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hold onto your wallets


Washington's election went full Tammany Hall yesterday, with a political machine now in full control of city government for the first time since former Mayor Tom Stewart's more benign political machine in the 1960s.  We have had some powerful mayors since then, but for the first time since the Stewart days, we have a mayor who also has full and absolute control of the city council.  And unlike Stewart, Mayor Sadler is power-oriented, secretive, and a full blown tax and spend liberal.

Two years ago, Sadler put out a political slate for a three man council majority, but found that one of those William Pitt, had a mind of his own and could not be told what to do, so he always had to hunt for his third vote and did not always find it.  Sadler dumped Pitt this time from his slate and put out a slate of himself, and three council candidates, the semi-literate Richard Brooks, an incumbent, and two newcomers, Anthony Tyre, who apparently does not even really live in Washington, and Antwon Horton.  All won, and so now Sadler has his absolute lock on a council majority.  He can do anything he wants.

There is also a racial angst among this new machine, which could develop into a more sinister racial attitude toward city government.  We have had black mayors before and a black city council majority before, but those elected officials always looked out for the whole city and there was no racial division among the city's government or its citizens.  The danger is real that this time it may be different.  Some of the demeanor of Sadler's supporters election night at the Board of Elections gave a strong signal that such a situation may be upon us.

Sadler has already shown his appetite for big spending with his 12% tax increase last year and his push for another 8% tax increase this year, which he ultimately punted to a big increase in stormwater fees, instead.   He and his followers also have a big distain for the downtown business district and for the Historic District, both attitudes apparently racially motivated..  More low income housing scattered among middle class neighborhoods is also on his agenda, but not his own middle class neighborhood.  Sadler spent $147,000 of taxpayer money on lawyers and settlement costs to keep low income housing out of his own middle class neighborhood.  Sadler has his wife running the Washington Housing Authority and sees that as a source of power, as well as a source of junkets all over the country.

Taxpayers need to wake up.  While black churches churned out Sadler voters yesterday, many individual taxpayers could not get their act together to get to the polls.

Hold onto your wallets.  This is going to be a rough two years.


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( November 13th, 2023 @ 7:41 am )
Well then be alarmed Big Bob, because the news we decide to present is real, not FAKE NEWS like Leftists prefer, and furthermore, I will always appreciate the BO for sounding the alarms long before the inane becomes sadly real.
Big Bob said:
( November 13th, 2023 @ 12:42 am )
Stan, you mean real opinion. No original journalism is practiced at the BO. Not intended as an insult, just a fact. You worry about the electorate, not knowing the difference between journalism and cut and paste, is indeed cause for alarm.
( November 12th, 2023 @ 11:24 pm )
Big Bob: I am not affiliated with the "BO." I kindly provide the publication space on my Eastern NC NOW platform simply because I appreciate them providing news and information to our readership ... so in the absence of all else that might be news not presented, I consider almost everything on the Eastern NC NOW platform as journalism in a relative and comparative sense with what little else is provided in this region.

I know a lot, and I still learn much from the "BO" contributions, so I consider them a valuable asset to our joint readership.
Big Bob said:
( November 12th, 2023 @ 9:33 pm )
Stan, you mean real opinion. No original journalism is practiced at the BO. Not intended as an insult, just a fact. You worry about the electorate, not knowing the difference between journalism and cut and paste, is indeed cause for alarm.
( November 11th, 2023 @ 10:14 am )
Washingtonian: Did not see it, but sounds like Bernie Marcus, outspoken capitalist and philanthropist, a true patriot.

Bernie may be correct, and I would hope we have more time because we will need it to get the public far smarter than they are right now.

As a Representative Republic, we deserve this Idiot President. We have to change that.

Oh, I have an idea how to make a small difference in getting the public smarter: Advise them to leave the intellectual cesspool of standard Social Media, and spend more time here at Eastern NC NOW; Real News for Real People.
( November 11th, 2023 @ 9:52 am )
Bubba wrote: "Washington's citizens are well and truly screwed by the results of this election."

The co-founder of Home Depot said in an interview on Fox Business:
"If we don't change our government in 2024...America is dead."
Big Bob said:
( November 10th, 2023 @ 2:06 pm )
Youíre just canít admit you were wrong. Itís right in front of you on this thread. Why should anyone believe anything you post?
Bubba said:
( November 10th, 2023 @ 12:08 pm )
Washington's citizens are well and truly screwed by the results of this election.
( November 10th, 2023 @ 11:28 am )
Your tunnel vision clearly does not discern much, Little Bobbie. There is a clear distinction here between Washington's previous black mayors and council majorities on one hand and the Sadler clique on the other, also between two other currnet black politicians who ran this year and those of the Sadler clique. Far from saying all black politicians are anything, the point is that the Sadler clique is different from most of the black politicians Washington has seen over the years. You should apologize for being a brainless twit, but trolls like you never do.
Big Bob said:
( November 10th, 2023 @ 9:27 am )
U fully understand that saying all Asian people are smart, is racist, right? My little brain sees what everyone sees. And you brought it up. Apologize
( November 9th, 2023 @ 9:31 pm )
My point, Bobbie, if your little brain cannot grasp it, is that we have had black mayors and black council majorities before and they did fine, not bringing race into governamce. There is nothing per se wrong with having a black mayor or a black council majority or both This time there is a racial angst among the Sadler faction that could pose a problem. If you had been present at the Board of Elections election evening, you might understand that. Our only hope is that maybe Horton or Tyre will evolve to be more like Pitt, but I am not holding my breath. Brooks is a hopeless case who has less understanding of what is going on than Joe Biden.

The problem goes beyond just taxes and spending. There is a negative attitude toward out downtown business district and our historic district, and there seems to be a racial angle to that. We have had plenty of black political leaders in the past who have been supportive of both, but the Sadler crew does not seem to be.
Big Bob said:
( November 9th, 2023 @ 5:42 pm )
But JS did bring race into it. Not me. Apologize, if youíre man enough. If not, I understand.
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