Biden backstab Israel to protect Hamas terrorists in political bid for Muslim votes | Eastern North Carolina Now

The Hamas leadership that orchestrated the murder, and often rape and torture of 1,200 Israeli civilians on October 7 in a terrorist rampage, is holed up and surrounded in the town of Rafah in Gaza.  The only way for Israel to cut off the head of the vicious terrorist Hamas snake is to go into Rafah and take them out.

Now Joe Biden is trying to save the Hamas leadership by demanding that Israel stay our of Rafah.  Biden says Israel going in after the terrorist leadership crosses a "red line" for him, and has cut off ammunition supplies to Israel to try to force their hand.

Ironically, most of what Biden has cut off are precision munitions, which would reduce civilian collateral damage.  The cowards of Hamas have a long history of trying to hide behind civilians.  Biden's action, thus, will increase civilian casualties in Gaza when Israel has to go in with the weapons it has.

The morally repugnant Biden is doing this cynically to try to get Muslim votes in Michigan.  Without these precison munitions, there will be more civilians killed in the operaton and more Israeli soliders as well.  But hopefully, this will wake up even more Jewish voters to vote for Trump.

The Hamas terrorists still hold five American citizens as hostages and Biden has done nothing to get them back.  Instead, he is siding with the hostage takers.

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Big Bob said:
( May 12th, 2024 @ 6:00 pm )
Easy words to write. Were it that simple. Time will tell.
( May 12th, 2024 @ 1:01 pm )
Oh, yes, they do. Israel has set up tents for them and told them they need to leave and how to do it. Also, Egypt has sent in militia to secure an area across the border in Sinai for civilians from Gaza to shelter temporarily. If they don't go to one of those places, it is on them.
Big Bob said:
( May 12th, 2024 @ 10:39 am )
Those human shields have no where to go.
( May 12th, 2024 @ 11:08 am )
Back in October the Hamas supporters here in America were chanting "By whatever means necessary" to justify the horrors of Oct.7. Now that slogan fits very well for Israel's move to eliminate the Hamas terrorists in Rafah, although any deaths of non-combatants will not be deliberate, unlike the Hamas attrocities.

A poll by an Arab pollster found that an overwhelming majority of Gaza residents support Hamas and support what they did on Oct.7, so they are evil like Hamas. The ones who don't support Hamas are probably mostly out of Rafah by now. If they stay to try to provide cover for Hamas, they deserve whatever happens to them.

I saw where Israel has even set up a field hospital to care for civilians in Gaza. Any conscientious Gazan would already be out of Rafah.
( May 12th, 2024 @ 8:41 am )
The best way to stop the killing (and associated rape and torture) is to eliminate the mad dog terrorist killers who do it, namely Hamas. What they did on Oct. 7 was NOT "war" it was pure terrorism against civilians.They will do it again if they are not eliminated, so there is no other option besides eliminating them for good.

Now if some people other than the killers themselves want to be accessories by being human shields, they should not themselves be targeted for elimination, but if some of them get killed by getting in the way, that should not stop the elimination of the Hamas terrorists. It is, after all, their choice to be accessories by being human shields.

There are about 14,000 Hamas terrorists in Rafah that need to be eliminated. Hopefuly the human shields will wise up and leave, but it they refuse, nobody should cry over them. The moral duty is to eliminate Hamas.
Big Bob said:
( May 11th, 2024 @ 4:53 pm )
We all have a moral duty not to kill each other. Sometimes it’s difficult and maybe justified but it’s not something to celebrate or be cavalier about.

Grant and Sherman marched through the south 160 years ago and yall still belly ache about it.
War sucks. Killing sucks. Anyone who tells you different is selling something
( May 11th, 2024 @ 4:26 pm )
There is no moral equivalency between the Oct. 7 civilian victims of Hamas terrorism and pro-Hamas civilians in Gaza who are willing human shields for those terrorists. Israel has set up a safe tent camp for any Gaza civialians who do not want to be human shields for Hamas to go to, with food and other supplies. Egypt is sending militia to create a zone in Sinai where Gazan civlians can go temporarily to be safe. Those in Rafah have had plenty of time to leave to a place of safety. If they decide to stay and help the Hamas terrorists by being human shields for them, they are hardly innocent.

Israel should be given all the military assistance Congress voted for so that the campaign can be run efficiently to root out the Hamas terrorists and destroy Hamas once and for all, with the least collateral damage as possible. Not providing that military assistance is going to require Israel to have to use more blunt force leading to more Gaza human shields as well as more Israeli soldiers dying.

Hamas needs to be finished off, and after what they did to innocent civilians on Oct. 7, I have no sympathy whatsoever for anyone who decides they want to be a human shielf for those terrorists.

Even worse Biden's motive for what he is doing on this issue have nothing to do with Israelis or Gazans, but only has to do with Biden trying to get back the Muslim vote in Deerborn, Michigan, which today is more like Dearbornistan.
Big Bob said:
( May 11th, 2024 @ 1:20 pm )
Your an idiot.
Big Bob said:
( May 11th, 2024 @ 1:31 pm )
it's a simple truth CT. Do not expect you to get it.
( May 11th, 2024 @ 1:09 pm )
Still backing the HAmas terrorists, I see, Bigot Bob. You are a sick puppy. You used the line to justify the Oct. 7 terrorism against women, children, and other civilians that "things don't happen in a vacuum". Now those terrorists who raped, tortured, murdered those Oct. 7 victims, including babies baked in ovens. Those are the monsters you want to defend. Those monsters try to escape by using human shields, and anyone agreeing to be human shields for such monsters is putting themselves at risk. Israel has created a place for them to go where they will be safe if they choose.

It is not the human shields who have to be dealth with, it is the Hamas terrorist monsters who have to be destroyed for what they did to innocent civilians including many women and children on Oct. 7.
Big Bob said:
( May 10th, 2024 @ 11:48 pm )
When you die and meet your maker and they ask why you supported the death of women and children stating "because they had to be felt with", may not be a sufficient answer.
( May 10th, 2024 @ 4:23 pm )
I heard on the radio today, that the Hamas terrorist group still has 14,000 terrorist fighters in Rafah, as well as their surviving leadership. Leaving them in place just makes new terrorism certain. They very simply have to be dealt with, and Biden trying to protect them almost makes Biden an accessory after the fact to the Oct. 7 terrorism.

Isreal is letting the civilians out, but Hamas wants to use them as human shields. That should not be tolerated but it should not stop the campaign to eradicate Hamas.

We could not let some of the Nazi leadership slip off to some part of Germany and stay intact in WWII, and for the same reason, Israel cannot do that now. In WWII, we and our allies deliberately bombed civilian areas in Germany. Israel has done all it can to avoid doing that.

Without those precision weapons, the necessary Israeli campaign to wipe out Hamas will be more costly both in Israeli soldiers and in Gaza civilians. That blood will be on Biden's hands, and it is all for his stinking politics over the Muslim vote in Michigan. He will not prevent the removal of Hamas from Rafah, he will just make it more bloody.
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