Irish village sets up barricades to keep "asylum seeker" migrants OUT | Eastern North Carolina Now

The war between globalist open borders Irish prime minister Leo Varadkar and the Irish people has ratcheted up another notch.  The village of Dromahair in County Leittrim learned that Ireland's government planned to send a bus full of "asylum seeker" migrants to be housed in their village and took matters into their own hands to stop it.  Villagers set up blockades on all three roads leading into the village and are stopping all vehicles to check for migrants.

This comes a few days after a massive demonstation and riots in the capital of Dublin against illegal immigration after an immigrant from Algeria made a mass knife attack against children at an elementary school leaving two of the victims in intensive care.  In the Dublin riots, the police were driven out of the city center.  Varadkar has introduced draconian "hate speech"  censorship legislation to goose step all over freedom of speech and stifle expression of opposition to his open borders policies.

The Irish people voted overwhelmingly only a decade or so ago to end automatic citizenship for everyone born in Ireland, and amend the Constitution to limit citizenship by birth to children who had at least one Irish parent.  Ireland had been the last European country to recognize everyone born there as a citizen.

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( November 28th, 2023 @ 2:50 pm )
Steve Bannon has told the Tucker Carlson program that the US is facing a much bigger outbreak of what is happening in Ireland over illegal immigration. It was also brought out that the Algerian immigrant who committed the mass stabbing at the elementary school had lived in Ireland for 23 years and never had a job.

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