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Biden slipped $3.5 Billion into the Israel / Ukraine / Taiwan military aid bill to bring Middle Eastern migrants to the US.  Now his administration is admitting the quiet part out loud.  He wants to bring in "refugees" from Gaza.

Nearby Arab countries like Jordan and Egypt have said they do not want these Gaza residents, so why shold they come to the US?  Is this just a gambit for Biden to get Muslim votes in November at the expense of the rest of our country?

A poll done by an Arab polling firm has revealed that most of the residents of Gaza hate Israel, hate Jews, and hate the United States.  We have seen a lot of Muslims already in our country chanting "Death to America" and calling for the elimination of Israel and the Jews.  America does NOT need to bring in any more of these hate filled troublemakers.  And how are they going to weed out the Hamas operatives who can sow terror here?  This is utter insanity.

Republicans need to remember that our sellout Speaker Mike Johnson should have and probably did know this dangerous spending was in that bill, yet he okayed it anyway without telling anyone it was there.  He needs to be removed as Speaker.  We also need to remember that our own RINO traitors Senator Thom Tillis and Congressman Greg Murphy voted for this.  Both have royally stabbed us in the back and need to be replaced.  On the other hand, conservative Senator Ted Budd and conservative Congressman Dan Bishop stood strong for America and voted against this bill.

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( May 1st, 2024 @ 1:28 pm )
So, a total of $4 Billion dollars we don't have and will have to borrow goes to beinging in migrants we don't need and particularly in the case of the Gazans, should not want. That does not include all the resettlement benefits that will be lavished on those Gazan migrants at taxpayer expense. These provisions of that bill are a betrayal of the American taxpayer, and Mike Johnson has shown himself to be little more than a pathetic pawn of the big spending Democrats. He is worse than shifty McCarthy.
( May 1st, 2024 @ 7:09 am )
Inviting these rabid Jew-hating Gazans to come to America would be like inviting die hard Nazis at the end of World War II to come to the US. In both cases, their countries were flattened due to the war crimes of their own governments.

I am appalled at Congressman Murphy and Senator Tillis for voting to fund this abomination. I will NEVER vote for either of them again. That Libertarian challenger to Wrongway Murphy is looking better and better. Murphy and Tillis are nothing but Undocumented Democrats.
( May 1st, 2024 @ 6:42 am )
Muslim jihadi terrorist groups have boasted about using the "refguee" stream to send their fighters into Europe. Biden opening the door to radicalized Gazans will give Hamas and Herzbollah the opportunity to do that here. Who in their right mind thinks they won't? Biden seeks to exchange the safety and security of Americans for a few Muslim votes for his reelection.

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