Sen. Vance calls for breakup of Google over leftist search bias, threat to democracy | Eastern North Carolina Now

US Senator J. D. Vance (R-Ohio) has called for Google to be broken up into smaller companies due to its leftwing search bias and the threat that poses to democracy.  "This matters far more than any other election integrity issue," Vance declared, "The monopolistic control of information in our society resides with an explicitly progressive technology company."  He denounced Google as a "threat to democracy."

Meanwhile, as polls show a huge surge for the populist right and a big decline for the left and greens in this year's European Union elections, Google is rushing to the globalists defense by rolling out "prebunking" censorship for the EU elections to combat any discussion that does not toe the establishment's party line.

Google is a huge threat to democracy as it tries to set itself up as a leftwing Orwellian "Ministry of Truth".  What it is doing in Europe is blatant election interference and it is likely to do the same for US elections.

People need to recognize that Google is an extremely dishonest and politically biased company and use its competitors instead.  Even Bing, although also run by Big Tech is more honest and objective and less prone to censorship.  Even better is DuckDuckGo and better still BraveSearch.  Google also invades users privacy by selling their data.

NEVER "Google" anything.  Search it with an honest search engine instead.

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( February 26th, 2024 @ 8:38 am )
One of the more monopolistic features of smart phones is that both Android and Apple come with Google pre-installed as the search engine. Consumers should be given a choice. One of the few things in the EU that offers more choice than the US, is that smart phone sellers, and I think computer sellers as well, are required to offer a choice in search engines. I know that DuckDuckGo is one of the options, as it was when I was working in Europe and bought a cell phone. BraveSearch was not up and running yet, but I hope they are now one of the options offered.

I have been through with leftwing Google for years. I never use their corrupt search engine, and my cell phone is a fully de-Googled android. If you want an already de-Googled smart phone, go to eBay and put than in the search. You will find lots of them on offer, with at least five non-Google operating systems to choose from. Plus nobody selling your data like Google does, so more privacy. It is not just the Google search engine that is removed but anything and everything to do with Google.

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