Deadpan Masterpiece: What Stars From Rogan To Navratilova Say About ‘What Is A Woman?’ | Eastern North Carolina Now | Woke Hollywood is going gaga over a movie about a gay cannibal, but for normal people, one of the summer’s biggest hits is a documentary that began with a simple question: “What is a Woman?”

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    Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of the The Daily Wire. The author of this post is Greg Wilson.

    Woke Hollywood is going gaga over a movie about a gay cannibal, but for normal people, one of the summer's biggest hits is a documentary that began with a simple question: "What is a Woman?"

    The Daily Wire film, which features Matt Walsh stumping a parade of radical gender theory activists with the biological softball, has luminaries from podcast king Joe Rogan to tennis legend Martina Navratilova raving. Some called it terrifying, some called it hilarious and still others said it was both.

    "You gotta watch it," gushed Rogan. "It's wild. It's Matt Walsh, this right-wing guy. He has the best deadpan in the f***ing business. All he's doing with these people is asking questions. He's not making assumptions. He's not being confrontational. It's crazy."

    Fellow podcaster, Turning Point USA leader, and Newsmax host Benny Johnson said the movie left him "stunned."

    "It blows any political documentary I've ever seen out of the water," Johnson said. "Rips the bark off the entire gender ideology movement in one stroke."

    Conservative commentator Jack Posobiec, who hosts the Human Events Daily podcast, called the documentary "legitimately one of the funniest things I have seen in a long while."

    In the film, Walsh spans the globe asking the question contained in the title. But it's in the salons and offices of "gender-affirming" therapists, sex-change surgeons, and professors steeped in the new radical gender theory that he encounters hostility and confusion. None can provide a coherent definition, and regard the question itself as hostile.

    "Extremely well done and a must-watch," wrote podcaster Tim Pool. "I couldnt [sic] believe what some of these 'experts' were saying."

    New York Post journalist Miranda Devine, author of "Laptop from Hell," the book that blows the lid off of Hunter Biden's sordid and potentially corrupt relationships with prostitutes and foreign operatives, called "What is a Woman?" a "great movie."

    "The common thread with these automatons is that they don't believe in objective truth and reality," Devine wrote. "Everything is relative. 'My Truth' vs. 'Your Truth.' Mass psychosis for the purpose of legitimizing lies."

    Navratilova, the Czech-born lesbian who dominated women's tennis in the 1980s with four Grand Slam singles titles but is now held in contempt by much of the LGBTQ world for her refusal to embrace radical gender theory, was shocked that one of the interviews in the movie wasn't parody.

    "This is not a parody?!? Yikes..." she wrote.

    The film includes a poignant and heartbreaking interview with Scott Newgent, a trans man who describes how a sex change failed and had devastating health consequences. Newgent is now on a mission to stop the pro-trans community from hurting confused children with chemical and surgical procedures that permanently damage their bodies.

    "I believe it's healing me in many ways," Newgent said of the film. "It feels like the earth opened up and said, 'We see you; what happened to you is wrong; we see the pain.'"

    Blaze Media talk show host Steve Deace called "What is a Woman?" a "masterpiece" and a "weapon of mass destruction" in the culture war.

    "[It's] funny, but also serious when it needs to be," Deace wrote. "Sobering, too, because you clearly see cannot share a culture with this demonic nihilistic insanity."

    Former "Saturday Night Live" star and comic movie actor Rob Schneider said the film would have been seen as a joke just a decade ago.

    "Now it is a significant and important work," said Schneider, a rare Hollywood conservative who has starred in more than 50 films.

    Conservative commentator Allie Beth Stuckey called the documentary a "must watch."

    "Compelling, funny, terrifying but hopeful," she wrote. "Per usual, Matt makes you laugh while making you think. Can't recommend enough."

    Chaya Raichik, the woman behind the wildly popular Twitter account "Libs of TikTok," which simply spotlights the antics of often-deranged leftists by reporting their own videos, recommended the film.

    "Shocking stuff and really humorous," she wrote. "You do not want to miss this."

    British rapper, author, and podcaster Nzube Olisaebuka Udezue, known as "Zuby" to his nearly 1 million Twitter followers, found the film to be an emotional and cultural roller coaster.

    "It's simultaneously interesting, amusing, and absolutely terrifying," he wrote. "Highly recommend checking it out."
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