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In this day and time in a Republican primary, all the candidates will swear they are "conservative" and sometimes send out endless postcards with that claim.  Some of them, however, are as phoney as a three dollar bill. One must look at their backgrounds and connections to find the true champions of conservative thought and reject the poseurs

Republicans have two statewide primary runoffs on May 14, and early voting is open now, for the Council of State offices of Lt. Governor and State Auditor. The Lt. Governor's office is open because the GOP incumbent is running for governor, and the State Auditor is open because the Democrat incumbent just resigned in a scandal.


The race for Lt. Governor is between Hal Weatherman and Jim O'Neill.  Hal Weatherman served for eight years as Chief of Staff to conservative Republican former Lt. Governor Dan Forest.  Since Forest left office, Weatherman has been engaged in leading a campaign for election integrity in North Carolina.  He finished in first place in the first primary and is regarded as the frontrunner.

O'Neill is a prosecutor in Forsyth County who was defeated in the 2020 Republican primary for Attorney General.  He is from the establishment wing of the GOP that is associated with Sen. Thom Tillis.  Indeed, it is Tillis' political consultant, Paul Shumaker who has run O'Neill's campaigns.  O'Neill has just had a mass mailing from a small Virginia based establishment PAC that tries to call itself conservative but it has only been active in the past in backing a nahdful of establishment candidates in Kentucky and Mississippi.  It seems to mainly churn a handful of other peoples money and the question at this point is whose money?

Hal Weatherman is the clear conservative choice in that race.


The race for State Auditor pairs a young CPA Jack Clark, against an attorney, Dave Boliek.  Clark is a lifelong Republican while Boliek is a fairly recent switcheroo from the Democrats who is now trying to paint himself as a "conservative"..

Jack Clark is the only candidate who filed for this office in either party who is a CPA and the only one with actual auditing experience.  After being licensed as a CPA, Clark worked in the private sector during which he conducted audits for his firm.  He has since moved to a staff position with the NC General Assembly, where he has governmental experience now as well.  Although, not the first choice of many conservatives in the first primary, Clark is regarded as definitely the more conservative of the two runoff candidates.

The other candidate, Dave Boliek is an attorney and former prosecutor who serves on the UNC Board of Trustees where he has looked the other way while wokeness  has enveloped that university.  He has a long record there of refusing to stand up to the left.  Boliek was recruited to run for State Auditor by Jim Blaine, the political operative of liberal Republican Senate boss Phil Berger.

Clark led in the first round, but Boliek is spending lots of money trying to pass himself off as a "conservative".

Clark is the clear conservative choice for State Auditor.

Republican voters need to pay attention to these races because we made a big mistake in the first round in nominating for State Treasurer another do-nothing UNC board member, also recruited by Blaine. Brad Briner, who voted in the Democrat primary as recently as 2020 and is employed by gun control cheerleader Michael Bloomberg.  Briner and Bolliek ran their campaigns almost jointly.

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Big Bob said:
( May 9th, 2024 @ 3:31 pm )
We have a system. It works.
MAGA accepts every win, wants to disqualify every loss.
How can that be right?
( May 9th, 2024 @ 9:56 am )
The important thing is accepting election results is not who wins or loses but whether they were conducted fairly and honestly or not. My hat is off to the people who got a number of unfair and dishonest elections around Europe declared void and re-run. I wish American courts had the gonads to do what European courts have done to insure free and fair elections.

An important thing to check on a candidate is whether they will fight for free and fair elections. I see in the original post that Hal Weatherman takes a strong stand for that, so he has my vote.
Big Bob said:
( May 9th, 2024 @ 9:01 am )
The most important record to check:
Never vote for anyone stating they will not accept the election results if they lose.
( May 9th, 2024 @ 8:54 am )
A candidate who keeps loudly claiming to be a conservative at campaign time but has no record on conservative issues before the campaign comes across as a fake, a counterfeit conservative. The more they shout that claim at the top of their lungs, the more suspicious I get. When they start advocating popular conservative issues, that they don't even seem to understand and have no prior record of involvment on, it is clear that they are trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

Always look at the RECORD, not the campaign claims on all candidates.

A good example is Bob Brinson, who spent a wad of establishment money in his primary beating his chest that he was a conservative. Late in the campaign, the mother of all special interest groups, the Chamber of Commerce sent out postcards supporting Brinson, making him a "Chamber of Commerce Republican", which is the opposite of a conservative. Brinson's record in public office showed nothing conservative but one red flag of liberalism, voting to raise taxes. Of course, he papered over that in his campaign by putting out postcards that he was for cutting taxes, but that was NOT what he actually did in his own political record.

Our outgoing Senator, Jim Perry, was awful, constantly taking the lead on pushing liberal issues, but I do not have much hope of Brinson being much better.

The "Repubican" nominee for State Treasurer, Brad Briner, is indeed an example of this. Having voted in the Democrat primary as recently as 2020, he is sure no conservative but sent out postcards claiming he was. He also works for gun controller promoter Michael Bloomburg, which should have made him a non-starter in the primary, but he succeeded in pulling the wool over too many eyes.

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