RINO Congressman Greg Murphy jumps on Green New Deal train | Eastern North Carolina Now

Attends UN climate conference in Egypt


Longtime conservative Congressman Walter Jones made it a practice never to go on foreign junkets at all, but his RINO successor Greg Murphy is raising eyebrows by not only going on such junkets but his choice of them.  For example, Murphy recently junketed to the UN Climate Conference in Egypt where lots of extreme globalist demands were presented.  And Murphy chimed right in, adding his voice to the support for the climate alarmist agenda.

Whose side is Murphy on?  Clearly not that of the electric ratepayers of North Carolina who face major rate increases to meet the demands of the climate alarmists. Also, NOT on the side of freedom.  The immediate past President of the Czech Republic, Dr. Vaclav Klaus has denounced climate alarmism as "a budding totalitarian ideology that is the greatest threat to freedom, democracy, and prosperity in the world today."


And this is the same Greg Murphy who joined the far left's woke War on History by voting to change the names of military bases named for southern generals, including Fort Bragg which has just been renamed thanks to Murphy and those of his ilk.

Climate alarmism and the woke cancelling of southern history - Murphy is on the WOKE train.  Conservatives need to derail him in the primary before he does more damage.

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( February 15th, 2023 @ 7:26 am )
Yes, Murphy is going woke, and he makes me sick to my stomach. To think we lost Walter Jones for this globalist opportunist twit. I want a choice in the primary and if that does not work, at the very least a Libertarian to cast my vote for in November. Don't agree with Bobby on much, but he hit it out of the ballpark this time. Murphy is a junior Tillis wannabee, which is not what we need sitting in the people's congressional seat.
Big Bob said:
( February 14th, 2023 @ 9:22 pm )
Murphy is a slug. Conservatives think he is woke, whatever that is, and liberals think he is a traditional old man who talks out both sides of his mouth. The good doc appears to care most about re-election. Another Thom Tillis.

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