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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

By Michael Walsh

There’s a famous story about the 11th-century King Canute of England, in which in front of his courtiers he commanded the tides to stop—and yet they kept on rolling. This likely apocryphal anecdote is generally misrepresented as illustrating the monarch’s presumptuous folly in thinking his writ could control the elements, but in fact it proved exactly the opposite: there are some things beyond the powers of secular authority, Nature among them.

Flash forward a millennium. As we enter year three of “two weeks to flatten the curve” and “fifteen days to slow the spread,” where do we stand in Dr. Anthony Fauci’s quixotic battle against the CCP virus, aka COVID-19, aka Omicron? And the answer is, about as well as Canute, but without the king’s self-knowledge.

The simple truth is that as long as Fauci is permitted his unconstitutional sway over American public policy, his mandates will never, ever, ever, ever stop. The only tool this undistinguished career bureaucrat has in his arsenal is a hammer, and you are his nails. No matter how erratic or contradictory his advice has been, the fact that COVID is still among us is your fault. Therefore, the punitive ukases will continue until moral improves.

You masked when you shouldn’t have and unmasked too soon, or didn’t mask at all. You gamely lined up for the first “vaccine” shots when the left decried them because they were developed under the hated Donald Trump. And then you became vaccine-hesitant—and thus an Enemy of the People—as soon as it became clear that they didn’t work as advertised.

Further, your pitiful attempts to selfishly salvage your puny livelihoods was an offense against the health of the American public—and, after all, what could possibly be more important than health?


Certainly not your children’s education. Certainly not the formerly booming American economy, including energy independence, that long-sought bipartisan goal that became reality under the hated Trump. And certainly not the Bill of Rights, including free speech, free assembly, and freedom of religion. Only Fauci, the Great and Powerful Oz of the 21st century, seems to have noticed the asterisk the Founders wrote into the constitution in invisible ink, which allows him to nullify the entire document in case of a bad chest cold anywhere in the land.

To question Fauci was to question the goddess Science herself, the highest deity in the atheists’ pantheon because, as the saying goes: when you’ve got your health, you’ve got everything.

Case in point, the Omicron “variant,” a virus that has spread far and wide with almost no adverse consequences and now, as viruses do at the end of their lifespans, is fading from the scene. But Fauci long ago adjusted his algorithms to arbitrarily downplay actual deaths from COVID in favor of “cases.” With its high survival rate, COVID even from the outset posed little or no mortal danger to the vast majority (99.8+ percent) of the earth’s population. But by substituting “cases” the hullabaloo could be hyped even more, the alleged danger blown out of all proportion, deaths with COVID conflated with deaths from COVID… and then:

The national security state, institutionalized after 9/11 by the Bush administration to its eternal shame, gradually merged with the medico-tyrannical state, to produce the artificial atmosphere of fear and loathing Americans have come to know so well: shot cards, QR codes, PCR tests, vaccine passports, the works. And elsewhere, riots, police truncheons, concentration camps—all coming to a country near you if this madness is not stopped.

Now comes Fauci advocating the next logical step in his crazed determination to “vaccinate” every man, woman, and child in America, even if it kills all of us. With the failure of the vaccines to prevent infection (or, frankly, to do much of anything at all, other than necessitate more shots), Canute/Fauci is doubling down on his long-held fantasy that people who demonstrably are not sick are nonetheless still a threat to “public health.”

The monarch of all he surveys is now floating the idea of requiring—under what authority?—a negative COVID test to accompany a mandatory five-day self-isolation period for those who test positive for Omicron but show no symptoms. The CDC recently lowered the quarantine period for such reprobates from ten days to five, bringing on pushback… from “health officials” who adamantly oppose any lessening of restrictions, of course.

What Fauci floats, however, has a funny way of becoming pungent reality, especially given his mania for more “testing”—as if testing could somehow ameliorate things, rather than simply hand the government your name, address and phone number for future reference. Especially now as—miraculously!—the news media breathlessly reports stories of the incredible comeback of the seasonal flu (driven nearly to extinction by the Dreaded COVID last year) and warning that it’s hard to distinguish between Omicron and the flu.

May be an image of text that says 'You gave them 15 days, they took 18 months of your life. You complied w/ masks -they wanted a shot. You complied w/ shots-they wanted a booster. What you didn't know was every time you complied w/ tyranny you gave away part of your soul, & this won't end until you say it does.'

May be an image of 1 person, standing and text that says '"There's a very firm psychological reason why the catch phrase of the day is "follow the science" and not "confirm the science", "validate the science", "debate the science" or "replicate the science". Science is never settled or followed unless evil is trying to set a trap for the public...." Jason Christoff'

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