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Denmark has for two decades under governments of both the right and the left maintained some of Europe's toughest policies to deter illegal immigration and "asylum seeking".  Its current government of the left is doubling down on those policies to deter migrants coming to Denmark, policies initially put in place by a right of center government in 2001.  The result is that asylum applications have been reduced by 82% and illegal immigration slashed.  Ethnic Danes remain the overwhleming majority of the population

Parties across the spectrum are committed to policies to deter illegal immigration. The main parties of the left explain in leftist ideological terms to their constituents how it is bad for the country.  The current center-left government has even added some tough new policies of their own such as sending migrants out of Europe to process asylum claims.

When the major inflow of illegal alien migrants from Muslim countries hit Europe, Denmark closed its land border with Germany so they would not spill over into Denmark.  It also cut its welfare that those granted asylum were eligible for, and took out ads in media in migrant staging countries like Turkey telling migrants any welfare they might get was slashed and that they were not wanted in Denmark.

Successive Danish governments have also been forthcoming with statistics for the population that are often covered up in other European countries. For example they break down crime statistics by group between citizens and immigrants, with a much higher crime rate for immigrants, and futher break that down between immigrants from other European countries and Third World countries.  Immigrants from other European countries actually committe less crime than Danish citizens, and the big problem in crime is the Third World migrants.

Here is a good article on the ten policies that lead to Denmark success is detering illegal immigration:


Biden and his regime could learn a lesson from Denmark.


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( February 4th, 2023 @ 2:37 pm )
Norway and Israel are other countries that have paid illegal alien migrants to go home, as it is cheaper than what it costs to process them for deportation. False asylum claims are a huge racket on both sides of the Atlantic, encouraged by Soros-funded NGOs. Most of those who try to claim asylum are economic migrants who do not qualify. Also, even if they would qualify and they are already in a safe country, they can be turned away. Hungary does a great job with that, immediately taking any captured illegal alien before a magistrate who immediate rules that they entered from a safe country and orders them expelled back across the border. That is what we should be doing on our southern border.

Denmark can look across to Sweden and the huge mess they have from illegal immigration and are doing their best not to go down the same path. Of course that is why the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats did so well in the last Swedish election and why the center-right ousted the left.
buayalita said:
( February 4th, 2023 @ 10:52 am )
Back in 2000 when I was attached to the leading Asylum processing NGO at the time as Mentor and Editor, Denmark shocked many countries in Europe in its pivot from humanitarian to anti-asylum and anti-immigration values by the sitting Socialdemocratic government, It spouted right-wing racist policies that since has cast a shadow on the otherwise "liberal" birthmark it has tattooed on its forehead since Danish society became a paradise for workers and its labour unions. BTW, Denmark is a pluralist society where political parties sprout based in myriad ideologies and advocacies.22 years have passed where again the ruling Social Democrats are associated with Closed Borders (incl. for a while motivating would be asylum seekers or migrants with money that would help them establish businesses if they would only go back to their countries of origin. The current reality is that Denmark, Norden and the EU still needs migrant labour to provide childcare and servicing the elderly.
( February 3rd, 2023 @ 7:39 pm )
Biden and his rogues could learn from a lot of other countries too, like Australia's military led Operation Sovereign Borders under Prime Minister Tony Abbott where inbound migrant boats were spotted far off of Australia's shore by intensive surveillance and intercepted and turned around at gunpoint back to where they came from. Israel's border wall that has been very successful in stopping illegal alien migrants is another country Biden could learn from. So is Hungary tough attitude, and giving immediate pro forma hearing to any that manage to get across, and then immediately eject them back across the border. So are Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia's record of sending their militaries to the border with robust rules of engagement to stop the migrants from entering.

It is shameful that the US and UK are putting illegal aliens who broke the law to enter our countries up in luxury hotels at taxpayer expense.

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