and to remain vigilant in that charge just as our Republic's North Border with Canada is alternately being now enforced, and,
      Abridged (for incurious "bipartisan" commissioners - 120621): US border policy should become consistent for all borders - north and south;

    Whereas, the previous Trump Administration did vigorously enforce the defense of the Southern Border, even while beleaguered by the Fake Russia Collusion Investigation, and the restriction of proper funding by an unrelenting Open Border Democratic Socialist controlled House of Representatives from which funding originates, and,
      Abridged (for incurious "bipartisan" commissioners - 120621): The Trump Administration did defend the Southern Border, even with a belligerent congress cutting funding for the defense of that Southern Border;

    Whereas, the Biden /Harris Administration did enact a series of new Open Border initiatives immediately after taking office as a means to fulfill their campaign promises for an Open Border policy on the Southern Border, not least of which: Unconstitutionally ending the Trump era Remain in Mexico Agreement with Mexico regarding the Fake Asylum Conundrum, which is mostly a Democratic Socialist planned process for the appearance of a "more legal" entry within their Open Southern Border policy, and,
      Abridged (for incurious "bipartisan" commissioners - 120621): The Biden /Harris Administration did create a plethora of incentives to circumvent the enforcement of the Southern Border, in favor of their preferred "Dramatic Demographic Upheaval" in our Republic going forward;

    Whereas, the Biden /Harris Administration has actively imported Covid from around the World across OUR Open Southern Border, while alternately resettling 2 million Illegal Migrants (to this date in 2021), and in some groups the Covid infection rate of Illegal Migrants is excess of 20%, as they transport those migrants here illegally into our unsuspecting Heartland in the dead of night, employing both military and commercial transport, and,
      Abridged (for incurious "bipartisan" commissioners - 120621): The Biden /Harris Administration is importing Covid, via Illegal Migrants, into our Heartland at an excessive rate;

    Whereas, an estimated 2.3 million of known Illegal Migrants are projected to violate OUR Southern Border, creating a projected estimate of 4.8 million Illegal Migrants, including the "Gotaways", mostly into the core of our Heartland; where the planned and promised Biden /Harris Resettlement Plan to enact "Dramatic Demographic Upheaval" is the exemplified manifestation of the Democratic Socialists' fervent affront to OUR democratic representation within this Constitutional Republic, and,
      Abridged (for incurious "bipartisan" commissioners - 120621): The Biden /Harris Administration is importing Illegal Migrants into our Heartland at an incredible rate to effect "Dramatic Demographic Upheaval";

    Whereas, The Southern Border spanning the borders of 4 states have been accurately described as "our nation's largest crime scene", where the Illegals, the coercive force of the Biden /Harris Resettlement Plan, are aided in this sorry multi layered endeavor by the Narcotics and Human Trafficking Cartels of Mexico; while in the working hand-in-glove with the Biden /Harris Administration, now grow richer and more powerful to commit the evil acts to distribute massive unprecedented quantities of the deadly narcotic Fentanyl, while introducing human trafficking, and even terrorists into these United States of OUR America, and,
      Abridged (for incurious "bipartisan" commissioners - 120621): The Biden /Harris Administration has created a spurious relationship with the Narcotics and Human Trafficking Cartels of Mexico to achieve their desired Resettlement Plan;

    Whereas, Border States, such as Texas, have intensely and terribly been affected by the full frontal assault by the Biden /Harris Resettlement Plan of immediate action, and that a rightly reactive Texas Government has now called upon their National Guard to enforce state and federal border laws to stem this planned invasion, and in the complete absence of any real consistent federal enforcement, which is now their state and federal constitutional /sovereign right to do so, and,
      Abridged (for incurious "bipartisan" commissioners - 120621): The Border States should have the privilege to defend their borders with Mexico, and should have our qualified support for that constitutional right;

    Whereas, the extra-political Merrick Garland Department of Justice (DOJ) is in negotiations to Sue Settle to achieve a politically convenient settlement, with the full backing of the Biden /Harris Administration to the mammoth benefit of people here within our borders illegally, who were inconveniently separated at the Southern Border, who now could be awarded sums of American dollars in excess of $400,000.00 per person, which would achieve yet another monumental incentive for the Democratic Socialists' Biden /Harris Resettlement Plan to continue and fulfill their collective dream of "Dramatic Demographic Upheaval", and,
      Abridged (for incurious "bipartisan" commissioners - 120621): Recognize that a politically expedient Sue /Settle award is in the works for an estimated 400,000.00 of our citizen's money to so described "Separated Illegals", and we find that wrongful;

    Whereas, Illegal Immigration is a mammoth long term cost to local governments; both state and county governments, who are forced to pay the bulk of the public's money for the necessary infrastructure to accommodate for the caring for these Illegal Migrants resettled in states such as North Carolina, which is tacitly now just another border state in the Heartland, therefore,
      Abridged (for incurious "bipartisan" commissioners - 120621): The end result of the Resettlement Plan is that it will eventually cost local taxpayers on so many levels;

    Let it be Resolved: It is an incumbent necessity for local governments to be aware of the severe consequences of the Biden /Harris Resettlement Plan to Enact "Dramatic Demographic Upheaval", and to know that they may seek constitutional remedy to "Defend OUR Sovereign Southern Border", thereby reversing Biden /Harris Plan to purposefully and forever change, or destroy OUR Constitutional Republic.
      Abridged (for incurious "bipartisan" commissioners - 120621): That we are aware of the purpose of the Resettlement Plan and we ask for constitutional remedy to protect our local constituents;

Written by Beaufort County Commissioner Stan Deatherage for passage by the Beaufort County Commissioners on December 6, 2021 to distribute to all responsible parties.


Words Spoken - 120621 Commissioners' General Meeting - Commissioner Stan Deatherage

In Defense of Defending our Sovereign Southern Border

    The purpose of this resolution is to register with all responsible parties our great displeasure regarding the Southern Border left Wide Open at a great current and future cost to our constituents.

    Understanding that all politics is local, I offer this resolution to effect a far better and more responsibly proper governing perspective.

    I will NOT read this revised resolution regarding this most serious situation, but I will, however, offer this abridged perspective of the resolution as per article, but with less context.

    Publisher's note: If you are interested in our Archive of the Beaufort County Commissioners' General Meetings can be found here in this aforementioned enhanced format.

    Additionally, if you wish to catch up on some of the most important Beaufort County Commissioners meeting of 2019 through 2022, click here.

Should Beaufort County's commissioners be resolved to ask the federal government to defend our Southern Border by ending the Biden /Harris Open Border policy in regards to that one border that is intentionally made wide OPEN?
  Yes, Illegal Migrants are a huge expense to local governments.
  No, the cost of Undocumented Immigrants is insignificant in our providing a pathway for Dramatic Demographic Upheaval..
  I do not care about important issues since I only consider my own pleasures.
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