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President Trump continues to deal with the lawsuits that are heaped on him every day by the America-hating people who despise him for loving America and MAGA Patriots like you. Although his account on Twitter has been reinstated, he has yet to post anything there. However, the President's account...


    The swamp can’t silence Mike Lindell. Oh, they’ve tried. However, on Monday, November 28th, Mike announced his candidacy for Chairmanship of the Republican National Committee (RNC). Ronna McDaniel is the current chair, and she has failed the Republican Party for a third time. It’s time for a change. The massive amounts of money that the donors have entrusted to her have been squandered. Her choice of which candidates to support is questionable at best, but during this past election, she actually supported some candidates who were running against America First, MAGA candidates. That made no sense to the big donors. As a result, they actually reached out to Mike Lindell and asked him to run. These are people who have donated millions of dollars to the Republican Party, and they have questions about how it is being spent. There were also stories from Republican candidates who could have won with only a small amount of financial help, but that help was withheld by the RNC. In some cases, the RNC offered help, but only if they could take over the campaign and tell the candidate who they could speak with and what they could say after the candidate won their primary with no outside help at all. That is absurd and arrogant. Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy are just as guilty as Ronna McDaniel in that regard. Kevin McCarthy still faces his own challenge as he attempts to become the next Speaker of the House, but Ronna McDaniel's fate will be decided by 168 secret ballot votes on paper ballots with no machines. The 168 vote total is achieved by allowing each state three votes plus another three votes each for six US territories. The three votes are cast by the state or territory Republican Chair, the National Committee Man, and the National Committee Woman. To go deeper into the history and workings of the RNC, go to the website, and type "Republican National Committee" into the search bar, and you will find a great deal of information. How tied to the establishment are the voters who will determine the outcome of the RNC election? Time will tell, but the losses that Republicans sustained in the midterm election because of the McDaniel choice of candidates are problematic for her. It’s obvious that she is not a pure America First, MAGA supporter. The donors are in it to win it, and that clearly is not happening. Mike Lindell has said that he will speak with each of the 168 voters who will determine the outcome of the RNC election. This is another opportunity for us to further diminish the power of the establishment. (Mike Lindell is in the "A+" column for his continued hard work as an American Patriot.)

    Sundance said, “EVERY battle in which MAGA forces RINOs to expose themselves and their true nature is a victory for us even if we take casualties.” He went on to describe two such instances when he said, “So, J6 was a victory for US as RINOS said, 'Let em rot in jail!'” The second was when he said, “2022 midterms were a victory for us as McCarthy was exposed donating to MAGA opponents.” We must remember that this is a war. It is a spiritual, psychological, and information war. It’s unconventional, but a war nonetheless. We have been victimized and traumatized by the evil globalists. In addition, we have been inundated with fake news and false information. Each exposure of their nefarious activities means they will double down. Watch for the truth bombs that Elon Musk will be revealing from the Twitter information that he is uncovering, and remember what's been exposed already, Patriots.

    Another indication that we are winning is the fact that for the first time in 55 years there is not one Bush, Cheney, or Clinton holding office in our government. Yes, Liz Cheney is still sitting there, but she is no longer a legitimate office holder. She is merely taking up space until she exits in January. We have managed to sweep all of them out, and of course it goes not unnoticed by the media, but it does go unmentioned in the media. They can ignore our achievements, but that doesn’t make them untrue, and that is why it is so important for us to pass along every good piece of information we can gather. Let your email and social media contacts know about these things, Patriots. Just because you know doesn’t mean they do, and everyone who has any social media contact should pass this on. It is one small mop-up on aisle three of the swamp, but there are so many more to come! A current battle of major importance is the theft of the Arizona midterm election. That will likely be a months' long battle unless Cochise County can hold out and continue to refuse to certify their election. The pressure on those people is tremendous, and if they can withstand what is being heaped on them, Arizona may get a new election. (So far, they're earning beautiful "A+" grades!) Arizona is "ground zero" for the fraud and corruption, but also for the correction of that lawlessness. That state could be the beginning of the end for machines being used in elections. At this point, it hinges on one county because our courts have not been our friend when it comes to correcting a wrongful election. Keep the people of Cochise County in your prayers. Their actions and decisions during the next few days are critical.

    President Trump continues to deal with the lawsuits that are heaped on him every day by the America-hating people who despise him for loving America and MAGA Patriots like you. Although his account on Twitter has been reinstated, he has yet to post anything there. However, the President's account on Truth Social is very active. As usual, the truth he shares there is not always based on what "feels good," but what he shares is always timely and important. (Keep an eye on what he shares, Patriots. He's always in "A+" territory, and he gives us clues as to how we can help.) Sundance describes our position this way, “Steadfast as always, determined as ever, and even more resolute with each annoyance.” This Sundance quote may not have been made in conjunction with President Trump, but it describes President Trump's attitude so well, so stay tuned, with our continued help, he'll see to it that "The Best Is Yet To Come."

    I enjoy hearing from readers. I can be reached with comments or questions at

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