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Publisher's Note: This new series, from The Correspondent, will be an evolving fixture here on Eastern NC NOW, so keep your visits on a frequent basis, and we will keep you full of even a greater variety of knowledge.

    Twenty years now
    Where'd they go?
    Twenty years
    I don't know
    I sit and I wonder sometimes
    Where they've gone
    And sometimes late at night
    Oh, when I'm bathed in the firelight
    The moon comes callin' a ghostly white
    And I recall
    I recall
    - Bob Seger

The Correspondent and The Colonel consult, November 28, 1999, Vucitrn, Kosovo: Above.     Click image to enlarge.

    With the fate of all mankind hanging in the balance in the weeks before General Winter arrives -- highlighted by a stunning Russian counter-offensive that rolls the Ukies back across the frontier -- and the Colonist election day a scant couple weeks off, we are humbled to share a few thoughts via the symbiotic network.

    Everybody stressed, everybody worried: inflation, nuclear war, food shortages, urban violence, etc. They walk around with stomachs in knots, minds racing, or idling, depending on this month's prescription. Would love to tell you things are about to get better -- but they aren't.

    In fact things are about to get very bad. But surely, you don't spend time worrying about this stuff.

    Regardless, you are in luck. For once again, we will return to yesteryear and round up the usual suspects. In the meantime, as we reconnect across the pond with the River House crowd, we are reminded it is football season in America. Specifically, college football.

    Unfortunately, this late in the season the true football handicapping talent is previously engaged. We go deep into the Firm's bench to find Farnell, a local eastern North Carolina scribe of dubious literary capacity -- but with some skill in divining those point spread winners.

    In fact, Farnell ran the table in March Madness and apparently is off to a hot start this season. As luck, good, bad or indifferent would have it, a flash signal from Sterling advises the Firm approves copy below from the old state college prat.

    We urge your patience in this endeavour as the pathway to college football wagering success is revealed. Farnell a bit quirky at times with the scribbling but he does pick winners. His first selection for this stanza below, next week, he advises, will be another winner and a discussion of the Belarus air-defence integration matrix.


TEXAS ( - six and the hook ) @ OKLAHOMA STATE 3.30 pm EDT

    Wagering success in college football is predicated upon solid money management skills factored by successful selections versus The Man's handicapping "Line" he publishes each week. In the game listed above (with the winning selection below) the Texas Longhorns are favoured by six and a half points (the hook is the half point in jargon terms). This means that for wagering purposes those playing the Oklahoma State Cowboys will add six and a half points to their final total. In other words, Texas must win by at least 7 points for Texas backers to collect.

    In the college game it is easy to get caught up on individual players and such but this game much different than pro football. You are wagering on programmes and coaches here. Also realize The Man does not attempt to handicap the eventual outcome of the game with his number. All he wants to do is balance his action because the punter in the States must lay 11 to win 10. And for that penalty he or she is rewarded with the ability to take any side of any game on the board. On a good week there will be at least 40 plus contests and even The Man can't know them all.

    But we know a few programmes and one of them is Texas. There is still a lot of money (well, currency actually, but that another discussion for another time) in Texas and there has been so much Texas Longhorn money out there this week -- the boys in the ten gallon hats have steamed the line from an opening number of three to the current spot.

    That is a huge move.

    Boone Pickens Stadium provides a strong home field edge for the Cowboys beyond the traditional three point advantage. People in Texas despise the state of Oklahoma and are loud about it. Any time Texas plays in Oklahoma (which is rare as the Texas - Oklahoma game played each year in Dallas at the State Fair since 19 and thirty-two) it is a huge deal for the locals.

    Sort of like how ECU feels when they finally get State College or Carolina in Greenville. it will be that kind of atmosphere in a very high-scoring shootout. Don't tell anybody. but Oklahoma State the better team and thus getting points at home against a huge rival is a strong play -- you can hit it with gusto.

    Our call here is Oklahoma State ( + six and the hook ) as The Man has the wrong team favoured:

OKLAHOMA STATE 56  •  TEXAS Littlehorns 38

    They will be freezing in Kiev this weekend as Putin increases pressure on the West, but in Stillwater peeps will be burning down the house -- while the talking heads in DC lead us down the path to doom...

    Oh well, it happens.
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