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    Your president has proven that he is poorly suited to engage this premise of truth.

    For all you
To that effect, it really does not matter whether Candidate Obama survives the second term of his ongoing "pretend presidency." What does matter is that this nation gets back on a path where it may survive the harrowing days ahead.
Liberals, who just love them some Obama, you had to know that the Republicans were just waiting for the golden opportunity to peel back some of the Candidate's political armor, purchased on his behalf by the starry-eyed lapdog mainstream media during two election cycles, and one first term.

    That golden opportunity was the IRS scandal; everyone fears the power of the IRS.

    The Benghazi Cover-up scandal is writ large in my mind, but I well understand that it is too complicated for most folks, who just are too busy with their lives to try to understand just how damaging it was to our nation's stature, not to mention how damning it was to the mainstream media of our free press - their credibility is shot for quite some time - years.

    The AP (DOJ subpoena of phone records) scandal piqued some, if not most of the interest of the lapdog mainstream media, and this at the same time as the IRS scandal, which makes matters worse for an Obama Administration that consider themselves completely shielded, because of their ultra Liberal ideology, from their collective scrutiny.

    Now, there is a fourth scandal: The FOX News harassment scandal, which at its core is pure suppression of our first amendment rights of a free press, by a paranoid administration, is gaining traction; and like the Richard M. Nixon scandals at this same point in his administration, I think there will be more scandals, beyond this paranoid adventure, to come.

    The reason: Governing is complicated, and the Obama Administration, from the Candidate, his minions, his staff, his cabinet are the stupidest, on so many levels by all manner of metrics, of any I have seen for as long as I have been paying attention and studying such, and that is quite a long time.

    The 5th scandal, for this bunch who can't think straight, is just around the corner due to this administration's overall hubris and their overall stupidity. It is there somewhere, and at some point, some committed congressional member or committed journalist will ferret it out.

    Just a word of advice to Liberals, from someone who knows you better than many of you know yourselves: You can feel deeply about your pet issues, but that does not absolve you from cognitive reasoning. It is a big, dangerous word well beyond all that you hold politically dear, and not being wise on the many other vastly important issues here today, and yet to come, is not an asset just because you have great sympathy or empathy, depending on those other pet issue.

    Being dishonest at the core, which is Candidate Obama's bane, only compounds the problem. His administration's dishonesty, as it was with Richard Nixon, will ultimately be his downfall, and if not now by a successful impeachment, it will be writ large in the annals of history.

    Candidate Obama is a Socialist by all legitimate measures, and the process by which one succeeds as a Socialist is to carve up small and large pieces of your governed state to re-distribute from the productive to the nonproductive to purchase for their votes, while remaining dishonest to powers of scrutiny. It is a game where the means justifies the end, and as an admitted student of Saul Alinsky, the Candidate is well grounded in that school of thought.

    This "school of thought" as manifested by his ground-breaking work, "Rules for Radicals," makes the process of political discourse a challenging game of "no-holds-barred" grappling with the truth and fiction, and how either can be used, or misused, to effect the desired outcome. Honest men of character and real wisdom are poorly suited to play this merry game of political "gotcha." Candidate Obama; however, is well adept at playing this game.

    Candidate Obama has made a political fortune by: Voting present rather than taking a stand in the Illinois Legislature; pretending to be U.S. Senator (missing more votes than anyone, rivaling the hapless John Edwards); elected president of the United States by promising "Hope and Change" and unparalleled transparency, while delivering none and stomping all over the constitution; charged by that election to keep us safe, while apologizing to the agents of our enemies; failing to confront and prosecute the war on terror at almost every turn, or even mention the word - terror, promising to end the George W. Bush "unpatriotic" accumulation of debt, while doubling its aggregate in his first term; the infamous green jobs / Democrat slush fund, see Solyndra; stopping the Keystone Pipeline while the nation is in the grips of the Great Recession; employing the public treasury to increase his Democrat / Liberal / Socialist voting base by dramatically increasing government jobs; issued an executive order to end work-first welfare assistance during the election to buy more votes ... with your money; ObamaCare, ObamaPhones to vastly increase his voting base's dependency on public financed assistance programs, like the Food Stamps program, which is not allocated in food stamps anymore, but a cash card, which may be the most scandal ridden program in United States History; and the lies, the unabated lies - see the Benghazi Cover-up as the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

    And this is the short list of this pretend presidency.

    First and foremost, as Commander-in Chief, it is the president's responsibility to protect us here and abroad, especially on U.S. soil. This is a job for honest men with honorable intentions. Unlike good men, who endeavor to serve the People, the hero of the Saul Alinsky school of thought, Candidate Obama has proven incapable of doing so.

    Liberals of America, this is your president, this is your hero of the promise of "Hope and Change." Many of the rest of us will work tirelessly to remove this "pretend president" now, and to forever stain his mark on history by keeping real in our assessment of this dark period in our America.

    We are bolstered by the fact that these scandals will grow large, and my well continue to be discovered until he is removed or retires in complete dishonor.

Is the scandal ridden Obama Administration apt to fulfill its second term in office?
54.14%   Yes, Mr. Obama has done no different than any other holding the highest elected office in the land.
25.89%   No, Mr. Obama will suffer the same fate as President Richard Nixon.
19.97%   I live under a rock.
4,616 total vote(s)     Voting has Ended!

Wyatt (BCN's reviewer cum laude) joined me in watching the film, "Zero Dark Thirty," and we both noticed the subtle inference that the Obama Administration is not truly engaged in the War on Terror. Considering that deftly laid subplot to this film: Is Obama truly engaged in the War on Terror?
93.44%   Yes, he endeavors to keep us safe
6.12%   No, he only cares about social engineering
0.44%   What War on Terror?
4,510 total vote(s)     Voting has Ended!

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