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    Acquitted teenager Kyle Rittenhouse has been fully reinstated on the social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, after being banned by Big Tech until last month amidst his trial.

    The teen on Monday confirmed his new accounts on the platforms during a conversation on Blaze Media's "You Are Here."

    "To put a stop to all the fake #KyleRittenhouse social media accounts. Kyle now has official Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter accounts," an account for Rittenhouse's legal fund wrote. "Instagram has been verified and is now live."

    "Yes and you can follow me on Facebook @ThisIsKyleRittenhouse," the 18-year-old confirmed.

    In his first post on Instagram, Rittenhouse published a video of himself with his service dog Milo. It was revealed during the trial that the teenager suffers from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) since the night he was attacked in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last year. At the time of the trial, he said he was still in therapy.

    "Kyle's best friend is his service dog, Milo," the post is captioned. "Kyle and Milo first met on a cold, snowy day in January - they have been inseparable ever since."

    "For nearly a year, Milo has been a source of unconditional love, strength and security for Kyle," it reads. "This is the day they met."

    Rittenhouse was acquitted by a jury last month on all charges against him related to the deadly riot.

    Appearing in a teaser clip for a documentary from Fox News host Tucker Carlson, the teen said immediately following the acquittal that the jury "reached the right verdict."

    "Self-defense is not illegal, and I believe they came to the correct verdict, and I'm glad that everything went well. ... It's been a rough journey, but we made it through it," he told the camera crew. "We made it through the hard part."

    He also revealed that he has nightmares about the incident, The Daily Wire reported:

    "It's the stuff that keeps you up at night, like once you do get to sleep, your dreams are about what happened and you're waking up in a dark cold sweat," the teenager revealed to Carlson's crew.

    Rittenhouse said he has dreams about the deadly night "every single night."

    "It's quite scary actually, because the dreams feel so real. And they're not the same at all, they're all different. They're the different scenarios that run through your heard during the day, like, what could have happened," he detailed.

    "I'm alive, but what could have happened, like what if I wasn't alive, or what if I did let Mr. Rosenbaum steal my gun? It's those types of dreams ... almost every outcome is either me getting seriously injured or hurt or dead. Those are just the dreams I have on a daily basis."

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