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Illegal immigration and the EU Green Deal are squarely in the crosshairs of the new rightwing coalition government formed in the Netherlands after months of negotiation under the government program they have published.  The coalition consists of two populist nationalist anti-immigration parties, Geert Wilders Party for Freedom, the largest in parliament and the recently formed New Social Contract, together with the staunchly conservative farmers party, the Citizen Farmer Alliance, which is the largest party in the Dutch Senate, and the traditional conservative VVD that led the last government.  The VVD has had a major leadership change as globalist former Prime Minister Mark Rutte has been replaced by his former Minister of the Interior who is an immigration hardliner.

Party for Freedom leader Wilders is not seeking the Prime Ministers position for himself, but the four parties agreed that he is to select the new prime minister. A poll by one of the larger newspapers found widespread public support for the new coalition.

"Concrete steps are being taken to get the strictest regime on asylum admissions, and the most comprehensive package on controlling migration ever," the adopted govenrment program proclaims.  Specifically, it calls for a big increase in deportations "by force if necessary" and giving actual Dutch citizens a prefence on things like housing.  Slated for repeal is a Dutch law allowing the national government to force local communities to accept migrants.  The Dutch government plans to seek an opt-out like that recently given to Denmark on the EU's new migration pact, and until it gets that, rely on Dutch law to crack down on illegal immigration.  It also calls for implementing border controls to stop entry of illegal aliens.

The new program also calls for a reversal of many of the "green" policies of the previous globalist coalition including those that put a huge burden on farmers, and supporting tax relief for Dutch workers, reduction of energy taxes, cuts in foreigh aid, and implementing new healthcare reforms.

The 26 page coalition agreement is entitled "Hope, Courage, and Pride."

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( May 16th, 2024 @ 3:49 pm )
The average citizen on both sides of the Atlantic has had it with illegal immigration, What is being shown by the new Dutch government will be seen again in the EU elections in June and the US elections in November.

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