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The current mayor and his slate of candidates WILL raise your property taxes.

Step One, Vote for the Same. Step Two, Fork Over Your Money.

   Election years normally mean that politicians will hide their desire to hike your taxes, spend your money and keep you in the dark. In 2023, we were lucky that the Washington City Government actually showed its hands and produced a budget that included an 8% Property Tax Increase. When I brought this the attention of the public, the outcry took on a life of its own as citizens inundated the City Council Members, the Mayor, and the City Manager with phone calls and appearances at Council Meetings telling them hell no hands off my wallet. One gentleman at the June budget meeting put it best when he said (I'm paraphrasing here) “How dare you try to hike our taxes without consulting us”.

   So the city backed down, pretended they hadn't prepared a budget with an 8% tax increase (which they did) and then were instructed to prepare a new budget full of gimmicks and fund transfers that did not include a tax increase. Victory for all, right? Well yes and no. Yes, we stopped them from raiding your wallet temporally. But they went ahead and reassessed all the properties in town at much higher values in preparation for what they are hoping is an election that puts candidates on the council that will vote to rubber stamp the Mayor and the City Manager's desire to hike property taxes. Only a very few candidates (myself included) have stated their position on property tax increases. Make no mistake that a property tax increase is what the bureaucracy wants so that it can continue to grow, fund pet projects, line pockets of friends, and be spent on projects that benefit the few at the expense of the many.

   I'll be as clear as possible where I stand on property tax increases. No. If you missed the preceding let me repeat it again. No. Every candidate for City Council should answer to you at the very least where they stand on Property Tax increases. Anything less is deception and means that they will rubber stamp the planned post-election Property Tax increase. The stealth candidates that refuse to take positions on issues should be viewed with suspicion. Candidates such as Richard Brooks have already voted in the past to raise your Property Taxes and will do so again if re-elected.

   Homeowners can expect this increase next year if myself and candidates sharing my view on property taxes are not elected. Renters and small businesses owners are not immune from the effects of a property tax increase either. If you think for a minute that large apartment complexes and commercial real estate owners will simply absorb the coming property tax increases you are sorely mistaken. Whatever property taxes that property owners are forced to pay to the greedy city bureaucracy will be passed onto the already stressed out middle class and poor citizens of the city through increased rent and lease terms.

   Early voting is currently underway during the weekdays until November 3rd from 8 AM til 5 PM and then Saturday November 4th 8 AM til 3 PM. Election Day is November 7th. Don't let them fool you into complacency because they couldn't get their tax hike this year. Get out and vote like your financial future depends on it because it does.
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( October 27th, 2023 @ 1:49 pm )
From one Dragon Slayer to another. Thank u Gary Ceres, for exposing the corruption n city govt

Its seems most here hav their hair on fire abt national politics, but have little interest n the local Rot that affects them daily.
Maybe the martini sippers as Ceres calls them, are silent because they like the idea of rubbing elbows w the local "small town" powerbrokers.

These Sippers were silent when the corrupt govt cheated their neighbors, & eventually (this is a truism) there will be no one left to speak for them, when big govt comes to smother them.

It all reminds me of SC's stealing, lying, murdering attorney Alex Murdaugh. He would be at home in our City.

Gary Ceres has been trying to obtain public records, but the corrupt system finds it easy to just ignore. It ignores all of us bec we keep electing th same dishonest,or just incompetent Council ppl over & over again.
Over 3mo. & we get NOTHING from th Housing Authority.
What r they hiding?

Why isnt your hair on fire over this?
( October 25th, 2023 @ 9:14 pm )
Thank you Stan!
( October 25th, 2023 @ 9:13 pm )
I have purposely stayed out of City of Washington politics, even though I am taxed at the same huge amount of a tax increase - the highest one year increase in Beaufort County's modern times - just like all the rest of you Washington citizens must now suffer.

I was very careful about my vote this year, and yes, I enthusiastically voted for Gary Ceres, so did my wife, but that is all I wish to state at this point.

Good luck to all candidates; and this I have learned after to many years of seeking elected office: If you deserve to win this time, you probably will.

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