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If Bidenflation was not already bad enough, with the dollar losing an astrounding twenty percent of its value since Biden took office, the Biden regime has doubled down on adding more economic pressures that cause inflration.  Biden's EPA has established draconian emissions rules on freight trucks and buses that will lead to massive increases in the cost of transportation of goods.  That, in turn, raises the cost of almost everything.  Biden's reckless energy policies that have driven up fuel prices are alaready a large part of the inflation consumers are seeing.

The EPA rules will not only lead to more expensive trucks but are inefficient on labor costs for truckdrivers due to more  recharging stops and lost time for those refueling stops.  All of this raises the cost to transport goods.

The Peoples Republic of California is also trying to force electric trucks on the trucking industry and bus companies:

Then there is the element of danger to the public due to the propensity of large lithium batteries to spontaneously combust, burn extremely hot, spew toxic fumes, and be very difficult to extinguish.  London and Paris have both had lithium battery buses spontaneously combust already, but fortunately not while operating on the street filled with passengers.  The quick spread of these fires when they happen is illustrated by the video of a city bus in Paris whose lithium battery spontaneously combusted while parked on a street after completing a route:

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Big Bob said:
( April 6th, 2024 @ 9:35 am )
I don’t care. My Prius costs less than 40 to fill and lasts triple time.
You can blame others for your problems or you can do something.
Big Bob said:
( April 5th, 2024 @ 7:35 pm )
I don’t care. My Prius costs less than 40 to fill and lasts triple time.
You can blame others for your problems or you can do something.
( April 5th, 2024 @ 8:25 pm )
Just wait. Biden is in the process of doing the same thing for electric rates that he has done for gas prices, with his push for wind and solar energy, which are both expensive and unrealiable. Germany, which has gone far down the path of "energy transition" to wind and solar has electric rates three times higher than ours in North Carolina. That is where Biden is trying to take America.
( April 5th, 2024 @ 5:00 pm )
Who is responsible for high gas prices??? JOE BIDEN, of course, with his executive orders targeting American energy. Killing the Keystone pipeline, ending oil and gas production on federal land, burdensome regulations, and other measures all had their impact on driving gas prices higher. We need Trump's energy policies, including getting out of that stupid "Paris Accords" quasi-treaty, again.

Biden drained much of our Strategic Petroleum reservefor political purposes to bail out the Democrats in 2022, and even exported some of our strategic reseerves to Biden's biz partners in China. Is Biden about to top what's left to try to politically bail himself out this year?
Big Bob said:
( April 5th, 2024 @ 12:37 pm )
If you like $100 fill-ups...knock yourself out. At some point economic good sense over rides political stupidity.
( April 5th, 2024 @ 11:18 am )
In a true Constitutional republic, decisions like this should be made by an elected legislative body like Congress, not by unelected, politically appointed bureaucrats like EPA. The process here is undemocratic in the extreme. At the very minimum, there should be an easy process for Congress to freeze such far reaching policies until they can at least review them and approve or disapprove them.

One has to remember how Hitler built his dictatorship, by having the Reichstag vote to confer upon him the power to make laws by decree. We are seeing the same thing happen in slow motion here in the US, rather than all at once like Germany. Biden seems to be hellbent on expanding this rule by decree process. It is time to slam on the brakes on this undemocratic process and throw it into reverse if we want to preserve democracy.

If Biden stays in office, democracy is probably done in America forever.
Big Bob said:
( April 5th, 2024 @ 9:53 am )
Spite your nose right off your face.
( April 5th, 2024 @ 9:46 am )
The eco-fascists in the Biden regime are trying to ram these lousy electric vehicles down our throats, and most Americans do not want them. They are behaving like dictators. EV's are expensive to buy or repair. Their spontaneously combusting big lithium batteries make them a fire hazard. What happened to those electric buses in Paris and London also happens to electric cars. I would not have one of those stinking things parked in my garage or near my house.

Our self interest as consumers is not to buy vehicles that when the battery dies, the car is worthless. Our self interest is not to be stuck with cars that cannot be used when there is an electric grid crisis. Our self interest is not to buy a car which is going to be more expensive to insure because it often has such high repair costs that it is not even economical to try to repair it after a collision.
Big Bob said:
( April 5th, 2024 @ 9:30 am )
As much as some complain about gas prices, one would think you might act in your own self interest. I suggest a hybrid unless you have a very specific commute where an EV might work also, an EV makes a great second car.
Big Bob said:
( April 4th, 2024 @ 11:35 pm )
Piss away your money anyway you want.
( April 4th, 2024 @ 7:59 pm )
Here is a recent poll showing that 65% of Americans have no interest in buying an electric car.
( April 4th, 2024 @ 2:35 pm )
Electric vehicles are problematic, as Spanish drivers found out Easter weekend:
American drivers found out the same thing this past winter.

Properly conducted polls show what people think. I have not seen a recent poll favorable to electric vehicles. One of the big car rental companies just had to dump a bunch of them because their customers reject them. Big automakers are moving away from electric cars for the same reason.
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