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By Paul ‘Skip’ Stam
Christian Action League
August 26, 2022

Just how extreme is Josh Stein? Josh Stein has been our Attorney General since 2017 and has been running since then for Governor in 2024.

In 2011 Senator Stein voted against the “Woman’s Right to Know” law. It required a 24-hour waiting period and the informed consent of a woman. S.L. 2011-405.

In 2013 Josh Stein voted against instruction in school health education on the preventable causes, including induced abortion, of preterm birth and extremely low birth weight in subsequent pregnancies. S.L. 2013-307. This is important information for teenagers because preterm birth and extremely low weight births are directly associated with stillbirth and cerebral palsy for subsequent children.

In 2013 Gubernatorial Aspirant Stein voted against requiring a doctor to be present at an abortion!!! He also voted against conscience protections for health care providers. Only doctors and nurses were previously covered. And he voted to have taxpayers pay for purely elective abortions. S.L. 2013-366.

At the start of 2017, Josh Stein was no longer state senator but was the Attorney General. (He had prematurely resigned as Senator in March 2016 so that he could avoid the impending vote on House Bill 2.)

Unborn child at 17 weeks

Abortionists sued in the fall of 2016 to be allowed to commit abortions after 20 weeks gestation. The law protecting unborn children after 20- weeks was in effect for 3 1/3 years (Jan 2016 – May 2019) and almost no such abortions were reported. Attorney General Stein “recused” himself when he became Attorney General. He had his professional minions take the case. They lost on the question of “standing” in the Fourth Circuit when they only raised the issue of “standing.”

After Dobbs was decided on June 24, 2022, he loudly condemned the decision of the US Supreme Court overruling Roe v. Wade. He raised money based upon his vociferous opposition to any protection for innocent preborn human lives. His minions, taking their cue from his July 23rd Tweet, then filed a brief in Federal District Court opposing reinstatement of the 20-week protection for babies, claiming it would be “too confusing” and stating that the position of the General Assembly that this protection for late term children should be reinstated, was irrelevant.

Unborn child at 25 weeks

The July 23rd Tweet by Gubernatorial aspirant Stein, “Breaking: The NC Department of Justice will not move to have the injunction lifted in Bryant v. Woodall. My office will not take action that would restrict women’s ability to make their own reproductive health care decisions.” How is that for an Attorney General who claims he has “recused” himself?

Every day the Democratic Attorneys General Association sends a fundraising e-mail denying protection for unborn children, and supporting abortion for any reason, anytime, anywhere, paid by the taxpayers. DAGA never mentions the unborn child. Just yesterday DAGA was celebrating dangerous mail order abortion pills which are available due to Biden’s new FDA protocol. Why are they dangerous? Without an examination, including an ultrasound, the abortionist has no way of knowing if the embryo is in the fallopian tube. If not, this is an extremely serious medical situation for the mother.

Josh Stein never mentions an unborn child. Does she exist in his vocabulary or even in his mind? Has he seen an ultrasound of 22-week unborn children that his official actions allow to be destroyed?

Here’s a good summary of his work as AG: click here

Paul “Skip” Stam practices law in Apex, North Carolina. He served for 10 years as House Speaker Pro Tempore. For further information see www.paulstam.info.

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( August 27th, 2022 @ 6:43 pm )
Josh Stein is a radical leftist on a wide range of issues, not just on abortion. He was a squadie before the squad was cool. Sometimes I wonder if he shortened the family name from FrankenStein.

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