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We all know that reality can be stranger than fiction.  The national COVID shutdown, abandoning, Afghanistan, shutting off our own oil supply.  It is a strange world with some very strange people.

The February Beaufort County Commissioners meeting produced a complaint during the public comments period that I found to be astounding.  Dot Moate, a Washington NC wag, complained to the Board that they were allowing me to place items on the Agenda; that I was abusive because I was placing too many items on the agenda.

Dot Moat claims to have been a public official in some far away place like Washington or Oregon State.  She has on several occasions proffered her vast government experience because of her past office holding.

I suddenly realized that I had put up with this Cockle burr far too long by ignoring her un-founded, silly arguments and complaints.  Dot Moat is one of those retirees who has nothing to do but stick her nose in other people’s business.  Mainly people she does not like. 

Dot Moate is very liberal. She is a registered Republican and has hovered around the Beaufort County Republican Executive Committee for years.  Doing things like organizing against Stan Deatherage and myself. 

Knowing Dot Moat as I do, I am aware that I can never explain to her what county commissioners do but here is a try.  Commissioners have a fiduciary duty to protect the assets of county government.  That is to see that all moneys are spent properly…that employees are honest.  That cannot be accomplished without presenting issues for public discussion.  Commissioners are supposed to be independent and inquiring.  County commissioners should handle the business of the public and government in open (not secret) meetings.

Over the years Dot Moat has shown her disdain for conservatives in many ways.  She reminds me of the untrained pup, always at your heels, with you maneuvering not to step on it.

Dot Moat, stop embarrassing yourself.  In most cases, if you will keep quiet, people will not be aware of how uninformed and liberal you really are.

If Dot Moate were as effective as she thinks she is, the bird of paradise would nest in her living room.

Yes, I thought about not publishing this.  Yes, it is probably petty.  But Dot Moate has had 20 years of petty back stabbing, maybe I am entitled to just one day of observation. 


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( March 7th, 2022 @ 7:27 am )
I too have observed Dot Moate, and what I see is a Chamber of Commerce like spirit, where there is an approved plan for an approved group, and, when approved, they all pull together down an approved path, and do what is right for that approved community, however ...

If, by that perfect approval within this association of like minded "community" spirits, tens of millions of the public's money is squandered; certain businesses, or public servants are blackballed, some shuttered, because of their intense lack of mediocrity, then: "Oh well, it was still for the best approved purpose, employing all approved measures, for all that reached approval of The Plan," which proves one thing rightly and well: An abject position of no original thought, while approved, is a very dangerous thing; it deadens the real community of those who strive to understand solely what is real.

Observed for decades, recorded for posterity, and understood well by this individual of cognitive originality, as well as the many others within the disapproved masses of the real People of Beaufort County and far beyond these borders.

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