18 states sue Biden to stop power grab on new transgender EEOC rules | Eastern North Carolina Now

more Biden regime overreach as he continues to act like a dictator


The Biden regime is at it again tryiing to usurp the power of Congress by doing an end run around Congress by executive fiat.  The issue this time is trying to impose EEOC rules that radically change Title VII of the Civil Rigts Act to put the "rights" of so-called transgenders ahead of the rights of everyone else.  Eithteen states are standing up to Biden's power grab and have filed suit to stop it, led by Tennessee..

This comes as Peru has just classified transgenderism as a mental illness.


Under the new rules, companies would have to allow biological men to use womens restrooms and locker rooms, force employees to use "preferred" pronouns, allow employees to dress as the opposite sex, and other mandates. They are changing what Congress passed back in 1972 without even asking Congress. Under our separation of powers, Congress is supposed  to make the law, and the executive branch only enforce it, but Dictator Biden seems to think he can make the law, too.

Sadly, North Carolina's radical left Attorney General (and Democrat nomiinee for governor) Josh Stein, has refused to join this common sense lawsuit.


These "gender neutral" spaces are a threat to womens privacy as shown by a recent case in Colorado, where a peeping tom was in a "gender neutral" dressing room at a major departmnet store surrepticiously photographing women as they undressed.  One saw him photographing her as she was taking her pants off  and held him in a headlock for 20 minutes until police arrived.


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( May 16th, 2024 @ 5:27 pm )
There ought to be an easy solution to this lawsuit and several others aimed at Biden power grabs. Once a Trump DOJ is in place they can use the old Democrat "sue and settle" trick. Enter into an out of court settlement that says Biden's appointees never had to power to make these rules and declare them void. Once the judge signs the consent judgment, it has the force of law and the rules go away.

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