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US Senator Thom Tillis from North Carolina told CNN today that he will likely vote for Democrat bill to codify same-sex marriage.



Here’s a transcript of the exchange:

CNN MANU RAJU: Democrats are talking about bringing up a bill to codify same-sex marriage. Would you vote for that?

SEN. THOM TILLIS: I’m looking at the bill and I probably will.

Democrats are pretending that same-sex marriage rights are under attack by the Supreme Court because Clarence Thomas said that decision was wrongly decided, just like Roe v Wade, and he’d like a chance to correct the error. But Alito made clear the decision to reverse Roe v Wade was only about abortion and would not extend to other cases like same-sex marriage.

Even Ted Cruz suggested in a recent podcast that while he agrees with Clarence Thomas, he doesn’t think this court has the stomach to do anything that would undo same-sex marriage in this country.

In other words this is just a phony ‘crisis’ because the left now thinks the court is a ‘threat to democracy’ or something. And it looks like McConnell squishes like Thom Tillis are going to fall for it.

UPDATE: I was out yesterday for much of the day and didn’t realize this just passed the House with the support of nearly 50 Republicans. Geez.

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( July 22nd, 2022 @ 6:49 am )
In the past, I have rationalized that Tillis was the lesser of the evils and cast a vote for him without much enthusiasm. Now there are just too many things he is stabbing NC Republicans in the back on. I will not do that any more. I should have realized that the lesser of the evils is still evil, and in Tillis' case extremely evil. There is little real difference between having a fake Republican senator like Tillis and having a Democrat. Damn the difference.

The thought that Tillis has ambitions to be governor is downright scary. No way in hell I would ever consider voting for that.
( July 21st, 2022 @ 4:24 pm )
In the House, NONE of our Republican congressmen from NC voted for this gay marriage bill. Tillis would be out of step with NC Republicans in the House if he voted for it, but this would not be the first time Tillis did that.
( July 21st, 2022 @ 12:34 pm )
Just as he did on the big spending and inflation inducing so-called Infrastructure bill, Tillis is supporting the Democrat and Biden agenda against that of North Carolina Republican voters. Tillis makes Benedict Arnold look loyal to his cause. In this case, North Carolina voters in a Constitutional referendum voted decisively to oppose homosexual marriage. Tillis is going with the national progressive Democrat agenda against what the voters of his own state have clearly shown what they want. Tillis might as well join "the Squad" as his ideology is similar to theirs. I have held my nose to vote for Tillis in the past, knowing he was not a solid Republican. I will never make that mistake in the future. I wish I could take back my vote for him in the last election. Tillis has turned out to vote more like a Democrat than a Republican.
( July 21st, 2022 @ 10:45 am )
Tillis is voting for federal overreach into an area that is in the purview of the states on this issue, to curry favor with the homosexuals. However even in areas that the federal government is responsible for, Tillis is a disaster. Take illegal immigration, for example. Tillis was all over the landscape concerning the border wall, opposing it before he was for it, and now who knows where he stands. Tillis is currently colluding with two Democrats and another RINO in a Senate "gang" that wants to try to bring an amnesty bill for illegal aliens to the floor before Democrats lose control of Congress. NEVER TILLIS.
( July 21st, 2022 @ 10:12 am )
Tillis just continues to vote for items that are not Constitutional a given right of the United States. No where in the Constitution does it even have the word marriage. Since it is not a right of the United States, it has always been a states right and any federal law about marriage is in violation of the US Constitution.
( July 21st, 2022 @ 9:25 am )
Tillis really makes you wonder which bathroom he uses and what his personal pronouns are. This is not Tillis' first rodeo on LGBTQ/STD radicalism. Tillis actually made a trip down to Raleigh to pressure state legislators to repeal NC's bathroom privacy law, HB2. If Tillis is the nominee for any office, I will leave that race blank on my ballot unless there is a convenient third party candidate to cast a protest vote for. I will certainly never vote for Tillis for anything.
( July 21st, 2022 @ 8:35 am )
Tillis is a Biden Republican and needs to be primaried out of office. He is also pushing amnesty for illegal aliens and voted for gun control. Tillis voted for too much Biden spending like the fake "infrastructure" bill that raised taxes on the middle class and whose spending has helped fuel inflation. Tillis has voted to confirm way too many of Biden's radical appointees. Thom Tillis is absolutely unacceptable as a US Senator.

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