On Tuesday, GOP won its first city council seat in the Bronx since 2004. | Eastern North Carolina Now

GOP challenger defeated Democrat incumbent 55% - 45%


The New York City borough of The Bronx has not elected a Republican to office since 2004, but last Tuesday, Republican challenger Kristy Marmorato defeated a Democrat incumbent to win a seat on the New York City Council by a comfortable margin of 55% to 45%.  She ran on a plafrom of getting tough on crime and corruption.



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( November 14th, 2023 @ 3:12 pm )
Attacks on privacy like that Nikki Haley picked up from the globalists of the World Economic Forum of ending internet privacy are attacks on our freedoms. She is no different from a Democrat. I have had no use for Nikki Haley since her joining cancel culture against Southern heritage when she was governor. By the way the globalists in the EU are in the process of doing that very thing right now.
( November 14th, 2023 @ 2:06 pm )
Today, Nikki Haley said that if she becomes President, she wants to force every poster on social media, to use their true and real names.
( November 14th, 2023 @ 12:32 pm )
In this Age of Information, where conventional Social Media is conversely depleting the knowledge base within the possible human potential of our society, my advice is to be careful of who one chooses to pay attention to.

The MSM, John Steed's words, the Corrupt Corporate Media, my words, the Fake News, Mr. Trump's words, are to be shunned in favor of what is truly real at every instance.
( November 14th, 2023 @ 7:09 am )
Don't listen to the MSM spin. In this election year, the GOP won every statewide office in Lousiana and Mississippi, flipping the governor's mansion in Louisiana, and every statewide office except govenror in Kentucky. In Virginia, the GOP won every legislative seat that Trump won in 2020 plus every legislative seat that Biden won by 9 points or less. Republicans also held their own or made gains in holding legislative majorities in Louisiana, Kentucky, and Mississippi. In a special election for a vacant seat in Massachusetts, the GOP captured a state senate seat long held by Demcorats. Republicans also defeated an incumbent Soros prosecutor in liberal Loudon County, Virginia. Who will control the state senate in Virginia is still up in the air because a Democrat has been caught lying about where she really lived, and if she is disqualified, the seat will go to the Republican.

The net gain in the 2023 election of statewide offices was the GOP gained one, the governorship of Louisiana. Everything else on a statewide office stayed the same, mostly Republican. Overall, the GOP also made net gains in lower offices.

To win legislative majorities in Virginia, Republicans had to win one senate seat and three house seats that Biden won by ten percentage points. After polls in summer showed the GOP was likely to do that, the national Democrats pumped a million dollars into those races, but RNC Chairwoman Rona Romney McDaniel refused to put a dime of national GOP money in to counter the Democrat spending.
Big Bob said:
( November 13th, 2023 @ 10:25 pm )
Good for you. Lost pretty much everywhere else, but good one.

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