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For too many in GOP power positions the issue was holding on to those positions rather creating a true Red Wave


By:  Hood Richardson

Conservative Republicans are certainly proud of our local and state success in the November elections.  The 2022 elections are not, however as close to the success they should have been.  Nationally we did very poorly.  At this writing we may not have a majority in the US Senate.  We will not have the sixty votes to kill a liberal filibuster.  We will have a very thin margin in the US House of Representatives.

Nationally, and locally, Republicans could not have asked for better issues.  We have inflation, the southern border invasion, the lunacy of global warming, gasoline prices, government giveaways in student loans, and welfare, federal heavy hands-on education, the Trump abuse, crime, cleaning up election procedures and cleaning up a corrupt FBI.  On and on these issues go.  Overall, the Democrats had a sorry gaggle of candidates.  There is no better example than Fetterman in Pennsylvania.  So, what happened?

The answer is game playing by Republican leadership from the county level to the federal level.  The core of the Republican leadership strategy was to defeat Donald Trump on the national level and to defeat conservatives (Trumpers) on local levels.  It started in the primaries with efforts to install right wing candidates in Democrat dominated districts.  Republican Party leaders had little control over this because the public was demanding change.  Taking the nation as a whole, after the primaries, we had solidly conservative Republican candidates opposing the liberal Democrats.  This sounds like a winning combination.  Rank and file conservative Republicans thought so.

What happened?  The National Republican leadership did not like this arrangement because these liberals would lose control of the Republican Party machinery if we had a real “red wave.”  There would be enough newly elected Republicans in the House and Senate to change the leadership or at least those who controlled the election money.  So, the leadership only wanted to win enough seats to be in the majority.  They did not want a strong “red wave.”  About three weeks before the election, the “money men” stopped funding many of these newcomers' campaigns. Strangely, Mitch McConnell suddenly started funding one of the only two Republicans’ campaign in Alaska.  There was no Democrat running.  This is a glaring example of hand picking someone to keep him in power. 

New candidates are very vulnerable to funding or the lack thereof.  They do not have a funding base and always raise much less money than incumbents.  The leadership of both the House and Senate handpicked who they wanted to win the 2022 election.  The leadership was buying votes, in order to remain in the leadership position.

The money for the leadership of the federal House and Senate and to some extent the State House and Senate comes from large donors who need to have influence.   These include corporations, labor unions, grant mills, political parties, billionaires, and trade associations to name a few.  These special interests want special legislation, and they know if the sack of money is big enough, they will get it.  We need laws to deny elected officials from controlling these large sums of money.

The 2024 presidential campaign has begun, with (the new) a weak Federal House and Senate.  The purpose of this is to try to deny Trump the 2024 Presidency.  Legislation generated in the Federal House and Senate, during the next two years, will be calculated to not help Trump. 

Beaufort County and State of North Carolina politics have about the same pattern.  Donations of money to the caucus PACs have influenced and liberalized our conservative State policies during the past two years.

Beaufort county politics are a match of the Federal situation. The Beaufort County Republican Party sent $14,000 out of the County so it could not be used by conservative candidates to defeat their one darling liberal, Fake Frankie Waters.  Carolyn Garris and the Beaufort County Republican Executive Committee has something worse than mud on their faces because Fake Frankie Waters has been caught giving money to the Democrat candidate for Sheriff.  Fake Frankie is a member of the Executive Committee.  The rules of operation define disloyalty as supporting a candidate of another party when a Republican is running for the same office.  Kelly Cox was forced to resign from the Executive Committee when he gave support to the Democrat candidate for Sheriff.   Now, Fake Frankie has to go.  But the question is:  Will he?

Efforts by the Beaufort County Conservative Republican Club and their PAC, during the past several elections, have offset the liberal Republican agenda.   Without our group we would not have elected three conservative school board members this year, supported the conservative Republican candidates for commissioner and brought to light the disloyalty of Fake Frankie Waters.  The public would never have known about the backroom dealings to award the Register of Deeds office based mostly on politics rather than competency and qualifications.

The citizens of the United States have had only one salvation in all of this political swamp.  Trumpites, (conservative voters) have stuck together in North Carolina and a lot of other states.  Trump will win the 2024 elections in spite of the RINOs (Republicans In Name Only).

The bottom line is the genius Republican political leadership on the national level (House and Senate) miscalculated badly.  They lost the national elections on purpose.  They did not want the red wave.  They only wanted to win enough seats to be in the majority in the House and Senate so they could personally keep their powerful jobs. They miscalculated and lost the whole election.  They all need to go.  They never tried to get the red wave.

This loss will make Trump stronger in the 2024 elections. The leadership shot themselves in the foot; even hopefully in both feet.

We must stand up strongly.  We need to reconfigure the Republican Party on the county, state and federal levels during the coming year.  We will have county conventions and state conventions beginning in March of 2023.   We need to go to precinct meeting, county and state conventions and throw out the disloyal Republican leadership.  New leadership is the only thing that will save us from a certain socialistic if not communistic domination.

Thank God for conservative voters.  They stood firm during the 2022 elections.

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( November 14th, 2022 @ 9:06 pm )
Here is a good analysis of what needs to be done to correct the problems that cost us our Senate majority:

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