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combined traditional conservatives and populist conservatives win majority for first time


Provisional nearly complete results on the final day of voting for the EU parliament show that combined parties of the traditional right and populist right have won a clear majority in the EU parliament for the first time as vote for the right surged across most of Europe.  This will enable a pushback on radical immigration and climate policies previously adopted.  National parties run for national EU seats but then work through multi-national party groupings within the EU parliament.

Overall, the traditional conservative European Peoples Party gained seats and remained the largest grouping, but most of the gains for right came from three populist right groupings, the European Conservatives and Reformists, Identity and Democracy, and the unaligned parties.  The last set of parties represent mostly new parties which have not been in the EU parliament previously, but also includes Germany's AfD which had a falling out with the grouping it was in.  There are talks of forming yet another grouping on the populist right but also of merger of existing groupings.

The biggest losers were the Green grouping and the Liberal grouping, Renew Europe, although the Social Democrats and the Left also saw some losses.  Renew Europe is likely to get even smaller as some of its members want to kick out the Dutch VVD which is to the right of most of the other parties in the grouping and has always been sort of an odd couple within the grouping.  It would be a better fit for the European Peoples Party anyway.  Also, another odd couple party in that grouping, the populist right ANO party, which came out on top in the Czech election for the EU parliament, led by former Prime Minister Babis who was nicknamed "the Czech Trump" indicated before the election that it was looking for a new home within the EU parliament, likely a party grouping more in tune with its soverigntist philosophy.

Election results for the EU parliament also are creating waves in national politics in some countries.  In France, after Macron's coalition was hammered by the populist nationalist anti-immigration National Rally led by Marine LePen winning more than twice as many seats. Macron dissolved the national parliament and called a snap election for it.  In Germany, where the traditional conservative CDU ran first and the populist nationalist anti-immigration AfD second, leaving the three parties of the governing "traffic light coalition with only 35% between them, there are calls for an early election in that country, as well.

Here are election maps of results in France and Germany.  For Germany, blue is a district won by AfD, black is a district won by CDU, and dark grey a district won by Bavarian conservative CSU.  For France,, brown is a district won by National Rally.

In Austria, where the populist nationalist anti-immigration Freedom Party handily won first place, it leaders proclaimed that voters wanted "more Austria and less Brussels".

The chart below by party grouping shows the changes in the EU parliament, the outer band representing the 2019 election and the inner band the 2024 election. Light blue is the European Peoples Party and the darker colors to the right represent the populist nationalist parties of the right, while yellow is the liberal block, green is the green block, red the social democrats, and dark red the left.

UPDATE: Belgium's outspokenly anti-Israel prime minister has resigned after his liberal party got smoked by the populist right on one side and a Marxist party favored by Muslims on the other.


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Big Bob said:
( June 12th, 2024 @ 9:20 am )
However 112 in AZ, TX and FL in June tends to bring people around.
( June 12th, 2024 @ 7:15 am )
The drubbing given to the "Green" parties also shows that voters are tiring of climate alarmism. The farmer protests against "climate communism" have alerted people to the danger of that ideology, as have the consumer demonstrations against it led by that German princess. Green policies are attacking food resources, driving utility prices into the stratosphere, and trying to force people into electric cars that most of them do not want.
( June 10th, 2024 @ 1:25 pm )
Illegal immigration was a huge issue in Europe, as it will be in the US in November, and we will see a similar result here.

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