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Anthony Fauci appears to be next on the Musk radar. The Covid and Vaccine Files will soon be released, and that will put the socalled conspiracy theories to rest at last. (Way to go, Elon! "A+" for you!) However, once again Mika and Joe are jumping to the defense of Fauci. They're on the wrong...


    The Twitter Files are uncovering the nasty, embedded corruption in our Intelligence Community, and the truth will be revealed about the misdeeds of our Administrative State as a whole very soon. The corporate media is a part of that whole ugly scene, and visible, abject terror is being exhibited by certain media players already. On his morning "War Room" podcast, Steve Bannon has shown clips of the meltdowns that are occurring in the media coverage. Over on MSNBC, "Morning Mika” as Steve likes to call it and her sidekick, Joe, have turned on Elon Musk. Mika calls his revelations "dangerous" and Joe calls them "stupid" which doesn’t begin to explain his inability to sit still. They’re worried. CNN’s Jake Tapper is another example of someone who shows the distress that the media members are feeling. Perhaps they’re starting to realize that this is just the beginning. The media was part of the web of deceit that surrounded President Trump during his first term. The banning of President Trump from Twitter was perpetrated by his own government. According to Dante, “The worst of all sins is Treachery and Betrayal.” President Trump suffered both, and it was done by his FBI, DOJ, DHS, and it even went as deep as the DOD and the Joint Chiefs. General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is a prime example of the depth of betrayal. The intelligence community (IC) did the most damage, but the media, elected politicians, and politicians who planned to be elected were also complicit. It was revealed this week that Katie Hobbs who was running for governor in Arizona also had a connection to Twitter and used that connection to sensor and ban tweets against her. She improperly had that privilege as Secretary of State in Arizona. Sundance explains it this way, “DHS has been in ever increasing control of Twitter since the public-private partnership was formed in 2011/2012. However, it’s not just Twitter. The same fundamental intelligence relationships are now at work within Google, Microsoft, Apple, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Furthermore, Twitter was partnered with the FBI, DHS and DNI to control the content of the platform. Using existing portals to communicate, various government officials within these agencies (and others) could send instructions to the Twitter team, and action would be taken based on a review of the government concern.” The problem is systemic, and a very interesting explanation was given by Monica Crowley who once worked for President Nixon. She said that moderate Democrat senator, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, was a close advisor to President Nixon. He told President Nixon that every so often the total administrative state should be ripped up by the roots and started fresh. She believed that President Nixon planned to do that in his second term which he won by a landslide. She said that she wasn’t excusing President Nixon’s actions in the Watergate scandal, but she did say that all but one of the people involved in that were either CIA or FBI agents, and those events led to his resignation. If President Trump were planning to do the same thing, that would explain the rigged election and their continued pursuit of him to this day. I'm inclined to think that Ms. Crowley nailed it. These evil people are protecting their status and their territory from anyone who might make changes that would disrupt their control over our government and our people. It’s a theory that will be called a conspiracy by the Left. However, what the Left/RINOs/uni-party previously considered "conspiracies" are being proven to be true by the released Twitter Files. Thomas Jefferson said, "In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.”

    Anthony Fauci appears to be next on the Musk radar. The Covid and Vaccine Files will soon be released, and that will put the socalled conspiracy theories to rest at last. (Way to go, Elon! "A+" for you!) However, once again Mika and Joe are jumping to the defense of Fauci. They’re on the wrong side of every issue. Interestingly, Elon Musk seems to have taken a personal interest in the Fauci revelations. He has declared his pronouns as "Prosecute/Fauci." That level of involvement cannot be good news for Fauci. He is already a proven liar before Congress, and with what is coming in the Twitter Files, and taking his confrontations with Rand Paul into account, he is in very hot water. His decades of criminal behavior are catching up with him; hopefully, this will be the trap that finally puts him where he belongs. When the thousands (perhaps millions) of deaths that he has caused are laid at his feet, he will never be free again. Most likely, the truth about the virus and the drug that they called a vaccine will be revealed. That certainly needs to be done.

    President Trump is still active on Truth Social, and he is not backing down from his criticism of the FBI and the DOJ. (Bravo, Mr. President! Another "A+" for you!) The involvement of the FBI and DOJ in January 6th will be revealed. Twitter will play a part in that, and President Trump will be letting us know what his opinion is as the tweets are rolled out. When Republicans take control of the House in January and James Comer becomes the Chairman of the Oversight Committee, we will see some action. He has revealed that he has been working on his plan for a year, and he will see to it that the security clearances of 51 intelligence officers will be stripped from them. Remember President Trump‘s promise, keep watching, and look for ways to help, Patriots, because we can help the President keep his promise to us that “The Best Is Yet To Come.”

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