‘It’s An Absurd Question’: J.D. Vance Blows Up At AP Reporter For Trying To Make Him Compare Trump And Hitler | Eastern North Carolina Now

Senator J.D. Vance (R-OH) turned an Associated Press reporter’s question on its head, calling her out directly for intentionally framing her question in a way that would force him to compare former President Donald Trump to Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.

    Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of the The Daily Wire. The author of this post is Virginia Kruta.

    Senator J.D. Vance (R-OH) turned an Associated Press reporter's question on its head, calling her out directly for intentionally framing her question in a way that would force him to compare former President Donald Trump to Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.

    The Daily Caller's congressional reporter Henry Rodgers shared audio of the exchange, which he posted on X with the following description: "Sen. J.D. Vance destroys an AP reporter who asks about Trump's 'poisoning the blood of our country' remarks."


    "What do you have to say to the former president's comments over the weekend about immigrants and saying that they're 'poisoning the blood of America'?" the reporter began.

    Vance noted that it was not the first time he'd been asked that particular question - and proceeded to break down what he had heard when Trump made the remarks.

    "First of all, he didn't say immigrants were poisoning the blood of this country. He said illegal immigrants were poisoning the blood of the country," he said. "Which is objectively and obviously true to anybody who looks at the statistics about fentanyl overdoses."

    He then pivoted to address the press as an organization, saying, "You guys seem far more upset about the guy who criticized the problem than you did about Joe Biden, who's causing the problem."

    The reporter tried to resurrect her line of questioning anyway, asking Vance if they could please return to Trump's comments - and when he agreed, she went right back to her original framing.

    "Can we just go back to his comments, though, and sort of using language that we heard, you know, during World War II - I'm sure you're a student of history, you're well aware what that kind of language represents in historical context," she continued.

    "What organization do you represent?" Vance asked.

    "I work at the Associated Press," she replied.

    "The idea that I am well aware, you just framed your question implicitly assuming that Donald Trump is talking about Adolf Hitler," Vance pushed back. "It's absurd. It is absurd."

    "I think this is ridiculous," he continued. "If you watch the speech in context and you look at what's going on, it is obvious that he was talking about the very clear fact that the blood of Americans is being poisoned by a drug epidemic. To take that comment and then to immediately assume that he's talking about immigrants as Adolf Hitler talked about Jews is preposterous. You guys need to wake up and actually do some journalism."

    "Should he use different language then?" the reporter was apparently unwilling to let go of her framing. "Because that's language that Hitler used -"

    "Here's the problem with that question and that framing," Vance continued to push back. "You are allegedly a journalist. You're supposed to speak truth to power, and yet you're trying to circumscribe and narrow the limits of debate on immigration in this country. What you're doing is not speaking truth to power. You're trying to police the guy who's criticizing the problem so that Americans don't pay attention to the guy who caused the problem. It's an absurd question, it's an absurd framing."

Considering what real news is available for all to witness, and in great specificity, should one pursue what is true outside of the channeled realm of the corrupt corporate /legacy media, and: Is Institutionalized Corruption real, and is it a hindrance to sustaining our Constitutional Republic now, and for future generations of American citizens?
  Not sure
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It has been far too many years since the Woke theology interlaced its canons within the fabric of the Indoctrination Realm, so it is nigh time to ask: Does this Representative Republic continue, as a functioning society of a self-governed people, by contending with the unusual, self absorbed dictates of the Woke, and their vast array of Victimhood scenarios?
  Yes, the Religion of Woke must continue; there are so many groups of underprivileged, underserved, a direct result of unrelenting Inequity; they deserve everything.
  No; the Woke fools must be toppled from their self-anointed pedestal; a functioning society of a good Constitutional people cannot withstand this level of "existential" favoritism as it exists now.
  I just observe; with this thoughtful observation: What will happen "when the Vikings are breeching our walls;" how do the Woke react?
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Considering the current overwhelming obstacles inflicting stress upon America's working class: rampant inflation; energy insecurity; supply chain turmoil; banking failures; foreign policy disasters; government corruption; (DEI) Diversity Equity Inclusion narrative, with WOKE extremes practiced; Climate Change ideology; intractable crime wave in Leftist cities; wide open border by executive design; a permanently discredited Legacy Media; failed or failing education industry, just to name a few of the many: Who should Americans blame?
  Donald J. Trump
  Joseph R. Biden
  Leftist controlled Congress for the last 4 years.
  Bloated, incompetent bureaucracy weaponized and poorly managed
  The electorate, US, for putting these fools in elected office that utterly fail
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Considering how abjectly corrupt and civilly abusive the Left has become regarding the corrosive effect of their elected leaders; their entrenched and ruling bureaucracy; employing their failed Education Industry as Indoctrinators; their collusive private sector operators, such as the terminally discredited Legacy Media and Big Tech censorship of Free Speech: What will be the best course forward for hardworking Middle Americans, including the Patriot Class?
  Withdraw from society, go underground and plan for a resurgence when it is feasible to do so.
  Work within the confines of better policy by the People's government, once good sense and sanity is restored in the electorate at large, to achieve such.
  Are you a crazy, nut-job Insurrectionist? Everything is perfect within our plan to achieve our intended goals for the Socialist Left.
  Secession to form a true Constitutional Republic.
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