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Elon Musk has entered the fray over freedom of speech in Ireland after its Prime Minister Leo Varadkar called for a new "hate speech" law to suppress freedom of speech in the country.  Musk declared that Varadkar "hates the Irish people" by wanting to restrict their freedom of speech.  "The current Irish government clearly cares more about praise from the woke media than from its own people", Musk added.



Varadkar is apparently nervous about conservative MMA champion Connor McGregor, one of the country's leadling sports heros entering politics to oppose his policies.  McGregor has been vocal about the failures of the Varadkar government on a variety of fronts including illegal immigration.  Varadkar's government has instigated a criminal investigation of McGregor already for "hate speech".  McGregor has also been highly critical of Varadkar's "green" Net Zero policies that hurt farmers and raise electric rates.

Varadkar's government coalition includes his own Fine Gael Party and the Fianna Fail Party, both nominally center-right, and the center-left Sein Finn in a "grand coalition of the three largest parties.  Varadkar's own politics have always been as a globalist.  Opposition to his open borders policies have been building with localized protests, leading to the major protest and riot a few days ago in Dublin. Fine Gael and Fianna Fail are longstanding rivals, the parties growing out of different factions with different strategies in the Irish revolt against British rule. Sinn Fein is the legal arm of the banned IRA.

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( November 28th, 2023 @ 10:45 am )
I lived for two years under a Communist Party government in eastern Europe where there was a lot more freedom of speech than this thug Varadkar wants to give the Irish people.
( November 28th, 2023 @ 9:49 am )
It was not many years ago that the Irish people voted to end automatic citizenship by birth within Ireland and limited citizenship to those born in Ireland of at least one Irish parent. That Constitutional referendum passed overwhelmingly and was proposed in order to stop illegal aliens in the UK from flying on a domestic flight to Northern Ireland and crossing the border into Ireland to give birth so the child could get a European citizenship. It is not likely that the Irish public has changed their opinion of illegal aliens since that referendum passed by a landslide.

Varadkar is as woke and as globalist as it gets, and he is going hog wild on open borders. Ireland does need someone like Connor McGregor challenging this nonsense, and it is good to see him stepping up to the challenge.

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