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    Last Tuesday, high-ranking senators from both parties were briefed by the Department of Justice and intelligence communities on the three simultaneous classified document scandals facing former President Donald Trump, former Vice President Mike Pence, and current President Joe Biden.

    Both Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) and Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) said the briefing "left much to be desired" and more answers were needed.

    Indeed, the American public is left wondering how this happened - and what it means for the current commander-in-chief - as well as the previous administration. Yet Biden's incredulous response and lack of clarity on his legal troubles deserve special attention. His attitude overall makes it rather apparent that the commander-in-chief doesn't exactly have his affairs in order - and he doesn't give a darn about it either.

    In fact, he has created a bit of a headache for everybody in his life due to the scandal. It's now impacting his administration, making extra work for his personal attorneys, and it's even raising questions about who in his family may have had access to the classified material.

    Yet, instead of expressing remorse for his negligence, Biden has failed to issue any mea culpa at all. The president even told the press in January, "I think you're gonna' find there's nothing there. I have no regrets."

    It should be noted that this is the same guy who lectured his immediate predecessor for taking classified documents as well.

    "How could that possibly happen? How could anyone be that irresponsible?" Biden said in one interview in reaction to the FBI's decision to raid Mar-a-Lago to retrieve classified documents. "And I thought what data was in there, that may compromise sources and methods - by that I mean names of people who helped or et cetera. And it's just, uh, totally irresponsible."

    Of course, if the president who ran on bringing back "decency" to the White House actually had any "decency" at all, then he would hold himself to the same standards he holds others.

    He didn't do so, and now the Department of Justice has had to appoint a special counsel just to sort this matter out.

    "I'm following what the lawyers have told me they want me to do," the president has also said. "That's exactly what we're doing. There's no there there."

    Yet there is a "there there." The president has to answer why he didn't know he had classified documents for six years after he left the vice presidency.

    Why didn't anybody on his staff find the documents? The president's allies in the media have claimed that in his final weeks of the vice presidency, he was simply too busy and working too hard for his team to properly sort the documents.

    In 2017, Biden was scurrying around the globe meeting with Ukraine and China - coincidentally also two countries his own family seems to have made money off of while using the Biden name. So, the argument is that because he worked up until the last minute, his team was too inundated with classified documents and it was a simple error.

    Biden didn't know, because he wasn't handling the documents directly, White House sources have implied to the press. The president also blamed his staff directly, saying in February that they didn't do a good enough job and didn't "thoroughly" sort his papers in the final weeks of his time in the Obama administration.

    That excuse glosses over the fact that the Biden team had six months after leaving office to go through the documents with the help of the General Services Administration.

    In that case, the question isn't really how did this error happen in the final weeks, it's why didn't the Biden team find the papers in the following six months after leaving the vice presidency?

    There are still many questions that need to be answered. How could a man who spent 50 years in government, scheming his way to the top, not be more careful with classified documents? What else is in his garage that he doesn't know about?

    Come to think of it, if you were the president's wife or son, wouldn't you wonder what other aspects of Biden's life are amiss? This is just his professional life, what important matters in his personal life need to be taken care of? Does he even have a will?

    On that note, if - God forbid - Biden passed away while in office, would his family be forced to dig through his various properties like his attorneys had to do? Would the government have to take control of his assets and parcel them out to the next of kin - who can then use them for God knows what?

    Have you thought of that question in your own life?

    Perhaps if any good comes of this, there is a cautionary tale here for all Americans.

    You may not have classified intel like Biden, but that doesn't mean you don't have sensitive material, possessions, and finances that need to be taken care of through a legally binding document.

    Unlike Biden, you probably would feel regret and remorse if you caused a headache for your family, loved ones, and friends while forcing the government to get involved to sort it all out.

    Right now, albeit for a different reason other than matters relating to inheritance, Biden has a whole team of attorneys and staff assisting in getting his own house in order - perhaps literally.

    You may not have that luxury, but you can.

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In the face of a known scandal finally being revealed by the corrupt Legacy Media regarding Joe Biden, his Mishandling of Classified Documents and his long history of Influence Peddling to our Foreign Adversaries for Personal and Familial Profit: What do you believe the outcome will be in America's Leftist practice of a Two Tiered Justice System?
  Nothing will happen since the Democratic Socialist Left is corrupt to the core, and their non patriot ambitions are only the control of power.
  Justice WILL be served, but NOT without a tremendous fight by those willing to save the Republic.
  Why can't everyone else understand that the Left is special because we care so much for our own, especially the well being of the president and his family, especially Hunter.
  What difference does it make; I am a product of a failed public education system.
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