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UPDATE: With almost all votes in and seats unlikely to change, the populist nationalist anti-immigration Party for Freedom has decisively won the Dutch parliamentary election, more than doubling its seats and running far ahead of its nearest rival. Of the four large parties winning double digit seat totals, three were parties of the right.   The Party for Freedom won 37 seats, the leftwing alliance between the Labor Party and the Green Left won 25 seats, the traditional conservative VVD won 24 seats, and the new populist nationalist anti-immigration New Social Contract won 20.

Overall, parties of the right won 100 of the 150 seats in the Dutch parliament to 45 for the left and 5 for centrists.  Fifteen parties will sit in the new parliament.  On the right, populist right parties won 68 seats and traditional parties of the right 32.

On the populist right, in addition to the Party for Freedom and the New Social Contract, the Farmer-Citizen Alliance won 7 seats, the Forum for Democracy 3 and JA21 1.  On the traditional right, in addition to the VVD, the Christian Democratic Appeal won 5 seats and the Reformed Party 3.

While neither of the largest populist right parties had their leaders invited to appear on any Dutch news TV interview during the campaign, the performance of Party for Freedom leader Geert Wilders in the one televised debate sent his party soaring in the polls.



Exit polls in the Dutch parliamentary election show a huge win for Geert Wilders and his populist nationalist anti-immigration Party for Freedom, coming far ahead of other parties and almost doubling its seats from the last election.  Wilders has called for a referendum on leaving the European Union (Nexit), banning mosques, and severely cracking down on immigration to achieve "zero asylum seekers".

"We are going to ensure that the Dutchman comes first again," Wilders declared election night.

The Party for Freedom is projected to win 35 seats, with the next largest party, a coalition of the Labor Party and Green Left, at 25 seats, and the traditional conservative VVD third at 24 seats.  The only other party expected to be in double digits is the populist / nationalist anti-immigration New Social Contract, likely to win 20 seats in the 150 seat parliament.

The VVD had moved to the right under its new leader, who as Justice Minister has been a hardliner against illegal immigration, after jetisoning former Prime Minister Mark Rutte, a globalist as its leader.  Unlike previous elections, the VVD has indicated a willingness to join a coalition with the Party for Freedom but would prefer a prime minister other than Wilders.  New Social Contract has also indicated a wllingness to join such a coalition.  The three parties would have 79 (UPDATE: 81) seats between them, a majority.

Several days prior to the election, the leader of another populist / nationalist anti-immigration and anti-globalist party, the Forum for Democracy was vicious attacked and injured by ANTIFA thugs and had to be hospitalized.

This election was called early after the coalition formed after the 2021 election which was led by Rutte collapsed over internal disputes over immigration and climate  / farm policy.  After battles over farm policy, the coalition finally collapsed when Rutte belatedly decided to take some measures against illegal immigration, supported by coalition partner the Christian Democratic Appeal, but resisted by the third coaltion partner, the left-liberal D66.  D66 lost heavily in this election, falling from the second largest party to fifth largest.

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( November 23rd, 2023 @ 2:29 pm )
There is a lesson in that Dutch election for some wimpy GOP politicians who want to wimp out on the immigration issue, and that same lesson is also there in many other recent European elections. Those like Thom Tillis who always go soft on this issue threaten one of the key issues Republicans have that will push us to victory in 2024.

I read that some think it will be bumpy in the Dutch coaltion negotiations, and the lightning rod personality of Geert Wilders may make that so. He has often gone out of his way to court controversy, like announcing a contest for drawing Mohammed cartoons right at the time Muslims were rioting over that very issue, but hopefully they will be able to get beyond that quickly. Those three parties align well on issues. While Wilders party talks of "zero asylum seekers", the New Social Contract campaigned on putting a low cap on total intake of immigrants and asylum seekers at a level of about ten percent of the number of just asylum seekers entering last year. The VVD's new leader has been their party's most forceful advocate of cracking down on illegal immigration and campaigned on things like restricting the ability of migrants or immigrants to bring family into the country. The Party for Freedom and the New Social Contract are both strict sovereigntists who want to reduce the powers of the EU. With the departure of Rutte, the VVD is now less globalist oriented, so they should be able to work that our.

FIghting illegal immigration is a winning issue for conservatives on both sides of the Atlantic.
( November 23rd, 2023 @ 9:27 am )
This Dutch election will really shake up the globalists in Europe, coupled with the last Swiss election, Sweden, Italy, etc. and the strong showing by anti-immigration parties in polls in places like Germany, France, and Austria. With 2/3rds of parliament upset about illegal immigration, things are going to start happening, and Nexit would be nice, too.

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