Missouri AG testifies in Congress against Dem political prosecutions of Trump | Eastern North Carolina Now

state investigation of Democrat prosecutors includes Alvin Bragg


Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey, whose office has opened a formal investigation of Democrat political prosecutions of Donald Trump, testified to Congress today about Democrats using bogus prosecutions for election interference.  Bailey also noted that his office is subpoenaing records related to New York Demoract Attorney General Letitia James civil case against Trump and Alvin Bragg's Manhattan prosecution of Trump.

"The people of the state of Missouri,  whom I am tasked with protecting, watched in horror recently, as the left's direct assault on President Trump, manifested itself in the form of a politically motivated, legally specious, and corrupt prosecution of the President which resulted in an errant criminal conviction,"  Bailey began his remarks.

As the presidential race is on the ballot in all fifty states, state laws against election inteference can be brought to bear against officials in other states who abuse the legal process to try to impact an election.


It sure looks like Missouri is going to go for the gusto on this one against New York's judicial corruption.

Meanwhile, Congressman Andy Biggs presented a timeline that shows the Biden's regimes fingerprints on the political prosecutions of President Trump:


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( June 13th, 2024 @ 10:08 pm )
Hopefully, Missouri's AG will be able to indict all these Democrat operatives who are misusing the courts for Stalin show trials against Trump. It would be nice to see Alvin Bragg, Juan Merchan, Fani Willis, Jack Smith, Judge Engeron, Letitia James and others rotting in a Missouri prison for election interferance.

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