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By Suzzane Wood, writing at WRAL-TV, has a concise summary of the year-end test that all North Carolina students are taking as school winds down another year.  

It's that time of year when your child will be taking end-of-grade tests or EOGs. What are EOGs and how can you help them be better prepared?

As another school year draws to a close, kids of all ages are anxiously awaiting summer vacation. But before the final bell rings, students in elementary and middle school have one last hurdle to leap: The state’s End-of-Grade tests.

What are the EOGs?

Administered to all students in grades three through eight during the last week of school, the EOGs are standardized, multiple-choice exams in English language arts (ELA), math and science.

If you have children in these grades, here’s what you need to know.

Everyone takes math and ELA: All students in third through eighth grades take EOGs in math and ELA. These tests measure a student's proficiency in math and reading based on standards set by the N.C. Standard Course of Study.

Two grades are tested in science: In addition to being tested in math and ELA, fifth graders and eighth graders also take the science EOG. This test measures competencies aligned with the N.C. Essential Standards for Science.

Note that the EOGs aren't the only standardized tests your student will take.

Numbers to know: The EOGs are graded on a four-point scale, ranging from “not proficient” to "comprehensive" based on their understanding of the topic. Students receiving a three have sufficient understanding of grade-level material, while scores of four and five demonstrate “thorough” and “comprehensive” understanding, respectively. Each student receives a detailed score report.

What happens if you don't pass the EOGs?

Relationship to final grades: EOGs are primarily used to measure the performance of schools and school districts and evaluate curriculum. While they aren’t factored in students’ final grades, EOG scores can help predict their readiness for the next grade as well as their ability to succeed on standardized tests.

Consequences of not passing: Students who receive a grade of “not proficient” on one or more EOGs aren’t automatically held back. Many students take advantage of the opportunity to retake the tests and pass them the second time. Even if students fail again or don’t retake an EOG, they may still advance if the school’s principal takes into account a student’s academic grades, classroom performance and other factors.

How can you prepare your child for the EOGs?

The EOGs focus on material students have been taught and tested on all year. In addition, many teachers ensure that students are prepared for the EOGs by reviewing concepts and sharing strategies for taking multiple-choice exams. While teachers typically don’t recommend that students spend extra time studying for the EOGs, some parents may decide to help their children prepare.

At the very least, know your child’s EOG schedule to ensure he or she is well-rested, has a good breakfast and is on time to school that day. Encourage your child to do their best, and remind them to answer all test questions and not leave any blank, even if they’re unsure of the answer.

If you’re interested in reviewing an EOG, the N.C. Department of Public Instruction offers previously used “released tests” for this purpose.


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